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august 21, 2016 | 12:27 pm | (9/100

i’m so inconsistent with my 100 days of productivity but oh well 😅  the past week was so busy and tiring, but i actually made it through!! 💪🏼  here are my math midterm reviewers 📝🤓  two midterms to gooo!

All The Topics to Know for the APUSH Exam (as told by my APUSH teacher)
  • Revolutionary War/Constitution/Articles of Confederation
  • The First Party System: Federalists and Republicans
  • Revolution of 1800
  • Jacksonian Democracy (1824-1840)
    • the Bank War
    • the spoils system
    • Indian Removal Act
  • Antebellum reform movements and the Second Great Awakening
  • Causes of the Civil War and sectional differences
    • political parties (Democrats vs. New Republicans)
    • economics
    • social differences
  • Reconstruction (1863-1877)
    • successes/failures
    • 13th - 15th amendments
      • connections to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Industrialization and Big Business/The Gilded Age (1860-1910)
    • vertical and horizontal integration
    • trusts
    • steel, oil, and railroads
    • Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan
    • growth of cities
    • immigration
    • changes in politics and political machines
  • The Populist Movement and agrarian discontent
  • The Progressive Era (1890-1920)
    • an effort to deal with the adverse effects of industrial capitalism
    • the Progressive Presidents
  • The Indian Plains Wars (through 1890)
  • Spanish-American War (1898)
  • IMPERIALISM: Philippines, Hawaii, Panama, Cuba, etc.
  • World War I
    • causes/effects
    • the home front
  • The Red Scare
  • The 1920s
    • sources of conflict (economic, political, and social)
    • effects on women, African Americans, and immigrants
  • The 1930s, the Great Depression, and the New Deal
    • Hoover vs. FDR
    • economic, social, and political reforms
  • World War II
    • results, the home front
    • effects on women, African Americans, Native Americans (Navajo codetalkers, etc), Japanese Americans, and Mexican Americans
  • The Cold War
    • foreign policy
      • where and when
    • 1950s
      • conformity, suburbs, Baby Boom, domestication of women, challenges to conformity, expanding economy, consumer culture
      • similarities to the 1920s
    • 1960s
      • civil rights movement (who, what, when, where, why, successes and failures)
      • Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society (1963-1968)
        • domestic and foreign issues
    • 1970s
      • Richard Nixon (1968-1973)
        • foreign and domestic policies
        • detente and Vietnam
        • the Southern Strategy and Watergate
    • 1980s
      • Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
        • foreign and domestic policies
        • tax cuts
        • military spending
        • shrinking of the government
        • the new right
      • George H.W. Bush and the end of the Cold War
  • Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

//Week in Review: Jan 22- Jan 28 (click for high res)

This week was definitely not the easiest for me, but sometimes you have to go through a rough patch to get to a better one. I still managed to have some good moments, even if they were mostly TV related! (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency might just be my new favorite show)


hello… it me.. back with another (hopefully not) pointless post. anyways, i’ve been working on this for like 3 weeks lol but i finally added pictures today and i am happy to say it’s finally complete! it’s basically a slide show comparing a few different planning methods that i have used (and will possibly use in the future). i worked really hard on this post so i hope you guys enjoy it!!!

ALSO all opinions are my own and this post isn’t sponsored by plan or anything. and like half of the pics are my own. s/o to @studenting tho bc i used your printable and the picture you posted of it.

let me know if you want me to do something similar in the future, it took a lot of work but i’m really happy with it and i’d love to do it again! (i hope u can read it tho bc some of the text got really small yikes)

xoxoxo annie

15.12.16 14:15 // I made it to university at 8:15, which I’m super proud of. Gonna finish two pretty long article reviews for my “Planning theory and ethics” course today and tomorrow i’ll start my Essay concerning the dutch coastal issues. Next week i’ll study for my exam in “Planning for Urban Quality of Life”. Less than 1,5 weeks university left in 2016 :O 

Wish me luck! 🍀

It is Christmas Eve and I feel like I have been hit by a truck. 🤒
Nevertheless, I still have studying to do and this is how I handle it.

1- Keep tea, gatorade, etc, on my desk to stay hydrated. It is incredibly important to stay hydrated!

2- Take frequent breaks. Its really difficult to stay focused so I study in about 30 minute sessions usually. It is okay to take breaks since you are ill.

3- Make todo lists. Sitting down and writing down what you have to do helps that feeling of being overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.

4- If at all possible, reviewing should be a priority. Sometimes I have issues getting new information in when I am ill, so reviewing is a good option.

I know it sucks, but rest as much as you can and don’t overdo it.
Make sure to be eating and taking your medicine and just rest. Resting does wonders

Friday Rundown 3-24-17

On the docket for the weekend

  • This is the weekend I start tackling this horrid, horrid storage closet we have. It’s pretty much become a “crap I don’t want to look at” depository. I need to go through it, purge some things, keep some things, and get an idea of what I need to do to properly store our items. We want to get a unit in there because we want to leave the floor space open for future projects.
  • We’re having a huge freezer clear out next week so I don’t need to cook a lot, but I still need to stop by the store tonight to grab some fresh stuff to munch on.
  • 2/2 weekend workouts! We have leg day on Saturday, and if it’s not raining we’ll probably take a walk Sunday. If it’s raining I’ll probably pick up another short little cardio session or do upper body. Sunday’s always been kind of a free-for-all “what doesn’t hurt” day.

The successful

  • Rest Day. Guys, Monday I barely moved. I didn’t even think too hard. It was absolutely glorious and I really needed it.
  • I have an NSV for you. My side boob is gone. Y’know, when your bra smooshes your sides and it spills over the band? I don’t really know when this change started occurring, but it was really only the other day that I was, “woah.”
  • This clearly has more to do with him, but my boyfriend loves his protein shakes! I’ve had to beat it over his head that he doesn’t eat enough protein. He’d always tell me “I eat what you eat” Queue me, “I’m 5 inches shorter and 50 lbs lighter so under no circumstance should be eating exactly what I eat.” Also, I’ve been giving him a protein mocha so he isn’t spending $2 at Tim Horton’s every morning. He needs to make his own habits out of things, but I seriously think he’d only eat Jimmy John’s and Jet’s if I didn’t pack his breakfast and lunch in the morning.
  • 3/3 weekday workouts, including that killer cardio session. I feel like I really upped my game this week.
  • Kept my sweets under control. After last week I needed to put my foot down and it turns out I actually didn’t think about sweets at all this week, really.

The not as successful 

  • Well, these weeks happen sometimes, but I can’t think of anything I’d do much better! All of my cooking came out well, no one had a meltdown, I broke PRs, I slept very well, and my freezer is so stuffed that I don’t even need to cook much of anything next week.

Cruuuuushed it.


Fresh, Dynamic, Exciting Band.

These guys from Liverpool; Joe Sloan (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Matt Cartwright (Lead Guitar), Harry Parr (Bass) and Alex Rothwell (Drums) started The Holograms in September of 2016 and are doing everything real fine.

They are ignoring every single cliche of the music industry right now to capture the classic rock and roll essence as they create their own massive catchy style with songs like “Breath or Burn” that have this deep expressive melody to listen over and over again or “Anxiety” an excellent composition with a very well handled guitar’s work…Can we appreciate that for a minute? This band has an amazing construction on guitars and drums followed by a powerfull bass and Joe’s fascinating voice. Their track “Loose Mind” it’s such a clear -and great- example of it.

Go to their gigs, listen to their songs and give them a chance, I’m sure you won’t regret it. These guys have everything you want to hear in a band.


Now a little interview I did to Mr. Sloan:                                                  

Hello! Nice to meet you. Please, tell us about your Biggest influences?

Hello, nice to meet you. I would say John Lennon, Tame impala, Mac demarco, Last Shadow Puppets, Stone Roses.

How’s the creating process? Who writes the songs?

I’ll usually write a song on an acoustic guitar then demo it in Matt’s flat (as he has a small studio set up so we can see what needs adding and how we can develop it as a song. I write the majority of the songs but Matt will every now and then contribute a song or two.

Great, Would you rather to captivate the classic rock and roll essence or create something completely different?

Creating something completely different whilst being influenced by classic rock n roll would be ideal.

Congrats. I think the band is already doing it! What do you think is the biggest challenge in the music scene right now?

I think the biggest challenge for us as a band is creating a big enough fan base to start travelling the country. Once we have the backing of the right people such as, management, promoters etc this will start to become possible.

You’re already on the road for it so that’s the first step! Where do you see the band in five years? Musically and professionally, Do you think you’ll change a lot with time?

The dream an the goal is to be signed to a label who appreciates and enjoys the music we create. I would also love to have an album out that represents us as a band and really captures a moment in time.

I believe with time we’ll all change, hopefully it’s for the better but you never know. I hope we stick together an keep making music we love.

That’s the most important, have a dream, a goal and go for it as you keep the real essence of the band. I know you guys will make it! What’s your biggest goal as a musician?

My biggest goal as a musician is the write songs that I’m proud of and that will make people notice us as a band. Also, to have people singing my songs back to me would just be absolutely mind blowing.

Absolutely….Do you think your lyrics are based on something special?

My lyrics are based usually on experiences I have had, when I broke up with my ex I ended up writing a load of songs off the back of that experience but now I tend to base them off more mysterious happenings.

I can say that’s good because people can relate easily…I’m anxious to read the new lyrics!

And Finally, what do you like to keep as a band? What do you think is the main factor that defines you?

The main factor is that we believe in the tunes we are writing, if you don’t believe in the tunes you’re writing then you’ll never make it. I also believe that working hard together as a band is so important, it has to be the main priority in your life.

Well, thank you so much, good luck!

Thanks! See you.



-Ruby Oakley

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176 Film izlədim.

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1)The Artist
2)The Great Debaters
6)Harry Brown
7)The East
8)xXx: State of the Union
9)The Martian
10)Straight Outto Compton
12)The Hateful Eight
13)The Revenant
14)Naked Lunch
15)A Serbian
16)The Intern
17)The New Girlfriend
19)Planet Terror
20)The English Patient
21)The Fifth Element
22)La Femme Nikita
23)Natural Born Killers
24)Gagarin - First in Space
25)Million Dollar Baby
26)Star Trek : The Motion Picture
28)The Expendables
29)Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
30)Black Swan
31)The King’s Speech
32)L.A Crash
33)The Big Short
36)Nymphomaniac: Vol. I
37)The Tree of Life ?
38)Alien ?
39)Now you see me
40)Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
42)Between Us
43)On The Road
44)Nymphomaniac: Vol. II
46)Cinema Paradiso
47)The Adopted
48)The Shining
50)Bizim Jabish Muallim
52)Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
54)The 40th Door
57)The Bourne Identity
58)Driving Miss Daisy
59)Ozga Omur
60)The Grand Budapest Hotel
61)Some Like It Hot
63)127 Hours
64)The Devil Wears Prada
65)Arctic Blast
66)The Art of the Steal
70)Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
71)Up in the Air
72)Minority Report
73)A Clockwork Orange
75)Deep Web
76)Wall E
77)2001: A Space Odyssey
78)Raiders of the Lost Ark
79)The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman
80)The Motorcycle Diaries
81)Dead Poets Society
82)Top Gun
83)Şaka ile karışık
84)Promise Me This
86)Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom
87)Rain Man
91)The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
92)The 400 Blows
93)Thelma & Louise
94)In Time
95)Gran Torino
96)Battleship Potemkin
99)The Purge: Election Year
100)Money Monster
101)Ex Machina
103)Now You See Mee 2
105)A time for Drunken Horses
106)Modern Times
107)The Matrix Revolutions
108)The Purge: Anarchy
109)The Purge
110)The Bourne Supremacy
111)Natural Born Killers
112)Meshedi Ibad 2005
113)Antonias Line
115)Jason Bourne
116)Tabutta Rövasata
118)District 9
119)Buruk Aci
120)Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
122)Baxt Uzuyu

Sənədli filmlər

1)Weaponolgy - Submarine
3)cek bir film yonetmenlik 3
4)cek bir film goruntu yonetmenligi
5)Rockefeller Family
7)What if the Earth STOPS Spinning
8)AirCrash - A380
9)Cek bir film - ses
10)Internation Space Station
11)Evacuate Earth
12)Cek bir film - senaryo
13)Worlds strangest ufo stories
14)The Universe - Another Earth
15)Science Night - Stephen Hawking
16)Megastructures - Nasa
17)The Universe - Dark Matter/Dark Energy
18)Race To Mars 1
19)Race To Mars 2
20)Dead Mens Tales - Marilyn Monroe
21)Charles Manson
22)Dead Mens Tales - Adolf Hitler
23)Behind Bars - Ohio
24)Behind Bars - Lockdown firstime
25)Unbelivable Flying Objects
26)Behind Bars - Tennessee
27)Behind Bars - Alaska
28)Why Intelligence Fails
29)Behind Bars
30)Lost Worlds - Hitlers supercity
31)Forensic detectives
32)Modern Marvels - Police Pursuit
33)Mega Disasters - Air Attack
34)Breakout - The Running Man
35)Breakout - The Escapist
36)CNN TÜRK Gerçek Hikayeler - Jason Bourne
37)On the run - Reconstruction
38)Cities of the Underworld - Stalin’s Secret Lair
39)Masters of Money - Marx
40)The Story of God - Beyond Death
41)The Story of God - Who is God?
42)Fight Science - Mixed Martial Arts
43)How it works - The International Space Station
44)National Geographic - Before The Flood
45)NG - Hacking The System - Survival Hacks
46)NG - Hacking The System - Hacking To Win
47)NG - Hacking The System - Travel Tricks
48)NG - Hacking The System - Holiday Hacks
49)NG - Hacking The System - Restaurant Ruses
50)NG - Hacking The System - Hacking the Outdoors
51)NG - Hacking The System - Personal Security
52) ANS 1995 Omon qiyami
52)NG - Hacking The System - Money Hacks
53)Dunya Duzeni - CIA ve Darbeler
54)Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin


1)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Betimleme Yetenegi
2)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Neden Sanata Bakalım ki?
3)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Sanat Terimleri: Nüans, Gölge ve Ton
4)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Sanat Terimleri: Leke
5)Sanat Tarihi Temel Bilgiler - Barok,Rokoko,Neo Klasik
6)Pixar’da Neler Oluyor?
7)Pixar’da Neler Oluyor? - Parabolik yaylar.
8)Pixar’da Neler Oluyor? - Animasyon için iplik sanatı(String Art)
9)IŞık ve Renkler - Renkli Gölgelere Giriş
10)Işık ve Renkler - Kırmızı Işık,Siyah Gölge
11)Işık ve Renkler - İki ışıık,iki gölge
12)Pop art nedir?
13)Savunma Mekanizmaları

Və sayını bilmədiyim qısa filmlər izlədim.

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1)We Can’t Live Without the Cosmos
3)Closet Space
4)Insansiz Doga
6)Vakitsiz Horoz
11)Guguk Kusu
14)Golden Shot
15)Fasulye Dunya
16)Gone with the tree
20)Mech : Human Trials
21)Take Me Home
22)“Runaway” by Susan Yung, Emily Buchanan and Esther Parobek
23)“The Present Short Film” by Jacob Frey
24)“The D in David Short Film ” by Michelle Yi and Yaron Farkash
25)Sweet Cocoon
27)Reaping for Dummies
28)Jungle Jail
29)The Albatross ….

88 Albom dinlədim.

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1)Buddha Bar- Volume 16 (2014)
2)Homeshake - Midnight Snack (2015)
3)Now, Now - Threads (2012)
4)Mogwai - Come On Die Young (1999)
5)Sacred Spirit - Chants and Dances of the Native Americans Vol 1 (1995)
6)Free Electric Sound - Gila (1971)
7)Otis Redding - Otis Blue (1965)
8)Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation (2008)
9)Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (2011)
10)Björk -Homogenic (1997)
11)The Folk Implosion - Dare to be Surprised (1997)
12)No Clear Mind - Dream is Destiny (2012)
13)Autechre - Quaristice (2008)
14)Poldoore - The Day Off (2014)
15)Dire Straits - Communique (1979)
16)Tycho - Dive (2011)
17)Rocksession - Embryo (1973)
18)Massive Attack - Blue Lines (1991)
19)Kraftwerk - Computer World (1981)
20)Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe (1986)
21)Kraftwerk - Radio Activity (1975)
22)Creed - My Own Prison (1997)
23)Adamlar- Eski Dostum Tankla Gelmiş (2014)
24)Massive Attack - Heligoland (2010)
25)Morcheeba - Big Calm (1998)
26)Uran - Qaralama (2011)
27)Massive Attack - Mezzanine (1998)
28)Area Code 615 - Trip In The Country (1970)
29)Underworld - Dubnobasswithmyheadman (1994)
30)Aphex Twin - Syro (2014)
31)Pax - Pax (1970)
32)Tita La Rosa - Prophecy Of The Eagle And The Condor (2001)
33)Ah Nee Mah - Native Visions (2013)
34)Radiohead - In Rainbows (2007)
35)Demon Fuzz - Afreaka (1970)
36)Lunar Dunes - Galaxsea (2011)
37)Juno Reactor - Gods & Monsters (2008)
38)Low - I Could Live in Hope (1994)
39)Angus And Julia Stone - Memories Of An Old Friend (2010)
40)Orange Blossom - Everything must change (2005)
41)Gandalf - Gandalf (1969)
42)Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinite (1995)
43)Star Sounds Orchestra - Psy Force (1997)
44)Merkaba - Rediscovery
45)Merkaba - Ancient Relics
46)Kraftwerk - Autobahn (1974)
47)Igorrr & Ruby My Dear - Maigre (EP) (2014)
48)Ruby My Dear - Ginkgo (EP) (2011)
49)The Doors - The Best Of The Doors (2000)
50)Satanicpornocultshop - Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos (2010)
51)Ceza - Suspus (2015)
52)Air - Moon Safari (1998)
53)Oh Hiroshima - In Silence We Yearn (2015)
53)Eminem - Recovery (2010)
55)Vagif MustafaZadeh - Jazz Compositions (1979)
56)vagif Mustafazadeh - Jazz Compositions (1974)
57)Sub-Pop 200 (Full Compilation album) (1988)
58)Mudhoney- Piece of Cake (1992)
59)Inl - Center of Attention (1995)
60)Sitting Bull - Trip Away (1971)
61)Vanilla - Soft Focus (2012)
62)Nymano - Short Stories (2015)
64)The Kinks - Kinda Kinks (1965)
65)Sleep Party People - Floating (2014)
66)Eminem - Recovery (2010)
67)The Sound Defects - The Iron Horse (2008)
68)Múm - Finally We Are No One (2002)
69)Truckfighters - Gravity X (2005)
70)Ricardo Villalobos -Fizheuer Zieheuer (2006)
71)Truckfighters - Universe (2014)
72)Fu Manchu - The Action is Go (1997)
73)Novadriver - Void (2001)
74)Yuri Gagarin - Yuri Gagarin (2013)
75)Yuri Gagarin - At The Center Of All Infinity (2015)
76)Electronic System - Skylab (1974)
77)Ryo Fukui - Scenery (1976)
78)Dave Pike - Jazz for the Jet Set (1966)
79)Zarathustra - Zarathustra (1972)
80)Augustine Azul - Lombramorfose (2016)
81)Dead Astronauts - Arms of Night (2016)
82)Robert Parker - Crystal City (2016)
83)Ice Dragon - Loaf of Head (2014)
84)Electric Lords - High Voltage Kingdom (2016)
85)Minutes Of Sleep - Francis Harris (2014)
86)Kings of Convenience - Quiet Is The New Loud (2001)
87)Beirut - The Rip Tide (2011)
88)We Lost The Sea - Departure Songs (2015)

261 TV episode izlədim.

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1)Himym 4.19
2)himym 4.20
3)himym 4.21
4)himym 4.22
5)himym 4.23
6)himym 4.24
7)himym 5.1
8)himym 5.2
9)himym 5.3
10)himym 5.4
11)tbbt 9.10
12)tbbt 9.11
13)tbbt 9.12
14)tbbt 9.13
15)himym 5.5
16)himym 5.6
17)himym 5.7
18)himym 5.8
19)himym 5.9
20)himym 5.10
21)himym 5.11
22)himym 5.12
23)himym 5.13
24)himym 5.14
25)himym 5.15
26)himym 5.16
27)himym 5.17
28)himym 5.18
29)himym 5.19
30)himym 5.20
31)himym 5.21
32)himym 5.22
33)himym 5.23
34)himym 5.24
35)himym 6.1
36)himym 6.2
37)himym 6.3
38)tbbt  9.14
39)himym 6.4
40)himym 6.5
41)himym 6.6
42)himym 6.7
43)himym 6.8
44)himym 6.9
45)himym 6.10
46)himym 6.11
47)himym 6.12
48)himym 6.13
49)himym 6.14
50)himym 6.15
51)himym 6.16
52)himym 6.17
53)himym 6.18
54)himym 6.19
55)himym 6.20
56)himym 6.21
57)himym 6.22
58)himym 6.23
59)himym 6.24
60)himym 7.1
61)himym 7.2
62)himym 7.3
63)shameless 1.1
64)shameless 1.2
65)shameless 1.3
66)shameless 1.4
67)shameless 1.5
68)himym 7.4
69)himym 7.5
70)himym 7.6
71)tbbt 9.15
72)shameless 1.6
72)shameless 1.9
73)himym 7.7
74)himym 7.8
75)himym 7.9
76)himym 7.10
77)himym 7.11
78)shameless 1.10
79)himym 7.12
80)himym 7.13
81)himym 7.14
82)himym 7.15
82)himym 7.16
83)himym 7.17
84)himym 7.18
85)himym 7.19
86)himym 7.20
87)himym 7.21
88)himym 7.22
89)himym 7.23
90)himym 8.1
91)himym 8.2
92)tbbt 9.17
93)himym 8.3
94)himym 8.4
95)himym 8.5
96)himym 8.6
97)himym 8.7
98)himym 8.8
99)himym 8.9
100)himym 8.10
101)himym 8.11
102)himym 8.12
103)himym 8.13
104)himym 8.14
105)himym 8.15
106)himym 8.16
107)himym 8.17
108)himym 8.18
109)himym 8.19
110)himym 8.20
111)himym 8.21
112)himym 8.22
113)himym 8.23
114)himym 8.24
115)Star Trek - The Naked Time
116)himym 9.1
117)himym 9.2
118)himym 9.3
119)himym 9.4
120)himym 9.5
121)himym 9.6
122)himym 9.7
123)himym 9.9
124)himym 9.10
125)himym 9.11
126)himym 9.12
127)himym 9.13
128)himym 9.14
129)shameless 1.11
130)himym 9.15
131)himym 9.16
132)himym 9.17
133)himym 9.18
134)himym 9.19
135)himym 9.20
136)himym 9.21
137)himym 9.22
138)himym 9.23
139)himym 9.24
140)tbbt 9.18
141)shameless 1.12
142)shameless 2.1
143)shameless 2.2
144)shameless 2.3
145)shameless 2.4
146)shameless 2.5
147)shameless 2.6
148)shameless 2.7
149)shameless 2.8
150)shameless 2.9
151)shameless 2.10
152)shameless 2.11
153)shameless 2.12
154)shameless 3.1
155)shameless 3.2
156)shameless 3.3
157)shameless 3.4
158)shameless 3.5
159)shameless 3.6
160)shameless 3.7
161)shameless 3.8
162)shameless 3.9
163)shameless 3.10
164)shameless 3.11
165)shameless 3.12
166)shameless 4.1
167)shameless 4.2
168)shameless 4.3
169)shameless 4.4
170)shameless 4.5
171)shameless 4.6
172)shameless 4.7
173)shameless 4.8
174)shameless 4.9
175)shameless 4.10
176)shameless 4.11
177)shameless 4.12
178)shameless 5.1
179)shameless 5.2
180)shameless 5.3
181)shameless 5.4
182)shameless 5.5
183)shameless 5.6
184)shameless 5.7
185)shameless 5.8
186)tbbt 9.19
187)shameless 5.9
188)shameless 5.10
189)shameless 5.11
190)shameless 5.12
191)shameless 6.1
192)shameless 6.2
193)shameless 6.3
194)shameless 6.4
195)shameless 6.5
196)shameless 6.6
197)shameless 6.7
198)shameless 6.8
199)shameless 6.9
200)shameless 6.10
201)Person of interest 1.1
202)tbbt 9.20
203)tbbt 9.21
204)tbbt 9.22
205)tbbt 9.23
206)tbbt 9.24
207)tbbt 1.9
208)mr. robot 2.1
209)mr. robot 2.2
210)silicon valley 1.1
211)silicon valley 1.2
212)silicon valley 1.3
213)silicon valley 1.4
214)silicon valley 1.5
215)tbbt 10.1
216)shameless 7.1
217)tbbt 10.2
218)tbbt 10.3
219)shameless 7.2
220)tbbt 10.4
221)tbbt 10.5
222)shameless 7.3
223)silicon valley 1.6
224)silicon valley 1.7
225)shameless 7.4
226)friends 1.1
227)friends 1.2
228)tbbt 10.6
229)silicon valley 1.8
230)mr robot 2.3
231)silicon valley 2.2
232)shameless 7.5
233)tbbt 10.7
234)tbbt 10.8
235)tbbt 10.9
236)shameless 7.6
237)shameless 7.7
238)shameless 7.8
239)mr. robot 2.4
240)shameless 7.9
241)new girl 1.1
242)new girl 1.2
243)new girl 1.3
244)new girl 1.4
245)new girl 1.5
246)new girl 1.6
247)new girl 1.7
248)new girl 1.8
249)new girl 1.9
250)new girl 1.10
251)new girl 1.11
252)new girl 1.12
253)new girl 1.13
254)new girl 1.14
255)new girl 1.15
256)new girl 1.16
257)shameless 7.10
258)tbbt 10.10
259)tbbt 10.11
260)shameless 7.11
261)shameless 7.12

71 radio programı dinlədim.

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1)RadyoKaravan Aycaevhali 16.05.2016
2)standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulubu 12.08.2013
3)Standart FM - Hüseyin Karaca & Mete Avunduk “pazar sonrası pazar” 15.05.2016
4)Standart FM - Metev Avunduk 04.04.2016
5)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 09.05.2016
6)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 11.05.2016
7)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 02.05.2016
8)Standart FM - Mete Avunduk 09.05.2016
9)RadyoKaravan - Aycaevhali 17.05.2016
10)TRT RADYO1 - Dijital Hayat “Kişisel Belgeselcilik ve İnternet” 17.07.2015
11)Standart FM -  Kaybedenler Kulübü 19.08.2013
12)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 02.09.2013
13)Standart FM -Kaybedenler Kulübü 16.09.2013
14)Standart FM Kaybedenler Kulübü 30.09.2013
15)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 20.05.2016
16)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 22.10.2013
17)Standart FM RedHack Deklarasyonu 01.07.2013
18)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 04.11.2013
19)Radyo Karavan -Aycaevhali 24.05.2016
20)Standart FM Mete Avunduk 03.08.2015
21)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 27.05.2016
22)Radio Caroline - Rob Harrison 28.05.2016
23)Radio Caroline - Lee Shuttlewood 28.05.2016
24)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 22.07.2013
25)Standart FM - Hüseyin Karaca & Mete Avunduk “pazar sonrası pazarı” 29.05.2016
26)Standart FM -Kaybedenler Kulübü 08.07.2013
27)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 11.05.2016
28)Radyo Karavan - Ihtiyar Heyeti 29.05.2016
29)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 30.05.2016
30)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 15.07.2013
31)Standart FM - Mete Avunduk 30.05.2016
32)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 31.05.2016
33)Radyo Karavan - Arabekss 31.05.2016
34)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 01.06.2016
35)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 03.06.2016
36)Radio Caroline - Tom Lodge Jr 06.06.2016
37)Standart FM - Mete Avunduk 06.06.2016
38)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 06.06.2016
39)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 09.06.2016
40)Radio Caroline - The Mellow Show 13.06.2016
41)Standart FM - Kaybedenler Kulübü 26.08.2013
42)Radyo Karavan - Aycaevhali 14.06.2016
43)Standart FM - Hissizlik Ani 15.06.2016
44)Radyo Karavan - Aycaehvali 17.06.2016
45)Standart FM - Matt Loftin - 25.08.2016
46)NeoRadio - Sivilizasiya 06.08.2016
47)NeoRadio -KolumbFM - Edebiyyat Olmasaydi
48)NeoRadio -KolumbFM - Yalan
49)NeoRadio -KolumbFM 360
50)NeoRadio -Oyuncaq
51)NeoRadio -Oyuncaq
52)NeoRadio -Sivilizasiya
53)NeoRadio - Ilk Yayim.
54)RadyoKaravan - Aycaevhali 26.08.2016
55)Rock FM - Tenko Safari
56)Rock FM - Tekno Safari 22.02.2014
57)RadyoKaravan - Aycaevhali 13.09.2016
58)StarTalkRadio - Geeking out with Whoopi Goldberg 24.09.2016
59)Standart FM Kaybedenler Kulübü 22.10.2013
60)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 31.10.2016
61)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 25.10.2016
62)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 21.10.2016
63)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 04.11.2016
64)Metro Fm - Dance Factory  09.04.2016
65)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 30.09.2016
66)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 21.09.2016
67)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 06.09.2016
68)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 25.08.2016
69)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 20.10.2016
70)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 18.11.2016
71)Virgin Radio - Geveze Show 26.11.2016

+ bir neçə radio teatrı dinlədim. (heç teatra getmədim)

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1)Ayferi Göze - Siyasal Düşünceler ve yönetimler
2)Massimo Baldini - Storia della comunicazione
3)Donna Rosenberg - World Mythology: An Anthology of Great Myths abd Epics
4)Ducane Cundioglu - Sinema ve Felsefe
5)Ahmet Cemil Ertunc - Cumhuriyetin Tarihi
7)William Burroughs - Electronic Revolution
8)Allen Ginsberg - Howl
9)Memmed Araz -Qayalara yazilan ses
10)Duyarak Dusunmek - Gilles Deleuze ve Felix Guattari'de “Pop”
11)Kafka Efekt - Minor Edebiyat Nedir?
12)Nilgun Abisel - Sessiz Sinema
13)Marcel Duchampin Makinesi - Lawrence D.Steefel .Jr.
14)Levent Yaylagul - Kitle Iletisim Kuramlari
15)Bertran Rassel - Exlaq

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1)The new propaganda is liberal. The new slavery is digital.- John Pilger
2)Web Sitenizde ve İçeriklerinizde Görsel Kullanırken Dikkat!- Damla T
3)Katil Yeşil ve Diğer Renkler - Mehmet Dogan
4)1992'de NASA’nın Tipografi Tavsiyeleri -Ibrahim Sarbay
5)Büyüdükçe… - İlkay Sarıtaş Gezginiş
6)Medyada Kadınların Temsil Biçimleri ve Kadın Hakları İhlalleri
7)Çocuklar ve Çocuk Haklarının Medyada Temsili
8)İnsan Haklarının Tarihi Felsefi ve Hukuki Temelleri
9)İnsan Haklarının Kavramsal ve Aktüel Anlamı
10)Oradan da 750 TL gelse… - Sarp Bozkurt
11)Mr. Robot Nasıl Yakalanmıyor? - Gökhan Akkız
12)Abone Sayısı Mı? İtibar Mı? - Ekin Kollama
13)“Mahremiyet çağının sonu!” - Ozcan Yazici
14)Tipografide Kiki ve Bouba Etkisi - Oktay Elipek
15)Google Çalışma Kültüründen Öğreneceklerimiz - Damla T
16)Tebrikler! Aldatıldınız. - Kemal Ozkul
17)Projeniz Alabora Olmasın - Mehmet Dogan
18)Bir Stanley Kubrick Şaheseri: 2001: A Space Odyssey - Hakan Bilge
19)Falçılığın qadağan edilm?sinin tör?d? bil?c?yi t?hlük?l?r - seymur Baycan
20)iPod’a veda ettik, iki eski dostu geri kazandık: Plak ve radyo - Mehmet Tez ….

Avqust 2016ya qədər Google’da 26.000 axtarış etdim.

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