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DAY 2992

Jalsa, Mumbai                June 9/10,  2016               Thu/Fri  12:36 am

Varied are the colors of the face imaged in the profile at an event designed somewhat with a difference .. a difference not so it be called one but, in a sense create an opportunity to share and discuss with them that discuss films for the public - the critics !!

The desire comes from a long standing wish of mine .. that of documentation.

The film industry does not have the required history of any kind of valuable documentation - the actors and actresses of the early years, the works of directors and producers, camera people script and song writers etal .. we have nothing …

What a delight it would be for me to read about Dilip Kumar and his preparation for say a film like ‘Devdas’ or ‘Gunga Jamuna’, in his own words .. how and why did Guru Dutt choose the films he made and what went through his creative mind on the stories he chose  .. I came to know of one verbal remark of his, from his writer friend after he had made the classic ‘Kaagaz ke Phool’ one of my most favourite films. Viewing the film with the audience in a theatre and not getting the response he was expecting, he remarked to Abrar ( Alwi ), his writer : : 

“ Its a still born baby ..”

And got up and left to start work on his next a musical “Chaudhavin ka Chand” a massive success .. made along the lines of the very popular Muslim Musical genre, so prominent at that time of the years ..

How did Raj Kapoor think of the setting of his songs and visuals in say a film like ‘Awaara’ or ‘Sangam’ or ‘Bobby’ or ‘Jis desh mein Ganga behti hai ‘ .. what went through his mind when he decided to take a particular shot in a particular lens or trolley or crane ..

What of Bimal Roy and Satyajit Ray and Hrishikesh Mukherji and Prakash mehra and Manmohan Desai .. and the names are endless .. but we do not have a reference to any personal reflections by them .. sad and a most unfortunate state of affairs … 

SO ..

I decided that we should initiate an exercise to draw out comment on a film by the critics themselves. They had all seen the film yesterday .. their reviews will come out tomorrow or over the week end .. but how educative it would be for me and us connected with the film to sit with multitude of critics and ask them in camera, what they liked disliked or questioned about the film .. it was not for broadcast now but after their reviews come out in print and after the film has had its formal release ..

And ..

For me it was a most educative exercise. Generally what transpires is that the film is shown to the media, they file their reviews, the readers and the makers and those involved read them, made their own personal mental observations on the criticism of the critics and that is it ..

But I felt that if we were to initiate a discussion among all the critics and the people involved in the making of a film we would get to know and debate what issues disturbed them what they liked or disliked and why and allow us the makers to either explain or accept the verdicts or reactions for a better product the next time around ..

And I must thank the members of the media and the critics that came out in large numbers to discuss ‘TE3N’ and give us valuable inputs .. inputs that we shall not be able to use for the film now, but for the future content that we would wish to make ..

It was fascinating to hear points of view in an open free and fair discussion, where there was disagreement, dislike, like and many other views on the subject .. recorded and documented by us and hopefully on some later date to exhibit them to the public at large, or just for posterity, an element of history perhaps that could have value as the years go by ..

I think the media that came was a bit hesitant at first, but when provoked expressed themselves in a most candid manner and eventually I think the experience was appreciated by them and us of course ..

And .. Kolkata of course is always a frenzy .. yesterday to do press there and to have a trial show of the film for the Ef and the bosses of the past .. such a joy ..

This at the airport and the dedicated welcome from the Fan Club ..

The penchant for ‘selfies’ by none other than the media itself .. !! hhehahaah 

Airport, press conference and the show at the South City Mall ..

such an amazing feeling .. simply ..

And when the party is done and gone .. the reflections on what shall hold for us by the public in the morrow, the brick bats that shall follow, the stars and the numbers that shall be given, the opinions read - some already done - all the fascination for the art of creativity and performance of it …

It is a world that has lived its life and continues to live in the hearts and minds of the masses for more than a 100 years .. that is a long time .. and with each new generation the introduction of the immense fresh talent and the ides of film makers that astounds you .. mesmerises you and takes you by the scruff of the neck and transports you to another world and space ..

Cinema .. you beauty .. could never have been anywhere else ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Captain America with Crash Course

You know how Capt in ‘the Winter Soldier’ is shown having a list of music recommend to him?

Right, okay.

I really want someone to recommend to him that he should watch Crash Course by John Green.  He would then be up-to-date about how things generally went down after the whole ice experience.  I REALLY want this to happen.

Am I the only one who has thought of this?

anonymous asked:

Hiiii! Just wondering what fics you're currently loving? There's so many new fics, I have no idea where to start! xx

Hi! Well, first, I’ll link you to my list of new fics for you to peruse if you’d like! Also, it’s sort of a mess, but here’s my ‘to read’ tag as well! And, as always, I’m sure I’m missing things so this list is by no means complete at all. :)

Here’s a list of stories I either just started or finally caught up on as of…twenty minutes ago:

  • Silver Springs by @lifesbetterasamermaid​ (wip) because Savannah will probably give you the sudden urge to want to be musically abled. Also, she might just stomp on your heart a bit in the kindest way possible.
  • Burning Daylight by @abejas-fic​ (complete) because Brianne is an absolute wordsmith and made me feel #AllTheFeels in the matter of three parts. 
  • Coming Up Roses by @primetimewritings​ (wip) because Hannah gifted us with another lovely Liam fic and Serena, the loveliest of OCs that I would love to be best friends with.
  • Pure Feeling by @hurrricanes​ (wip) because Emily is fantabulous and gave us the blessing and curse of CEO Harry and SERIOUSLY I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE END OF CHAPTER 12 EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  • True Lies by @harrystyluhs​ (wip) because I literally cannot explain how drawn to this story I am and how entranced catching up on it had me.
  • On Pins and Needles by @madminniefics​ (wip) because who in the world doesn’t want a soccer/football (WHICH AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY, I feel like a bald eagle dies every time I say football) Liam fic? Also, RJ is queen and includes all of these fun little e-mails and notes and I JUST LOVE IT OKAY.
  • Espresso Kiss by @stylescurlsgetallthegirls​ (wip) because only the first chapter has been posted but come on, Espresso is in the title, you know I’m 100% here for it.
  • Heist by @alwaysinstylesfics​ (wip) because Essie just fucks me up with everything she does and this story is no exception.
  • Plaid Shirt Days And Nights (When You Made Me Your Own) and Little Do You Know by @nightingiall​ (wips) because I think I literally drool over Jessica’s writing and I’ve finally just gotten a chance to catch up and jfc seriously how in the hell do you do it? The word thing? 
  • Vo’ke by @beggingforfics​ (wip) because I finally got my shit together and read the most recent chapter and I think I genuinely broke a sweat reading it like hot damn Hannah your narration always feels like I’m living whatever your characters are. 
  • Are We Electric? by @booksncoffee (wip) because Niall in glasses and caffeine addicted Hanna. Need I say more?
  • At The Stroke of Midnight by @marisa-writes (complete) because HOLY DESCRIPTION QUEEN THIS WAS SO BRILL and you will fall in love with Liam and Georgia in the matter of seconds, guaranteed.
  • Turn Off All The Lights by @buzcutt (wip) because Georgia is back at it again being her amazing self, armed and ready to hit us right in the feels. 

If I catch up on any more fics before my winter break is over, I’ll make note of them on my fic rec page! :)