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Year in Review: Rafael Nadal

When you hear the word comeback, do you think of Rafael Nadal? 2017 was filled with way more ups than downs for Rafa. Starting off the top of the year at the Australian Open, a tough 4 hr plus match against Roger Federer, resulted in Rafa’s first Grand Slam loss in 2017. This wouldn’t be the only time Rafa and Roger met this year. They also met again at 3R Indian Wells, Miami Open Final and the Shanghai Masters Final (all meetings Rafa lost). Meanwhile, during the clay season, he was dominant. He won his tenth title at the following tournaments: Monte-Carlo Masters, Barcelona Open, French Open (and also won his fifth title at the Madrid Open). His 10th French Open title, appropriately named “La Decima”, is the record for most titles from one Grand Slam tournament by any man or woman in the Open Era. After his triumphant clay court season, he had a few tough losses. He was defeated in the Fourth Round of Wimbledon by #26 Gilles Simon and then by 143rd ranked, 18 year old, Denis Shapovalov of Canada at the Coupe Rogers in Montreal. Going into the U.S. Open as the World #1 for the first time since 2014, he won the title against Kevin Anderson in straight sets. Following his U.S. Open title win, he then went on to win the China Open against Nick Kyrgios. At the end of the season, a knee injury hampered Rafa at the Paris Masters causing him to withdraw before his QF match, and then withdrawing after his first Round Robin match loss against David Goffin at the ATP World Tour Finals. Even though he didn’t make it as far as he would’ve wanted to in the last two tournaments, he did clinch the year end #1 ranking, (making him the oldest player to finish at #1 at 31 years old). Hopefully Rafa takes the time to heal in his months off, and we can’t wait to see him back in 2018. VAMOS!


#TWOCYBMEME + WEEK FOUR → Couple Most Likely To End Up In Therapy

Ellie Connor and Theo Raeken (@roan-kom-azgeda)


Last animation test before my trial’s up. Testing out animating an infinitely more complex (limb-wise) character.

Conclusion? Conventional bones in Toon Boom still suck. Not as bad as Flash’s, but they’re still shit. The only good bones in TB are curve and shape deformers.

IKs however? They actually work well in specific scenarios. I wouldn’t want them for general animation, but they made posing the legs much more manageable. And oddly enough IKs in Harmony have NOTHING to do with bones like they do in flash.

I’ll have a thorough review video coming soon, and probably am gonna start raising funds to buy Toon Boom myself. Even though I plan to get it, I can’t recommend it for everyone, and I’m not gonna make direct recommendations. I do feel Flash is sometimes sold short.

My honest thoughts and opinions about the third Loud House Special!

I took a different approach to this video, and that’s why it’s a bit longer and different from my previous videos (and also the reason why I didn’t upload new videos the past two weeks, which I explain at the beggining).

It’s already uploading to YouTube! It’ll be up either in two hours (if everything’s alright!) or tonight (if there’s a problem and I need to fix something).