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Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon Swatches + Review

Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayons are a new, pure matte version of the original Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayons. Available in a total of 12 shades from dark neutrals to bold pinks and fun blues, these eyeliners boast a pure matte finish which is one of the most pigmented, pure and truly matte eyeliner formulas I have tried, but it doesn’t come without its flaws… Whilst some shades are creamy and apply easily making it super quick to do eyeliner in 3 seconds flat (popular, mist me, and whirlpool) others are a little drier and can “pull” as they are applied, this seemed to mainly be an issue with the darker shades in the range like irony and grapevine. Finewine, although beautiful was very dry at the tip, but creamy at the base meaning the tip of the eyeliner broke off whilst being applied, but this isn’t a deal breaker for me.

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muji notebooks

frankly speaking, I have a love-hate relationship with these notebooks, but I guess love does trump hate bc I ordered them and am pretty excited to test them out! okay, so I love these notebooks because of their simple design and freedom of which you can design it yourself, but these notebooks only have 30 sheets! so, probably not ideal for school, hence why I had to buy so many of them, and let’s say it did not come cheap lol (at least for me). I bought it for $9 (per a pack of 5 notebooks) off amazon, but had to purchase multiple packs, so the price was bit steep. I would recommend it to those who plan to use it for recreational purposes! for students who just love the aesthetic and build of the notebook, go ahead and buy it, but make sure the price is worth it. these notebooks come in multiple sizes/types. I bought the B5 muji notebooks, however, they also come in A5, A4, B6, B4, etc.

pilot juice pens

I just ordered a 36 pack, but I’m splitting it with my sister since I wanted to save money. I’ve used these pens before and love the free flow of the ink and how it works with various handwriting styles! they come in so many different colors and shades making it fun to experiment with! I bought them off of amazon for $30 I believe (but technically payed $15).

staedtler fineliners

I remember being obsessed with using these when my friend had bought a pack and honestly I still am. these fineliners are so beautiful and really thin in terms of the tip (.3mm). they come in various shades depending on what pack you get. there’s the pastel set, 10 pack, 20 pack, 36 pack, etc. all coming at various prices, however, they are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. I may buy some eventually, and they sell on amazon for $7-$35 depending on which pack you purchase.

kokuyo campus notebooks

okay if i being honest here I used to abhor the design of these notebooks but after checking them out and doing my research I found myself falling in love with them. they are a bit more expensive than muji, nonetheless they’re still worth it. I plan on buying them when I have money (rip wallet) or maybe just solely sticking to muji notebooks. you can find them on amazon for about $10-$11 per pack of 10 notebooks.I know that @studyquill uses these notebooks, so go ahead and check out her posts and videos if you’d like a better insight on them!

kanken backpacks

*starts drooling* these backpacks are just so…so…aesthetic. for lack of a better word. however, aesthetic shouldn’t be the only role that plays into it, and it sure isn’t. these backpacks have amazing quality in terms of build and can last for years. they come in various colors giving you many options to fit your style. however, and you may want to prepare your wallet for this, its cost ranges from $80-$150 (or even more from what I’ve seen). amazon sells these for pretty good prices, most of the classic ones costing $80, so save up your money if you’re looking to buy one ;)

washi tape

washi tape has so many different uses! use it as you would any tape, or for decorating your bullet journal, notes, etc. they’re really pretty and come in various designs. in terms of pricing, the more “flashy” the design is, the more expensive they get, but they range from $2-$15 dollars (also depends on how many rolls per pack). I’m thinking about buying these, but I don’t have a real purpose for it yet, besides maybe decorating my binders with it.

lihit lab pencil case

i just purchased this online at amazon for about $10, but it takes such a long time to come!!! i won’t be getting it until school starts, so rip (lol). i love how efficient it is, in terms of space for so many items, and the design is really nice too. the price is really good for me and…yeah! haha. oh! they also come in multiple versions/colors, fitting various styles.

zebra mildliners

I actually just ordered these and plan to do a swatch/review on them, but what convinced me to buy these were the wide range of colors and the fact that they’re double sided (highlighters and markers), so I was like a 2 in 1? yes! (I need to save all the money I can get lol) I bought 3 packs (yellow, blue, and pink) for $14.88 on amazon. the prices are pretty good, but try not to buy all 4 at the same time because some sellers charge $40-$50 for it (helll naaaaw, too broke for that). make sure to scope out good deals!

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Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter Swatches, Review, Demo


Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighters are a relatively new and incredibly popular highlighter and one that I’ve received many questions about. It’s a product that risks being gimmicky, but somehow manages to combine all the great elements of highlighter into a cool, new and interesting product.

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Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol 3 Swatches & Review

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol 3, Wearing shades: Tiki, Escape and Treasure

I love shimmer, glow, gloss and everything that sparkles, except when it comes to eyeshadows. I’ve always been someone who prefers matte shadows over shimmer and metallic, the fallout and the horrible task of removing makeup and still finding little bits of shimmer all over your face two days later are dealbreakers for me. However, I’ve got to say this Tarte palette is a real treasure. Tarte never seems to disappoint me with their eyeshadows and this palette is no exception. Designed as a “highlighting eyeshadow palette”  this palette contains 8 shades, all of which, but one are shimmer based and in addition to being used as an eyeshadow, these also work great as highlighters on the rest of the face. Each shade is inspired by beautiful beaches, sand and seashells and each one performs consistently well.

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YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil Review

WORTH THE HYPE: YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil: I’d say that I have a confession to make, but by now you’ve probably already heard it. I am prone to seriously dry lips. Seriously dry. Many many years ago I had the displeasure of lips so dry they were flaking, peeling, cracking and even bleeding, resulting in a trip to the doctors’ office. Although my dry lip condition has since improved, I’m still prone to dryness… This is why I love lip oils.

One of the very first lip oils I tried was the YSL Volupté  Tint in Oil and it’s still one of my favourites to this day.

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I Tried A Shitload of Black Eyeliner So You Don't Have To

I figured for my first real post I could focus on my ongoing obsession with finding the perfect black eyeliner. I swatched 30(!) different black liners and did a rub test and a water trial for all of them, so we could really get an idea of what all this goth-water will wear like. hit the cut if you wanna paint it paint it paint it black, BLACK AS NIGHT, BLACK AS COAL. 

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I was asked to review and swatch 3 of Lina of Lina CM plates. If you follow her and her FB group, you know there are amazing swatches rolling in. I wanted to do something a little different.
I love peek-a-boo stamping. By that I mean stamping a thermal polish, with a similar color as the cold state. When your nails warm up, the stamping becomes visible.
I used the plate Spookilicious 02 and did double stamping. I painted a vibrant green called ‘We Liming’ from Color Club. Then I stamped a wrapped gauze image over it with a stamping polish called Amethyst, from Celestial. Then I used 2 coats of Tanzanite over it. Tanzanite is a deep purple/indigo when it’s cold and clear when it’s warm. Then I stamped a rose image, from the same plate, over Tanzanite. I used Harp On It from Color Club, for the roses. The overall affect is kind of cool.
#nailart #stamping

distracting/calming post-election masterpost <3

so i think we’re all pretty freaked out and upset

and if youre like me youve been shaking/crying/throwing up/dissociating all day

well its a good thing my entire life is about happy little distractions

Cooking videos/my favorite chefs on youtube

These are all Chef John from Food Wishes and hes really relaxing and funny

Onto other chefs!

My favorite crafts/polymer clay tutorials

Makeup tutorials and hauls/unboxings

well thats all for now folks

feel free to add more, and ill probably add onto it some tomorrow


YAY!! Finally got to play with my new My Little Pony x Colourpop Cosmetics 💕 Of course I filmed a video reviewing & swatching this palette did all of you! ✨ Look forward to it 🎀 Makeup details ~
Eyebrows: @urbandecaycosmetics Electric palette (the deep purple shade)
Eyes: @colourpopcosmetics x My Little Pony palette
Lips: Colourpop “Dream Castle” glossy lip
Highlight: Colourpop “Starflower” highlight
Blush: @toofaced Heart Blush
Eyeliner: @katvondbeauty in “Trooper”
I think that’s everything important?? I’m not a makeup account but I was REALLY happy with this look! ✨