Review: Better Call Saul shouldnt be in a rush to get to Breaking Bad
“Once upon a time, Better Call Saul might have felt pressure to act like it was just an extension of the show that inspired it. Now, though, it’s proven itself excellent enough in its own right that it should go on telling the Jimmy McGill story for as long as it can get away with it. After all, if any TV creative team has earned our trust when it comes to pacing, it’s the one that so meticulously laid out the tragedy of Walter White.“ – Alan Sepinwall

Review: Yoshiwara Higanbana

PC R-18 Otoge

A good R-18 Otoge at last!!

Ten years ago, Rin’s parents sold her to the Yoshiwara red-light district in Edo to pay off the enormous debt they owed… she is now the highest ranking oiran in the high-class brothel Ouka-ya. She goes by the alias of Chihaya, entertaining and pleasuring men every night and working hard to pay off her contract, dreaming of the day she will be able to go back home. But despite this Rin isn’t displeased with her current state of affairs – all the contrary, she takes pride in the work she does. Her kamuro, a young girl named Yuzu, provides her with solace, and her friend Kichou is always there to support her. But there’s more to her story than meets the eye, and Rin will slowly discover she has been kept in the dark from many more secrets than she can imagine…

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Shadowhunters — Episode 5

Today on the “Previously on Shadowhunters”: laying it on pretty thick about Alec being in total denial. Today on the actual episode: more of that, probably. Yeah, this is the “everyone fucks Alec Lightwood” episode. Metaphorically. Though if you need someone for the literal part, you know who to call.

(Me. I mean me. Not Magnus.)

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Hi guys, today I’ll be talking about some of my favourite beauty products that I have been using throughout the month of January. Although they are my January favourites, I will of course be loving these products until they’re all empty! Continue reading if you want to find out more about these products!

1. De Lorenzo - Instant Allevi8 Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m a sufferer of terribly dry hair, the ends always seem to get so dehydrated and just awful, no matter if I have had a trim or not… I tried out these shampoo and conditioners from De Lorenzo, and they are wonderful at making sure my hair stays silky and moisturised throughout the day. I also have really frizzy hair naturally, so this stuff helps tame my crazy mane. 

2. De Lorenzo - Barrel Wave

Also from De Lorenzo is this Barrel Wave creme, which I use to also tame my frizzy mane. This stuff works wonders at enhancing my natural curls, and it smells soooo good too! I just massage this through my hair after I wash it with the shampoo and conditioner, I let it naturally dry, and my hair is left with gorgeous natural waves.

3. Clinique Body Tinted Lotion

This Clinique self sun lotion from Active Skin is a gorgeous tanning creme, and just an overall body moisturiser that gives such a natural summer glow. Although it wasn’t the darkest tanning lotion, it definitely gave my skin a sun-kissed shine that really looks natural. The lotion smooths on so easily (and it has this stunning golden shimmer when it oozes out of the bottle) and within a few hours, the tan deepens to a refreshing summer glow. I like applying this before I go to bed so that it develops overnight, and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t stain my sheets! If you’re not one for an ultra dark, fake looking tan, I would definitely recommend giving this a go! 

4. LonVitalite Face Masks

Another product I have been using and loving are these face masks from LonVitalite. I got a selection of face masks, eye masks and lip masks, which all work wonders at clearing my skin and making my face feel so fresh and smooth. I have been using a face mask once a week to get rid of any toxins, and I use an eye mask whenever I am feeling super drained and tired, and whenever I have noticeable bags under my eyes. I leave it on for around 10-15 minutes while I just sit down and relax, and afterwards my skin is refreshed and feels amazing! If you suffer from dark bags under your eyes, then I would definitely recommend trying out their gold and crystal collagen masks, they work wonders!

5. The Body Shop - Coconut Range

Last but definitely not least, I have been obsessing over these coconut products from The Body Shop! Although I am not a huge fan of eating coconut, I love putting it all over my body! I am loving the Coconut Body Scrub as just a full-body exfoliant in the shower, I even use a tiny bit on my face because it is quite gentle. This helps get rid of any dry skin and also helps to remove any old fake tan! After I shower and exfoliate, I hydrate my skin with the Coconut Body Butter. And oh my god, if you guys have never tried a body butter from The Body Shop, you HAVE to! It is so amazing at keeping my skin moisturised throughout the whole day, it’s so smooth and actually smells amazing despite me disliking coconut!


So that’s all of my January beauty faves, I highly recommend trying out any of these products if you are in need of a good shampoo/conditioner, curling balm, natural tanning lotion, face masks, or body scrub and butter!
Love always, Billie xx

”The show’s writing is as economic and poetically parred. Each moment is compact, leading to the next with unpredictable, behaviorally astute precision (the flashback scenes are particular models of structural ingenuity, often revealing elements of plot that might not be obvious until many episodes later). Gilligan and Gould have a refreshing tendency to regard viewers as attentive adults who can remember events from the previous season, peppering their narratives with recurring in-jokes that reveal a wealth of emotional information in a matter of seconds. When Jimmy McGill requests a cocobolo desk from the Santa Fe law firm newly employing him, we know he’s remedying a dashed dream from season one, when he nearly used stolen money to secure an office for himself and, ideally, his friend, potential lover, and fellow attorney, Kim Wexler.

“This notion of disappointments corrected, of a man attempting to justify himself to his friends and family, is broached earlier when Jimmy takes Kim aside and asks her, with startling bluntness, if “they’re going to happen” if he takes this job offer (which she brokered). Jimmy’s revealing more of himself than he intends to, verbally encapsulating his manias, which are so poignantly of the everyday American male variety: He needs conventional success to feel as if he’s deserving of companionship, or more generally of status as a human. He feels broken, and assumes that money and social standing can serve as the adhesive.” Chuck Bowen, Better Call Saul: Season Two Review



By Toby Fox

One reviewer of the game mentioned that he ‘wish[ed] it would make up its mind whether it’s going to stick with the retro chiptune audio or not.’ I respect Yahtzee’s opinion (and I love Zero Punctuation to boot), but my taste differs from his. The combination of chiptune and natural orchestration makes for a really unique sound (and one I naturally dig, given that this blog is absolutely lousy with Homestuck music).

All that said, this one’s about as chiptune-purist as it gets. All those needly staccato notes set the ‘everything is spiders’ vibe for the memorable boss fight.

The soundtrack to Toby Fox’s game Undertale can be purchased from Bandcamp.


Black Magnetic

Doom II - 2015 - by “Angry Saint”

Another super corporation has been messing around with The Things That Should Not Be. Fortunately for you, the NMN Corporation has thus far eluded a total Satanic revolt. Unfortunately for them, you’ve been tasked by the Space Marines to terminate the experiment.

Black Magnetic is one of six levels produced for Realm 667′s Doomja Vu competition. As a GZDoom level, it’s got some intricate 3D floors, some cool colored lighting, the Devestator, and some neat little scripted events. It’s also loaded with hitscanners - since NMN is much better at hindering demonic invasions - and the layout makes exploration that much more difficult. It’s a cool little slice of Angry Saint’s world of Doom, a pretty mature way to debut.


This week in Haruchika: RESPECT people with disabilities!

Damn I’m falling in love with this series, it’s like the author decided to tackle all Japanese social issues by the horns.  

Ok let’s recap the issues Haruchika has dealt with as of Episode 6:

  1. Sexuality: the episode unfolds around Chika finding out her childhood friend Haruta is gay and with a crush on their Music teacher, just like her. It doesn’t pretend heteronormativity doesn’t exist: Chika does get at first stunned that her friend can be interested in guys, then pissed off because he’s now her rival in love. However, she doesn’t start hating him for being gay, even though they like the same guy, and more than that: unlike Naruto some anime, the rivalry over their teacher is no reason to break their friendship. Also Haruta is not stereotypical at all, he’s really just another one of the guys. Sexuality acceptance is an extremely important issue in Japan - LGBT are not openly mistreated but the social pressure on them is still enormous and they have less rights in Japan than in many other countries.
  2. Guilt and familial misogyny: the episode is about Miyoko’s guilt toward her brother’s illness, but the real point is to show a household where the male child being born doesn’t mean the female child is left behind. Miyoko’s parents don’t stop caring for her because of her brother’s birth, illness or death, and although that is the way it should be in any loving household, in Japan and other Eastern societies, due to women being undervalued, when a boy is born the girl(s) is/are often forgotten, and when the only male child in a household dies, the parents often turn against the female child(ren) in their grief. 
  3. Adoption: the episode is about Sei’s story. Sei, born in China, was put up for adoption due to China’s one-child law, having been born with a disability, was adopted by an interracial (black father, white mother) American couple who lives and works in Japan. The episode shows that: A) Parents who put their kids up for adoption can have done that out of love, B) Adopting a child is an act of love in itself, C) Being honest with an adopted child about their biological origins is a good thing, D) Adopted children won’t abandon their adoptive parents just because they found out about their biological families, E) Adopted children are as loving and honorable as biological children. It’s another incredibly important subject for Japanese society because in Japan adoption is a basic taboo, especially the adoption of children from outside the family and the adoption of ethnic Asian kids by non-Asians. 
  4. Prejudice against different behavior: again, the story focus on Haruta, who is kicked out of his apartment and seeks shelter at the school grounds instead of turning to his family. Chika gives girls a lesson in friendship by NOT outing Haruta to his sister, and the story shows people shouldn’t judge people by their behavior when the house Haruta’s new landlord inherits turns out to be much better than he imagined. 
  5. PTSD and abandonment: The episode shows Akari’s anger at her grandfather for having abandoned his family, and that abandonment is explained as the result of him leaving Japan to study in America and being drafted into fighting in the Vietnam war, where he was deeply traumatized and thus (like many veterans from that war btw) decided to stay away from his family for shame. The episode doesn’t dwell deeply on the extent of the damage on the old man’s psyche but it shows that: A) You shouldn’t judge people without knowing all the facts about what they did, and B) Japanese are as vulnerable to PTSD in war as anybody else and that is ok - something that goes against the “Japanese can endure more/are stronger than other people” social standard. 
  6. Disability: What to say about today’s episode except that it’s awesome? Naoka is believable as a repressed child - she comes from a breaking family - that is losing her hearing, thus withdrawing into herself even more due to the very real risk of bullying due to her disability, and she is accepted, her disability is not shown as something that will hinder her future career as a musician - acceptance of disability is again another issue in not only Japanese but modern society everywhere. Also, there was a funny sequence showing not only Chika’s biased heteronormativity - her entire “Why won’t you love a girl that isn’t me, girls are good, girls are okay!” speech is there only because of their rivalry, I will definitely not going to be surprised if Chika tries to match Haruta with another boy later on in the series to get him out of her way, and the vice-versa occurs as well - but also that she is not romantically interested in Haruta at all, something that drives the homophobes and heteronormatives in the otaku world insane and makes everybody that was waiting to see an actual platonic friendship between a guy and a girl in anime very, very happy. 

Haruchika is definitely not a series for otaku to drool at, not a series for shippers to fight about, and not the sort of pretentiously “deep” dramatic series that abound in the anime scene.

I’ve been reading some anime review blogs and been laughing my ass off at the hate, people apparently don’t realize that the storytelling in Haruchika is there pretty much as an excuse to explain cultural views that are very real and damaging to people in modern Japanese society and why those views are wrong in a way young children - 7 to 12 years-old is probably the intended demographic for this series - can understand

And it does a tremendously GOOD job at that. 

Barn Dog (Wyndridge Farm Brewing)

Brewery : Wyndridge Farm Brewing
Beer : Barn Dog
Style : Porter / Imperial Porter
Variance : Brewed with Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Ghana Cocoa Nibs

7 / 10

I really had some high hopes for this one. I am an absolute lover of all things dogs and the fact that this dapper chap on the bottle reminded me of the 2 pictures of my pups hanging above their bowls made me want to like this even more. I have my Jack Russell in a snazzy ass suit and bow tie and my Boston Terrier dressed like he lives on the streets of Portland looking hipster as fuck just in case any of you were wondering. Maybe the real problem with this beer is that the dog on the label is only wearing a monocle instead of glasses and could only see half of the potential of this brew. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad porter at all but there are definitely better out there. This starts with a mild chocolate flavor with just a hint of vanilla without really letting itself out there too much before a malty thin sweetness wraps this up. This beer had some serious potential based off it’s ingredients like young Haley Joel Osment but unfortunately just like that older chubby faced has-been, this beer fell short of greatness. I would pick this up for those who love the style if it is readily available but I wouldn’t go too far out of my way to snag this. As for the newbies, I’d pass on this because there are better examples of the style out there and I wouldn’t want your first time to not be special. Cheers!

Written by: Steve B.
Ninety-Nine Righteous Men – Comic Review
Written, illustrated, and published by K.M. Claude, NINETY-NINE RIGHTEOUS MEN is an erotic horror comic about a priest desperate to save his young parishioner from the clutches of a demon prince. In doing so, he must enlist the help of the last person he ever wanted to see again. This comic deals with issues of…

As far as debut features are concerned, this one shows the kind of maturity and boldness that I’ve rarely seen in independent publications, and I’m looking forward to seeing what K.M. Claude has for us in the future.

Check it! Ninety-Nine Righteous Men got reviewed over on Bloodbath and Beyond! Shout out to @mothwinged for writing such a wonderful review!


Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

I saw a post on twitter where someone used these for comic sketches.

Seemed like a cool idea. They are good for scanning in and then digital coloring but I find darker markers makes the white lines show up. So not the best for that.

But still a very cool find!

Want to see the pens DISAPPEAR? (not really they turn white but still!)