“On a cold December Tuesday evening, the Xcel Energy Center was warm with passion and soul as Stevie Nick gave an outstanding performance. For more than two hours, the near capacity audience was on their feet, being treated to stories of how and why songs were written along with an masterful selection of songs that went way back to Stevie’s early days.
The show definitely had a beautiful warm vibe. Stevie’s presence on stage was ever magical and the tone and clarity of her voice remains everlasting." 

Full review and more pictures.


“What can I say except you’re welcome!” For this Moana review.

Boy howdy, this tech demo.


Not gonna lie here, I’m generally very indifferent about actually trying demos of games (or demos of demos, whatever the case may be) because I’ve always held this belief that it would ruin the fun of trying out a new adventure completely blind to everything. It’s why I never made a big stink in the first place about getting a key, and tried my best to avoid a lot of posts related to the demo itself because I didn’t want anything spoiled. (Didn’t last very long though. Lol that riddle bait was real gud.)

But then @underfellfangame​ kind of just… shoved a key at my person today while I was at work? I’m not entirely sure what happened here. Was I supposed to get a key at some point? I’m so confused on all this D: Please elaborate so this makes sense D:

Regardless of reasoning though, I can honestly say thank you so much for that key, friendo. I feel my initial response was lackluster since I was, y’know, working and stuff, but dang do I ever regret not trying this demo sooner. The hype quintupled itself during this small step into the world of Underfell.

(Putting fangirlings and favourite things in this demo under a cut because cluttering dashboards is worse than trying to drive in 5 feet of snow with an electric scooter. please don’t ask why i know this) (And also because spoiling this for others is the most un-fresh thing a person can do).

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Hey, you have pets?

If so, I really recommend buying your pet supplies online at Doctors Foster and Smith.

Like I don’t normally do ‘advertisement’ posts but I just saved so much money I feel like NOT sharing is keeping a harmful secret. They have really great variety of quality stuff and compared to Petsmart and Petco, it’s SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. Plus on orders over 20 dollars, the shipping is free.

I feel the need to demonstrate how much cheaper this place is to Petsmart and Petco. I’ll go into specifics under the read more or this post will get pretty long.

I just bought a bunch of cage cleaning supplies for my rats. I bought the following products:

  • Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding (28.3L) (Plain white)
  • Nature’s Miracle Cage Cleaner - 24 oz
  • Nature’s Miracle Cage Odor Eliminator - 16 oz
  • Nature’s Miracle Scrubbing Wipes - 30 ct


Here are the prices from Petco for these items, with current sale price in ()s:

Kaytee Bedding - 29.99 (22.49) (Link - change volume to 28.3L to see price)
Nature’s Cleaner - 12.99 (8.44) (Link)
Nature's  Cage Odor - 9.99 (6.49) (Link)
Nature’s Wipes - 11.99 (7.79) (Link)
TOTAL - 64.96 (45.21)

The sale manages to knock a bit off, but… holy crap that regular price is just absurd.


Let’s see where Petsmart measures up. I used to go here because it was cheaper than Petco.

Kaytee Bedding - 18.99 (Link - they don’t have 28.3L so used 16L)
Nature’s Cleaner - 9.99 (Link)
Nature’s  Cage Odor - 9.49 (Link)
Nature’s Wipes - 7.99 (Link)
TOTAL - 46.46

Okay. Better than Petco’s regular prices, and things aren’t on sale and the shipping right now is free with no minimum. But let’s see how it compares to F&S. Right now, their items aren’t on sale either. So it’ll probably be around the same price, right?


Kaytee Bedding - 18.99 (Link)
Nature’s Cleaner - 6.99 (Link)
Nature’s  Cage Odor - 5.99 (Link)
Nature’s Wipes - 5.99 (Link)
TOTAL - 37.96

Holy shit. And because it’s over 20, the shipping is free. There’s literally no reason for me to go to a big box store when I can get the same products for 17% to 52% less.

So yeah, shop at Foster and Smith for your pet needs. Oh, and their packing peanuts are pet safe. They even sell a big box of nothing BUT their pet safe packing peanuts to let your animals play in. It’s great!


“Nicks has built up a persona so impenetrable and mysterious that the term "aged rock star” could never apply to her. Thrilled at the notion of Vancouverites not experiencing snow often (her limo driver told her), Nicks promised the packed Rogers Arena a “journey through the snow.” Donning a black flowing dress and playing with glittering scarves, Nicks gave continuous background narrative to the early days of her solo career.“ 

24 Karat Gold Tour, Vancouver, Canada - December 9, 2016.

Loli-chan’s Anime Review: Servant x Service

Should you watch it?: YES YES YES

Quick summary: Three newcomers become civil servants, expecting a boring, simple life. On the contrary, this workplace is anything but normal.


  • The art style is not only adorable, but it is well done and smooth. 
  • The characters are unique and lovable (especially Lucy, who’s pictured above)
  • It’s got a simple plot, so it’s really easy to follow. Most episodes have separate plots of their own (a common thing in slice of life anime).
  • It has a really catchy intro song
  • The timing of the plot twist was literally PERFECT.


  • Each episodes (usually) has its own subplot, along with the underlying, main plot. The main plot doesn’t start taking effect towards the end, so it could be considered slow in that regard. This is mainly because the early episodes focus on the subplots

Overall opinion: It’s really quite charming. Not only did it teach me a little about what civil servants do, its cute characters and simple, humorous plot really topped it off for me. I would probably hug 99.9% of all the characters, too. 

Moana review

2016 has been a truly great year for movies. We had a solid Harry Potter film, a an amazing stop-motion animated movie, two of the best MCU movies yet, two of Fox’s best X-Men films, a great R-rated animated movie… Movies have just had a great year aside from some slight hiccups (I’m looking at you, DC and Ghostbusters). And a great year of movies just wouldn’t be the same without a great Disney movie; this year we got two and while the first one was awesome, Moana is even better.

This marks the dream team returning to direct a Disney film: Ron Clements and John Musker. These two are like the Quentin Tarantinos of animation, they don’t have a single bad film in their filmography! For the record, their filmography is The Great Mouse Detective, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, Treasure Planet, The Princess and the Frog, and Moana. These guys are masters of their craft and have delivered us some of the most magical adventures of Disney’s Renaissance, and now here they are returning after a seven year break from directing, giving us one of Disney’s finest films of their New Renaissance, alongside Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia.

So enough gushing; what’s happening in this movie that makes it so great? The story is about Moana Waialiki, the daughter of the chief of the island of Motonui. As a child, she learns the legend of how the demigod Maui stole the heart of a goddess (literally) and inadvertently caused a darkness to come forth and start swallowing islands. As a baby, the ocean chooses her to go on a journey, which she does when she gets older, despite her father’s desire to keep her from the ocean. Now it’s up to Moana to save the island by finding Maui and making him return the heart to the goddess. Will she be succeed in her journey?

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A Look Back: Redman’s Muddy Waters

Artist: Redman

Album: Muddy Waters

Release Date: December 10, 1996


Late 1996, I was in the tenth grade and I was in my Spanish II class. Another classmate of mine named Earl was talking about the latest music. So I was saying that I was interested in getting Keith Murray’s Enigma album. So Earl cut me off and told me to cop Redman’s latest album. I asked him was he sure and he said ‘trust me’. So I ended up copping the cassette (which I still have, by the way) and went on that ride. So let’s travel back to 1996 and revisit Muddy Waters.

The intro to the album sounds like Redman is going through a jungle so to speak as Dr. Trevis is telling him that he has to keep focus. “Iz He 4 Real” displays the witty wordplay that Reggie is known for on his records: “Your caliber, straight up pussy who pop Glocks/While I kick facts react on funky tracks/Give me room like the Hyatt while I run this jungle habitat/And if I snap get that monkey off my back“. “Rock Da Spot” samples Biggie’s “Unbelievable” as Redman kicks more lyrics for that funky ass: “I don’t push a lot of vehicles, but I push a used one/With a tape deck, if it’s feasible/Tell the truth, I don’t own a Lex Coupe/But I get you souped when I rock respect due/I’s a nice nigga that wanna get diced/Slice the mic device like the body of Christ“. This album had mad interludes that clocked the album in at 23 total tracks.

Looking at my favorite tracks off this album, one of them is “Case Closed“. Rockwilder and Napalm joins along as Redman rips more rhymes: “Check the motion while I be puffin the potent/Blow spots and urban networks with other experts/Plus this thing between my ear thinks clear/And the only thing it fears is the man upstairs/So fuck your bulletproof gear/If I decide to get your ass you better believe it’s more than a blast/(boo-ya) More like rough paragraphs out Alcatraz“. We all know that Redman enjoys lighting up the greenery as evidenced on “Smoke Buddah“. The Pras produced “Do What Ya Feel“, which also features Method Man, was another favorite as well as Redman dropped a second verse that nabbed him a Hip-Hop Quotable in The Source. Another one was “Yesh Yesh Y’all“: “Fuck the talk I walk whatever I claim to do/Knock a mule on her ass and turn the pussy black and blue/You couldn’t run up if your Fighter was Virtua/I’m a round-the-clock lyricist, I sleep in my work boots/It’s a Thin Line Between Love and Hate/It’s a thin line between the trigger and the finger of a thirty-eight

“Due to technical difficulties beyond our control
Reggie Noble’s stinkin ass will not be performing with us”

Muddy Waters lead single was the K-Solo featured “It’s Like That (My Big Brother)“. Redman came correct here: “My mentality’s so def yo I ain’t even hearin this shit/Biscuits be cockin back when I be coming/I guess they heard how I be takin MC’s out by the hundreds/Wanted, for two million and a body alone/And use the microphone as my accomplice“. The album’s second single was the Erick Sermon featured, “Whateva Man and the video featured Method Man as they shot a Blues Brother inspired clip. (Psst, where’s the other video?) I didn’t care too much for “Pick It Up“.

As for the skits, “N.I.N.“, “Chicken Head Convention“, “The Stick Up” and “Uncle Quilly” where the ones that I enjoyed. This album continues to be constant play in my ears and still is one of my favorite Redman albums to date.


As requested i’ve decided to do a small review of the four products I purchased from Aliexpress during the recent 11.11 sale!! One of them I actually bought two days before the sale started without realising but I’m including it anyway lmao. Also please excuse any animal hair you see in the photos, i have three pets that shed all year long so it’s legit impossible to not have hair on my stuff lol. If you have any questions feel free to message me!!!!

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Release = Prime Market  JP for 750C
Elemental = None

Assault jetpack 2.0 for sure …
Note : Good Reach and fast hitbox but Beware of ringout  when used


BGM = from cosmic break’s MP3 files
1. Assault! (Cosmic Commander)
2. Command! (Cosmic Commander)

BGM @Cyberstep
GAMES = GETAMPED 2 @ Cyberstep

:Music and game goes to their respective owners


Happy Holidays everyone!!! I made a video going over my holiday ponies as requested by @silver-swirl!


I’m invited to join an all-star cast of comics for a huge Office Christmas Party that’s just like attending one in real life. That’s not meant to be a compliment.

Office Christmas Party US Release Date: Out Now (cinemas)

YouTube Link

Bonus Outtake

Resident Entertainment Reviews The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour

If you are a fan of The Great Gatsby, Old Hollywood or Art Deco then “The Sims 4: Vintage Glamour Stuff” you might want to consider adding this to your game! The latest Stuff Pack has all you need to create a Jazz Cocktail bar, or Hollywood Boudoir for the stars. The pack’s main attractions include the Globe Bar, the Vanity Table and the newest NPC; the return of the Butler.

New options in Create A Sim include sparking accessories, ravishing hairstyles and “head turning” gowns for the ladies, and some equally charming high fashion for the gents. There are plenty of new objects in buy mode, including lots of colour schemes to match any personality or traits. I went with the good old fashioned “Art Deco” black and gold trim for my sims, but there is also pinks and whites, blues and whites and even just plain black.  I did find that there was one lamp which doesn’t fit the theme, and one chair design that didn’t play nice with the tables — but aside from that, the furnishings and decor are stunning for those who like to live in the lap of luxury with a twist of vintage charm.


I am ramshackle

I breathe in the morning somber

and exhale the charred remains 

of the lifetime I left in my dreams.

Every snap and crackle of bone,

and strain of muscle awakens the

demons still slumbering in darkness.

I am ramshackle and hollowed out.

I am the abandoned warehouse where

childhoods are slaughter and served.

Take heed of these slovenly words

dripping from the jowls of a burdened

beast, seeking only enough shelter

to escape the fullness of this storm.

I breathe in the morning somber

and exhale the toxicities of yesteryear 

awakening my demons for the duties ahead.

I am ramshackle and I am rain.

Dowsing out the flames of the house fire

that consumed the closet skeletons

and buried their horrors in ash.



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Zig Zag Smoke (Magnify)

Brewery : Magnify
Beer : Zig Zag Smoke
Style : IPA
Variance : None

9 / 10

Ok Magnify, we get it. You absolutely kill it with IPAs. Whoop-de-fucking-do. I’m just kidding of course, I am actually so stoked on this beer I feel like I should either name my taste buds Shaun White or call J. J. Abrams to reboot Rocket Power so I can star in it. So apparently a zig zag is a type of rolling paper to smoke dat herb with and clearly by reading the beginning part of that sentence you can tell that I don’t smoke but if that’s what it takes to create this beer, call fucking Snoop Dogg because I need more cans of this ASAP. This has a great fruity mango flavor to start with some oniony and resin hop flavor mixing in quickly after before some pine and more mango flavor mixes in at the end with a nice mix of strong bitterness and mild sweetness. Honestly, Magnify describing this beer as “dank” is perfect because the depth of flavor and mouthfeel of this just makes you feel like you are drinking a thick murky glass of deliciousness and I couldn’t be happier. This is just another one of the many reasons why these guys are my favorite NJ brewery right now and if they keep this up I may have to buy an above ground pool, fill it with their beer, and spend 10 minutes in it because that is the maximum amount of time you can have fun in an above ground pool regardless of what it’s filled with. If you have the opportunity to taste this, do it regardless of your drinking level because this really is one hell of an IPA and deserves to be sliding down your throat. Now get out there and drink!

Written by: Steve B.