Members of G161 & RF’s Glasgow cell visit a fascist hot-spot, popular with members of what used to be National Action Scotland (now re-branded as “Scottish Dawn”). 

Antifa found empty whisky bottles and needles; NA Scotland and the Infidel factions are notorious for dealing drugs and being heavy and violent drinkers. Junkie fascist bastards. 


In Sweden, there’s been a sharp rise in political violence in the country, with crimes carried out by radical groups making headlines. However, what’s unusual is that one of the most violent extremist organizations in Sweden aligns itself not with Nazism and the far-right, but with anti-fascism and the far-left.

RF situation

As a response to earlier question.

RF as organization can probably comment best, but related to the raids month ago all arrested were released, except one. The one not released is held until trial for crime He had been arrested for allready before but released.

The whole thing with the raids and arrests seems to have been about sending message to RF and fishing expedition. State has nothing new on them.

     => Thanks Rosita for the news. I hope everything will be okay, they do an awesome work.


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