reverting to being a child

What is the difference between Age Regression and Age Play?

Age regression is a psychotheraputic process in which a person changes their focus to earlier memories and earlier ages. An age regressor mentally reverts back to an age younger than the age they are biologically. They may even appear to talk, act, and think according to that age. age regression can help people cope with trauma, relieve stress, recover early memories, and deal with mental illness. 

 Here are some nonsexual age regression communities: 

Carekids- Carekids is a nonsexual age regression community, and is not a part of chire. (No cgl(re) or Kidheart interaction) #carekids

Cglre- Cglre stands for caregiver/little regressor. It started by people who nonsexually age regressed and didn’t want to be associated with the sexual side of cg/l. 

         Babyre- Baby regression; the regressor reverts back to infancy. #babyre

         Caregiver- Takes care of the regressor.

         Cgxl- Caregiver and little. #cgxl 

         Dxlb- Daddy and little boy. #dxlb 

         Dxlg- Daddy and little girl. #dxlg 

         Furre- Animal regression; the regressor reverts to an animal headspace.  #furre 

         Kidzspace- Regressed head space. #kidzspace 

         Little- An individual regressor.

         Little space- Regressed head space. #littlexspace or #sfw littlespace

         Mxlb- Mommy and little boy. #mxlb 

         Mxlg- Mommy and little girl. #mxlg 

        Totre- Toddler regression; the regressor reverts back to being a toddler. #totre

Chire- Chire stands for child regressor. members regress due to trauma, mental illness, and to cope. (No Cgl(re) or Liltot interaction) #chire 

Kidheart- Kidheart is a nonsexual and nonkink community for age regressors, pet regressors, and system littles. (No Cgl(re) or Liltot interaction) #kidhearts

         Babyheart- Regresses to infancy. #babyheart

         Caringheart- The carer of a kidheart. #caringheart 

         Childheart- Regresses to childhood older than toddler, 5-8. #childheart 

         Flip- Both a regressor and a carer. 

         Heartspace- The regressed head space of a kidheart. #heartspace

         Keeperheart- The carer of a petheart. #keeperheart

         Kidheart- An individual age regressor. #kidheart

         KidxCarer- Relationship between a kidheart and a caringheart. #kidxcarer

         Littleheart- System little. #littleheart

         Nannyheart- Temporary carer. #nannyheart

         Petheart- An individual animal regressor. #petheart

         PetxKeeper- Relationship between a petheart and a keeperheart. #petxkeeper

         Sibheart- Kidhearts who seek or feel a sibling connection. #sibheart

         Teenheart- Regresses to the ages of a teenager. #teenheart 

         Tweenheart- Regresses from ages 9-12. #tweenheart

Liltot- Liltot is a nonsexual age regression side community that accepts members regardless of their main community. #liltot

         Bigtot- Regresses from ages 9 and up. #bigtot

         Kintot- Feels a familial connection while regressed or has otherkin based regression. #kintot

         Liltot- Regresses from ages 2-8. #liltot

         Pettot- Pet regressor. #pettot

         Tatertot- Caregiver to a regressor. #tatertot

         Teenytot- Regresses from infancy to 1. Not to be confused with teenietots. #teenytot

         Teetertot- Both a tatertot and a regressor. #teetertot

Teenietots- Teenietots is a nonsexual regression community for those who regress from 0-7 and system littles from 0-7. You must first check with the creator to be part of this community. (No Cgl(re), Liltot, or Kidheart interaction) #teenietots

Ageplay, however, is roleplay in which at least one party pretends to be an age younger than themselves. These people are not in the head space of children and this is completely different from age regression. Ageplay is a kink that has a power exchange and is part of the BDSM community. Their subsets include ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLG, MDLB, CGDL, (sexual) CGL,and TBDL. These communities are strictly 18+ and NSFW. Do not interact with these communities if you are a minor.

From this idea with a friend

It’s basically one of your OTP reverting back to being a child. I said before that it was sad and it is sad. It hurts Jumin that Jihyun can’t remember anything but he’s dealing with it because Jihyun is obviously happier and he’s trying his best to not be selfish. Then Jihyun just becomes kind of aware of all the whispers from the RFA about “V” and it just hits Jumin hard that he misses V a lot and no matter how much he tries to not be selfish, he can’t help it because he just wants the old V back

Baby Dazai and Babysitter Chuuya

Imagine if Dazai got into an accident and he got a severe head injury that reverted his behaviour to that of a young child and Chuuya, being the one who was closest to him and knew him the best, was forced to look after him. so you end up with Chuuya having to juggle life in the Port mafia and looking after Dazai who sees Chuuya as an older brother and won’t leave him alone…ever…

You end up with:

  • Dazai wanting to play with Chuuya’s hair whether or not he’s busy
  • Chuuya drying Dazai’s hair after a shower and Dazai ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT
  • Dazai then wanting to try and dry Chuuya’s hair but accidentally hitting his head with the hairdryer
  • Dazai refusing to sleep without a glass of warm milk and honey - Chuuya once doesn’t let him have it as a ‘punishment’ but then realises that Dazai physically can’t get to sleep without it
  • Dazai constantly giving Chuuya hugs and saying ‘I love you’ (but in this context it’s family/brotherly love rather than romantic love) and Chuuya having no idea how to deal with it
  • Chuuya getting so close to hitting Dazai when he does that around other people but only being able to refrain himself from doing it because Dazai won’t understand why he’s being hit (oops that’s a bit angsty but oh well)
  • Dazai following Chuuya around constantly and annoying him when he’s trying to work by asking questions and getting in the way
  • Dazai getting along really well with Elise and them sitting together on the floor of Mori’s office and drawing for hours while Chuuya is away
  • Dazai’s drawings mostly consisting of Chuuya and Kouyou
  • Dazai going to Kouyou if Chuuya is away on a mission and he needs something but always being a little shy around her despite her motherly nature
  • Dazai trying to comfort Chuuya after a hard day, usually in some little way that only helps because of how innocent Dazai is, now that he doesn’t have a clue what Chuuya does and is just trying his best (he usually tries to make something or give him a drawing or a hug or his comfort blanket or something along those lines)
  • Dazai actually being emotional and no one having any clue what to do or how to react, especially when he starts crying
  • Everyone panicking if he throws a fit because LITERALLY NOTHING will calm him down, it takes three people to pin him to the floor to stop him tearing the place apart, and if he throws one anywhere near a weapon everyone simultaneously has a heart attack because all hell will break loose if he gets hold of any kind of weapon, especially a gun
  • Chuuya having to go all ‘motherly’ on him and scold him when he does this which leaves everyone in three camps: Laughing at the whole thing, on Chuuya’s side, and on Dazai’s side. The camp’s members change depending on who’s affected the most but the majority are usually just laughing at it
  • No one’s laughing when Chuuya leaves and Dazai throws a fit
  • He will either ‘do a corruption’ and rage until he drops from exhaustion (and sleep for three days straight probably) or Chuuya has to calm him down (and sometimes even that doesn’t work)
  • Kouyou secretly being proud of Chuuya for taking such good care of Dazai
  • Chuuya reluctantly going to Kouyou for advice and Kouyou making the most out of it (mainly with teasing)
  • Chuuya having to explain what’s wrong with Dazai to the ADA and everyone doubting it until they actually see Dazai (who was probably hiding) and then just not really knowing what to do so their meetings are always awkward
  • Dazai growing really attached to Atsushi because they’re both shy
  • Dazai being scared of Kunikida but absolutely loving it when he uses his notebook
  • Dazai sharing sweets with Ranpo and eventually buying sweets especially for him every time he visits
  • Dazai sitting with Kyouka when Atsushi is busy because she’s always teaching him things
  • Dazai loving Tanizaki’s ability and Tanizaki using it to entertain him ‘because Kunikida doesn’t want to use up his entire notebook on Dazai’ but steering well clear from his sister because ‘she’s creepy’
  • Dazai being afraid of Yosano at first, but starting to like her when he finds out she has a soft, almost motherly side too
  • Dazai enjoying listening to Fukuzawa talk and always bringing him any cat-related thing he can find (once actually bringing him a stray cat that soon runs off)
  • The Port Mafia and the ADA forming a sort-of-truce-but-not-really because literally no one knows what to do about Dazai
  • Dazai being really noisy and energetic around people he knows but turning super shy and hiding behind Chuuya (despite the massive height difference) if he meets someone for the first time
  • Dazai embarrassing Chuuya to no end when they have to go out in public because he acts like a child wherever he is
  • Dazai messing around in the Port Mafia and getting in everyone’s way
  • No one except Chuuya being able to stop him doing this (not even Kouyou) so things get hectic when Chuuya leaves on a mission
  • Everyone in the Port Mafia making a combined effort to look after Dazai when both Chuuya and Kouyou are away because no one person can handle him for more than a couple of hours (unless he’s asleep, in which case he’s an angel)
  • Chuuya coming back from missions looking well rested in comparison to how he looks while he has to look after Dazai
  • Chuuya coming back from a mission one time to find the main Port Mafia kitchens on fire and everyone panicking and trying to put it out after Dazai tried to cook something for Chuuya because he knew he was coming home today and it all went terribly wrong

I don’t know about all of you, but I sense a fanfiction…you guys want me to write it?

anonymous asked:

❤️love your fics! Can you do a fic of Jason and Kim where jason is the one that gets sick and kim comes over and takes care of sick cute jason .

Like most guys, Jason reverted to a helpless child while being sick. Pearl brought him an extra blanket; he ruffled her hair before their mother came in. She put down a few sports drinks before guiding Pearl out and driving her to class. His dad would be gone so he was going to just sleep all day. He couldn’t hold food down, he was sweaty and in pain. He hoped his little sister didn’t get sick from him.

“Bye Pearl, thanks for the blanket. Thanks for the liquids mom,” he said.

He was cold and covered in sweat, making him colder. His stomach churned; Jason fumbled out of bed and ran to the bathroom. After throwing up, he looked to the sink. It had been fixed since he had gotten the power coin. He had to do research about porcelain to explain what happened. Because ‘I have super-strength’ is not the answer he could give.

He groaned, made sure not to lean to heavily on anything before he washed his mouth out. He washed his face before stumbling back to his bedroom. Kim was on his bed and it nearly had him jump out of his skin. He hitched, laughed and shook his head.

“We need to stop meeting like this,” he said. “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

“Shouldn’t you?” she said with her smirk.

“Doctor’s note,” he said as he got into his bed.

“Same,” she said.

“Liar,” he said.

“Isn’t that why you like me?” she said.

“Among other things,” he said.

She kissed the top of his head before she left to the kitchen. She wasn’t much of a cook but she wasn’t a failure. She gathered a few ingredients and started to make a soup. Luckily Jason’s family had the stuff for a basic soup. She found a few spices to keep it from being bland.

As the soup cooked she returned to his room, he had fallen asleep after drinking most of one of the sports drinks. She cuddled up to him. She held him and she was the one protecting him. She liked the feeling. She played with his hair, trying to fix it. He was out of it and she could probably paint his nails and cover his face in make-up. She slowly got up to check on the soup. Once it was ready she got a bowl, ladeled it and put some crackers in it. She brought it to him. Kim placed it on his night stand and woke him up. As he came to she handed him the hot soup and said “Eat.”

Besides the warmth of the soup he felt warmth in his heart. Her loving looks, her willingness to fake sick to help him out. She was not the girl he knew for the first three years of high school. The Former cheerleader Kimberly Hart was not caring or selfless she was no hero. He was glad he had met this Kim Hart. He took her hand and smiled.

Imagine chanyeol reverting back into being a child due to some freak accident (idk, u tell me lol). Anyway, as an adult he was super friendly (borderline clingy and just too much) to kyungsoo. Always giving soo a smile, a warm hug. Worming his way to kyungsoo’s closed off heart. Always there. As a child though, pcy is shy and hesitant and afraid of kyungsoo. Not spending time with him, hiding behind the other lads, looking at kyungsoo but not making an attempt to get close to him. And boi, kyungsoo ought to be happy with this. This being chanyeol clinging to chen and luhan and jongin and yixing (basically everybody else but him, chanyeol would even play with ‘cool’ yifan and silly zitao). So why is it that kyungsoo kept bemoaning the fact that kid chanyeol seems to have no interest whatsoever in him…… Fuuuu. I wanna write this. Urghhhhhkkkk. *sighs deeply for a thousand years*

Imagine #37

Character: Gally

Rating: M

Words: 1,442

Warning: smut

Request: Oh my god, your writing is perfect ! I know Gally is not your favorite but can you do one with him (a little smutty please :)) ?

Credit: kisuteeth


“I hate you.” You snap at the male beside you, not even missing a beat as you jumped to your feet and stared down at him.

“Well, I hate you more.” He sneers back, getting to his feet and towering over you and right about now, is when you curse being shorter than nearly everyone here.

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Honestly I HATE the het narrative where a guy is a wreck without a woman

I’ve heard it SO MANY TIMES from SO MANY MEN. You need a new healthy, you need a woman to keep you in line, you want a feminine touch around the house…


You will clean your own house and feed your fucking self and get your own life in order BY YOURSELF!!!!!! If men are all that and a goddamn bag of chips why can’t they wipe their ass and eat veggies without a woman around? Guys who go ‘off the rails’ and let their lives fall to shit without anyone fucking them are just so fucking pathetic tbh!! The fuck I want with someone who needs a damn parasitic relationship? You want a woman to be x y z but you’re 0 without one?? You’re just taking and taking and taking and if no one’s there to pet your balls and suck your dick and ‘aww’ when you cut yourself you revert into being an aimless fucking child?

Disgusting. The fuck I want with some childish halfass motherfucker…Fucking whack.


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Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  A reader insert with Steve Rogers where you’re all hyped up on energy drinks and Steve trying to calm you down. You eventually pass out in Steve’s arms and when you wake up the next morning. Steve, and Bruce and Natasha (who were present during your hyperactive episode), tell you how crazy you were acting. Just something funny, but cute in the end, please :)

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It is the 8th where I am as well as in Japan, and here is your daily dose of salt. The 8th means there are people who have been able to read the magazine properly as of today. The Eren and Mikasa hate keeps growing. To clarify, they hate EM because they love Erwin. They believe EM were selfish and everyone is making a big mistake by letting Erwin die. That humanity is going to shit. Just in case anyone isn’t sure why EM are receiving so much hate over there. It is because Erwin is so loved and missed.

There’s also the scene with them watching Bert being eaten. That has made the hate grow even more. Because when RBA watched Marco die, they were crying of guilt and regret. When the 104th kids watch Bert die, they are crying because of Armin and Armin alone. See the difference? They don’t care for Bert. But RBA did care for Marco.

The hate is increasing and it’s pretty worrisome. How is Isayama going to fix this, seriously

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fabulousinfamous  asked:

Oh, my love! What about scenario where you are trainee or your group just debuted a while ago. And you openly say that you have a crush on Suga. And he knows it, but he seems to not give a fuck, actually he says openly that he's not interested, etc. But then he sees you getting closer with other BTS member (like Jungkook or someone else) and begins to be jealous, because he thought that he's the only person you can like. Sorry for requesting so much, but i just love your creations, sweetheart!

Heya sweet! I’m so sorry for the long wait but its finally here, I hope I did your request justice and I hope your having a fab week! (How are u feeling after the we like 2 party MV, the bromance feels were too much >.<) ~~


Yoongi heard a familiar perky voice shout, he rolled his eyes an internal battle taking place on whether he was going to turn around or ignore her. Don’t get him wrong, its not that he didn’t like her, she just wasn’t his type, she was a bit too loud and little too bright, if he had to describe her he would have used the words sickly sweet, almost exactly like sugar which was ironic in itself since that was essentially his stage name.


He cursed under his breath, he had been called many things in the past, abrasive, unapproachable, pessimistic even rude but never anything resembling cruel and he wasn’t about to get a new name today. He could hear her lights steps as the she bounced over to him with a wide smile on her face.

“What are you doing right now?” She asked placing a light hand on his arm.

He cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair casually brushing her touch of him.

“Going to the practice room, we have our comeback soon” Yoongi replied flatly.

Yoongi had known her since the beginning of his trainee days and for someone who had always been small for her age and painfully shy, she had clung to him like her life depended on it, always following him around like a little duckling begging for guidance so even if he hated to admit it deep down he finally accepted that he had developed a soft spot for her dimpled smile and soft eyes (not that he’d ever admit that to anyone) but his patients could only stretch so far. He had heard about your infatuation with him from Jimin and Taehyung who had come bouncing into the practice room one day with gleeful smirks as they began to taunt him about how she was “In loooooove with him” knowing that telling him something like that was his worst nightmare. He in no way indulged her childish crush, Yoongi being  a few years older than her concluded that she was  probably just confusing her feelings of gratitude for his secret kindness with those of affection and he wasn’t about to add another complication to his already hectic life.

“Oh yeah, Hoseok Oppa said could I come watch”

He frowned as he watched her lips turn up into a smile at the mention of Hoseok’s name.

“Shouldn’t you be rehearsing for your debut” He asked feeling the unpleasant feeling of irritation scratching at his skull and making its way into a growl in his throat.

She flashed him a toothy grin and gave him a subtle wink “We got the day off”

“Then why would you want to watch 7 sweaty guys rehearse instead of going out”

She gave him a playful push and started walking down the corridor “Hoseok Oppa made me promise to come see him, he said he looks really cool in the new concept”

Yoongi stuffed his hands in his pockets and scoffed “Since when has he ever remotely looked cool”

You cocked your head to the side feigning ignorance as he pushed the door open to let you in first “Since the beginning I guess?”

Yoongi was about to involuntarily  protest the obvious untrue praise out of his natural habit for calling people out on their bullshit only to come face to face with Hoseok pulling her excitedly into his arms. He clicked his tongue in distaste at the display of obvious affection and he coudnt help but wonder when they got close and why the hell he hadn’t been told about it.

“You jealous” he heard a sing song voice tease.

Yoongi gave Jimin an aggressive push “Do you wanna die?“

“It’s weird to stare at people hyung”

Yoongi ignored his comment and began to make his way towards Hoseok in long purposeful strides, for someone reason today in particular his obnoxious laugh was really beginning to  piss him off and he could feel it trying to illicit a headache from him. Neither one of them seemed to notice him steadily approaching them as they laughed at something the other had said. Hoseok was touchy by nature and the fact that she didn’t seemed to mind only egged him on further as he reached out to play her dainty hand trailing his fingers across her palm telling her he was going to predict her future.

“You shoudn’t be slacking off so close to our comeback” Yoongi interjected swiftly breaking their skinship “Do you want it to be a success of not?”

Hoseok’s face dropped and he looked like he was about to say something back when she cut in bowing apologetically “I’ll sit down now, sorry Yoongi ssi” she smiled at Hoseok and gave his arm a squeeze  “I’ll be watching you Oppa, you better do well”

Yoongi got into his starting position ready for the attention to be on him as he introduces the song. Yoongi purposely looking in her  direction as he began to rap only to come face to face with not her eyes looking at him intently like they normally did but her profile while she stared at Hoseok covering her mouth trying to stifle a laugh as he pulled faces at her. Yoongi turned his head in the opposite direction of what was part of the original part of the choreography to try and get a better look at what she was mouthing at Hoseok, when he heard a booming voice jolt him out of his thoughts.

“Yoongi! pay attention to what your doing, your meant to be one of the older ones you should be setting an example” Namjoon reprimanded him after stopping the music a stifling silence filling the room.

When he was in leader mode which was normally dictated for music shows and rehearsals Namjoon never used honorifics and Yoongi being one of the members that rarely got shouted at primarily because he wasn’t stupid enough to mess around a few weeks before a comeback could feel the color rising to his cheeks, not with embarrassment but with utter rage for letting himself be distracted by probably the biggest moron he knew and thats saying something considering he’s constantly surrounded by 4 of them all day every damn day of his sorry life.  For the rest of the rehearsal it took his everything in his will power not to surrender his pride and look over in her direction. Yoongi was the superior one in the situation, he was the one who had made it clear he was wasn’t interested and probably never would be but it just pissed him of that she had moved on so quickly. How she even get close to him in the first place? it felt like they had snuck around behind his back and the thought of Hoseok touching her in anyway without Yoongi being present made his blood boil, she was delicate and needed to be handled with care and more respect than just roughly grabbing her hand like she belonged to him.

Most of the members had left and she waited patiently as Hoseok excused himself to the other side of the room  to make a call. Yoongi pretending that he was looking for something so that he could stay back and confront her casually about Hoseok.

“You can’t come to our rehearsals again you just distract everyone” Yoongi stated crossing his arms.

“Oppa but everyone else seemed fine it was just you who kept making mistakes” her lips turned upwards into a testing smile as she leaned closer to try and make eye contact with him “Do I distract you?”

He cleared his throat feeling his jaw tense at her sudden closeness “No, you and the moron kept messing around, it was pretty hard not to notice”

She looked over at Hoseok so seemed to be talking very animatedly on the phone and then back at Yoongi, her eyebrow quirking upwards, something bright flashing past her eyes a little too quickly for him to catch “Me and Hoseok? we just happen to get along great, he’s my most beloved Oppa since he always treats me very well”

The vain was protruding from his neck as his jaw seemed to clench so much she thought it might break “Really?” He said through gritted teeth, it was like he was reverted back to being a 5 year old and he suddenly felt like a child that didn’t like to share.

“We’re going out to eat, I’d invite you but Oppa looks tired” She said reach out to put his shoulder “Please rest well”

He unconsciously grabbed her wrist when she tried to walk in Hoseok’s direction “Its late, you can’t go out with out with someone as irresponsible as Hoseok, especially not so close to your debut”

She could see the fire set ablaze in his gaze and it took everything she had not to jump up and squeeze his cheeks.

“But I haven’t eaten yet! and besides who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do” You tested seeing how far you could push.

He snorted “Because I’m your favorite Oppa obviously, everyone knows that” he pulled her along  “I’ll buy you food and then take you home, now stop whining”

She was about to halfheartedly protest when Hoseok came over only to be reprimanded and sent back to the dorm on the orders of his hyung but not before he slapped the hand that was behind her back and gave her a subtle knowing smirk.  

“Where do you want to eat?” He asked with a sigh.

“I don’t mind, Oppa should choose since your treating”

As Yoongi talked to her with more enthusiasm than he would have liked, not forgetting to tell her off for befriending Hoseok she realized he still hadn’t let go of her hand a smile impossible to hide finally surfacing on her face as she made a mental side note to plan a thank you event for Hoseok’s genius plan which had been dubbed ‘Operation give the Tin man a heart’

Nathan: [finally walks out through the hospital’s entrance, a bag over his shoulders containing his personal effects and just stays still for a moment, overwhelmed by the scenery]

Margot: [was outside all along, waiting for the right moment to snap a few pictures of him fresh out the hospital]

Genetic Karma

“Will you marry me? We’d be so happy together.”

Steve and Tony watched as their daughter propsed to their espresso machine.

Ava was squatted on the floor, her chin propped up on the kitchen counter as she stared lovingly at the machine.

“I love you. I never want anyone else but you…. but you’re a machine. So sad. So sad.”

She was a complete mess: Her hair looked oily, a nest of curls piled on her head, poorly sustained by a large clip. She wore the same band T shirt, as well as the now smudged eyeliner she had worn yesterday.

“Ava?” Tony hesitantly asked.


“How long have you been up?”

“Twenty-four hours, ten minutes, and thirty….thirty-five seconds.”

“Finals?” Steve asked Tony.

Tony nodded.

Ava was fifteen years old and already a college freshman. Being a young genius had its difficulties, but she had seemed to be handling the pressure well. Until now, of course. But finals had the power to break even the strongest of people.

“It’s time to go to bed”, Steve commanded, a hint of his former Captain America voice leaking through.

“Okay Papa…"She yawned through her words. “Right after the coffee’s done.”

“It’s not even on.” Tony pointed out.

It took a few moments for her fatigued mind to process his words, but once she did, she started crying. Actually sobbing like she had reverted back to being a small child.

Steve and Tony’s wide-eyed expressions reflected back in each other’s eyes as they looked at one another.

“This is your fault.” Steve flatly stated to his husband.


“It’s genetic karma for every all-nighter you’ve ever pulled.”

“I never cried, though.”

“Actually, you did once.”

“Lies! When??”

They snapped their attention back to Ava as her crying began to increase in volume.

“Come on, baby.” Tony took her hand. “Let’s get you in bed.” Steve could still hear her incoherently babbling about coffee even as Tony led her down the hallway.

“Two insane geniuses”, Steve muttered to himself. He shook his head.

Since I have been blocked from the discussion (because apparently we are all not capable of being adults and must revert to child like behavior), all I will say is this- people need to take personal responsibility for themselves. Apparently that is no longer a thing and it is quite disheartening.

She chose to take drugs and she chose to book appointments with those men. I don’t see how this is any different than blaming the victim. You are saying these men should have known better. Umm..okay. Not every client is a vile piece of crap. You are excusing this woman from an shred of responsibility which I find quite disturbing.

How would you feel if you have sex with someone and then you found out later they had HIV? Would you feel the same way you do now?