revert experiences

Why is it that when Muslims meet a revert we automatically assume we have more knowledge about Islam than them? Maybe a better option in those situations is to say “if you have any questions let me know” rather than assuming that a revert, who spent so much of their time studying Islam, doesn’t know the basics.

For most of my life I have adopted a sort of alter ego that people respond well to. I’m small and have a baby face so behaving naive and bubbly meets people’s expectations making them like me more. Since I’ve come to college I’ve been trying to break out of that and be more true to myself (more cynicism, allowing myself personal time, not constantly smiling or feigning interest) but I’ve noticed people distancing themselves. This last month I started an experiment of reverting back to this alter ego, and people are suddenly interested in me again. I know everyone says INTJs don’t care what others think of them but I need people to be interested in me. I don’t know which is worse, being ignored, or being fake.
—  Submitted by @megtherocket
Share Your Ramadan Experience

Guys Salam Alaykum,

Lets start a section of “Share Your Ramadan Experience”

Please post something telling us about how Ramadan is going and your experience. This might be helpful for the reverts to adjust insha'Allah

Either tag me or let me know when you post it so I will repost it to all the reverts insha'Allah