reversing things is fun

reverse dippica !!

Super self indulgent Reverse HP AU because Reverse things are fun:

• Gryffindors and Slytherins switch

• Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws switch

• Slytherin Harry, Ron, and Hermione

• Gryffindor Draco, Pansy, and Blaise

• Hufflepuff Luna

• Headmaster Tom Riddle

• Dark Lord Dumbledore (idk what his new Dark Lord name would be)

• Blood statuses are also switched for some people (like Harry and Draco)

• Most of the Slytherins don’t give a fuck about blood purity but some do and they are very vocal

• Harry the sassiest little shit with no filter and a dirty mouth

• Hermione’s still a know-it-all but knows when it’s necessary to let people know she is

• Ron still has jealousy problems and insecurities with his brothers but they are very much lessened

• All the Weasley’s in Slytherin

• Slytherin Ginny who is very overprotective of her Luna

• Luna still herself mainly but doesn’t have the thick skin the canon Luna does, ie she’s more sensitive but not by much

• Excited about all the things and talks a lot, Ravenclaw! Cedric

• Gellbus

• Harry has the most obnoxious crush on Draco and loves messing with him

• Draco blushes really easily and gets flustered by Harry a lot. Like an angry and embarrassed kind of flustered

• Quidditch positions are the same

• The entire black family, except Sirius, are Gryffindors. Think about it

• Gryffindor Snape

• Draco is the chosen one whose parents are dead and were killed by Dumbledore

• still pureblood Narcissa and muggleborn Lucius

• half blood Lily and still pureblood James are alive

• Petunia is a squib

• Still pureblood Blaise and muggleborn Pansy

• Beauxbatons! Viktor and Durmstrang! Fleur

And probably other shit too but it’s 3am whoops

signs as problematic things
  • aries: kanye west and his misogynistic lyrics
  • taurus: meghan trainor trying to "go anorexic" for three hours
  • gemini: taylor swift claiming herself as a feminist yet only when it's convenient
  • cancer: people victim blaming kesha
  • leo: halsey
  • virgo: tori kelly's grammys face
  • libra: donald trump
  • scorpio: white boys asking for nudes
  • sagittarius: demi lovato always making it about herself
  • capricorn: people saying reversed racism is a thing
  • aquarius: jennifer lawrence making fun of a reporter
  • pisces: sony supporting rape
Blue and Adam friendship headcannons

Bc there is not enough about these two in a friendshippy way and i strongly believe that they are BFFLs

- Blue learning sign language with Adam because of his partial deafness because he won’t say it aloud but he want to learn but doesn’t want to do it alone and then they confuse Gansey and Ronan with it… i have a lot to say about this and should write it properly

- I also need them realising that Gansey is incapable of functioning as a human being and cannot do simple things like making eggs and having to teach him ‘how to survive life as a fully functioning member of society’ in lessons
- Blue’s family deciding that Adam is theirs now, like Maura decides that he NEEDS a mother and doing things like making him casseroles and cakes. And Calla being ridiculously over protective of him and taking Ronan for “a talk” when she finds out they are dating. And the little members of the family deciding that they really needed a boy and telling their friends that they got a brother and just aaaarrrrggghhhh because Adam needs a family to care for him and yeah

- When he starts to realise that he like likes Ronan and talking to blue about it and her telling him that it is absolutely great and that she will personally kill or maim anyone who tells him otherwise. Blue also being super happy because she has just won a bet with Noah

- Adam finding time to help blue with some school stuff and Blue helping Adam with others, like blue has got maths and art covered and Adam can write and english paper at lightening speed to they team up to get shit done

- Blue and Ronan knowing that there is not much they can actually give Adam for christmas without him thinking its charity so they decide to decorate his apartment with tinsel and tonnes of those mini christmas trees and fairy lights and stuff because they think it is too dark in there

-Ronan also dreams up a heater that looks like a christmas tree because it is fricking cold in there and they need to get him something kind of useful

-Blue realising that Adam is killing himself with exhaustion with all of his work so she drags him out to have a nap at her house because its always warm there and they have a seemingly endless amount of hot chocolate and he needs to be completely away from any kind of reminders of his work

- Adam helping Blue apply to colleges because he knows that she is smart but doesn’t get taught all of the little tips that they get a aglionby and helping her

- Blue gets really scatterbrained sometimes and Adam starts leaving little stickies around like “remember to eat real food that isn’t yogurt”
- Adam’s Henrietta accent always slips out when he’s with blue and they decide to make fun of the posh henrietta accent to reverse things and it results in both of the speaking in caricatures of Gansey’s voice for weeks whenever they are around him
- They always team up for snowball fights because according to blue they “cannot allow the rich brats to win”
- Them just being friends because they get each other and know what the other needs and understand one another and just…

i have a lot of feelings about this

anonymous asked:

Your blog is about reversing racism yet it promotes white hate. You post things that make fun of white people yet if a white person posted something that made fun of s black person you'd say it's racist.