Reversetierstuck introductions (Beta Kids)

Your name is JOHN EGBERT. Currently, you are 13 YEARS OLD, and have been starting today since it’s your BIRTHDAY. You also seem to have quite a variety of INTERESTS. You love to go outside in your backyard, but only on PARTICULAR WINDY DAYS. Otherwise it’d be too hot to go outside anyways. Other then that, you love anything that has to do with GHOSTS and the PARANORMAL. You recall that ever since you were young you’ve aspired to be a GHOST HUNTER. Oh, and an AIRBENDER. But now you think that’s pretty SILLY on account of airbenders not EXISTING.. (But you secretly wish that you were an AIRBENDER. That’d be sooooo cool.)

Your chumhandle is enigmaticalBreeze and you act in a way that is mostly HAPPY and LAID-BACK.

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Highbloods done! I love how Feferi’s design came out. :D

I’m considering doing the alpha trolls if i can find decent sprites of them. But for now I’ll be planning out all the characters new interests and personalities and whatever. I’d love some suggestions :D

Also in this AU i’ll be totally redoing the caste system for the trolls. Their blood will be the same but now their status is base off of their symbols UwU

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