Excuse my shoddy photography and horrid colour balancing (yay touchpads and uncooperative computers!). I just finished my Weeping Angel plushie for Reversed Polarity and Chicago TARDIS, which is paired with my Sally Sparrow cosplay!

Here are some quick shots of her before I fall over with exhaustion for having blitzed her for tomorrow’s premiere. She has velcro hands/eyes so she can weep and claw in two poses!


more pictures from reversed polarity this time w/ some of my fav cosplayers

theres a cute four and six (with hand curled hair!!!), me backstage at the masquerade preparing to go on stage to take part in a skit for the dr who society of canada (and super nervous), me and my friend as two, five and nyssa living for the applause, our group shot after the masquerade, me and a nine cosplayer that looked so much like chris eccleston i almost died

[OOC.] Ok I know I said something about replies, but…

…Suddenly, there was whiskey.

In my defence I ‘had’ to research cocktails to reply to an rp thread, and that really kicked off a craving…

…and I’ve been nursing this bottle over two years now, and alcohol evaporates if not consumed????


Reversed Polarity was wicked fun! I had a lot of people stop me regarding my Weeping Angel plushie, which thankfully I had my business cards to pass along, hehe. I only had one guy recognize my costume, which was fine, I guess, as the Angel pretty much stole the show!

I was geeking out too hard to get much out to Peter, but I did give him my art/buttons with art of his Doctor on them, which he seemed to appreciate! ;3; I wonder if he’ll recognize me at the end of the month when I approach him again at Chicago TARDIS!