can we take a moment to appreciate the main character’s best girlfriend in reverse harems?


they’re so cute

even though they probably don’t end up with one of the guys, they should!

and sometimes the main girl has more than one friend


Rinse and Repeat

Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann x reader

Rating: Teen/13+

Summary: You just want to eat your cereal.  Holtzmann just wants to share the slime.

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Your spoonful of cereal halts halfway through the journey to your mouth as you hear a distinct, yet somewhat muffled, “don’t you dare” before there’s a set of footsteps charging up the stairs. There’s also a quiet shriek that’s tinted with laughter. You decide that you’re not going to bother with being concerned about that. The footsteps seem a little more pressing.

Patty races by the open arch that serves as the doorway. There’s a brief scuffling sound, and then she pops her head back in to peer at your prone form. “You better move, baby,” she says. “Fair warning.” She’s pelting up the next set of stairs before you can even fully lift your head off the couch cushions.

“What the hell?” you mutter, dropping your spoonful back into the bowl that’s resting your chest. Someone else is coming up the stairs—from the pattern of the footfalls, they’re skipping—so you put the bowl on the table (on top of one of the coasters, because you’re on your way to memorizing Erin’s speech about condensation on the table and soon it might infiltrate your dreams). You’ve just pushed yourself up onto your elbows when Holtzmann appears in the doorway.

She is absolutely dripping with ghost slime.

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Well it’s that time of the day where your least fav artist makes stupid aus, this time with the most precious cinnamon roll to ever exist. (besides my girlfriend)

Reverse flower: She is like… the most nicest object on the show, she constantly worries for her friends and is relieved when pencil wasn’t influenced by leafy’s ways. She constantly wants to meet new objects so that way she can show that this show isn’t full of jerks, she is very modest and doesn’t complements well, also she’s totally gay. Also she just wants everyone to get along and like… not fight each other, tbh she doesn’t even want to be in the show but she’s forced to, or else someone ore villainous will take control of nightmare palace and force everyone to live the rest of their lives suffering in an eternal nightmare so she has to try to win the prize so nobody suffers to the palace.

No, but imagine Ichigo and Orihime living together domestically. 

  • They alternate cooking because Ichigo can’t handle Orihime’s unique appetite; he can’t forcibly bring himself to be mean to her so he learns how to cook and switches out with her every other night so that she doesn’t feel bad.
  • They both have their set of chores and Orihime keeps a calender hung up on the fridge so that neither can lie about who’s turn it is to do what. 
  • Ichigo wakes up early so he makes them both coffee. He puts extra cream in hers because she likes things sweet and sometimes brings her little bagels with a selection of toppings because she’s anything but conventional and he gets the feeling he can tell what her mood will be by what she chooses. He makes small talk while he fixes up the bagel and smiles at her little frown because he knows she’s sleepy but she won’t stop responding. 
  • She designates specific days of the week for Movie Night or Game Night. He flips a coin for what movie they’ll watch (he’ll sometimes lie and say she won so that she’ll curl up close to him like she always does). 
  • Every month they gather enough money to go on a little date.
  • Sometimes, on their days off, they’ll just lie in bed together, have pillow talk. Or lounge around in their pajamas and do nothing all day.
  • In the summer, he lets her steal his boxers to sleep in, and in the winter they bring extra blankets to bed and probably spoon to keep warm.
  • On her birthday, he takes her to her favorite bakery and lets her buy whatever she wants (within a reasonable price range; budgets, you know). Or even spends the day at the park and feed the ducks, because Orihime is simple and practical and easy to please.
  • On his birthday, she brings him all sorts of chocolate flavored treats from work. Or bakes him a giant cake they’ll probably never finish and tries to wheel it to the bed to surprise him but usually has trouble getting it through the door. Or invites the whole family over without telling him to surprise him when he gets home, and then almost gives him a heart attack because Ichigo doesn’t react the way normal people react and his blood level spiked way too high and he really shouldn’t be that ready to punch people.
  • She sometimes wakes up to him drooling in her hair and he sometimes wakes up to her elbow in his face.
  • He goes to the store and buys her tampons or pads or candy. Puts on her favorite movie and makes her tea and [halfheartedly] complains about the whole thing. 
  • She often mentions cutting her hair, but Ichigo really likes her hair long and it’d be pretty nice if she kept it that long and if she really wanted to cut it, she’d get a trim, because, “It’s actually really – pretty. You don’t have to cut it." 
  • In return she asks him to grow a mustache because she’s always been really curious how one would look like on him and, "It won’t look that bad. Just once.”
  • And later they mutually decide he’ll never grow out his facial hair again.
  • When he passes out on the couch, she tries to carry him to bed. Only makes it halfway through the hall and then decides the hallway is almost as good as the bed.
  • He usually wakes up to find her sprawled next to him on the ground when this happens and has to drag them both to bed anyway.
  • The beach is too far and gasoline costs too much, so they tan on the back porch and write stupid things on one another with sunscreen when one of them passes out.
  • Orihime is usually the one that knows where the aloe vera is at to help soothe sunburns.
  • Ichigo is surprisingly good at knitting. See those scarves Orihime has displayed all proudly on the hat rack by the door? He made those. Don’t say anything.
  • Orihime gets useless things for him sometimes, kind of in the way some guys get flowers for their girlfriends only reversed. She gets him stuffed animals, but the kind of animals he doesn’t even really like. Like a zebra or a gorilla or a bird of some kind. Or she gets him an origami book.
  • Update: Ichigo had some free time. He’s pretty good at origami. Don’t say anything.
  • They shower together mostly just to spend time together. She tells him about her day at work or how Tatsuki is doing or this new recipe she’s thought up on the fly. He tells her about a new show he figures she’ll like or how his family is doing or stupid work is or how, “Those two things really shouldn’t be mixed together, you’ll get sick again,” and, “Fine, if you really want to. Don’t come crawling back to me crying about how much it hurts.”
  • She comes crawling back to him crying about how much it hurts when she messes up on some concoction she made in the kitchen.
  • He never turns her away.
  • On Christmas, they usually throw together a tree at the last minute because they lost track of time and they forgot they invited everyone over for dinner and they literally have no decorations besides a crude sketch Ichigo made of Santa Claus, and – “That was a joke, Orihime, don’t put that up on the fridge, it looks stupid.”
  • Everyone knows they completely forgot about the Christmas dinner.
  • They both quietly wish that nothing will change on New Years’ Eve.


  • “No, we’re not getting a dog. It’s gonna make a mess in here.”
  • They get a dog.

heights switch calls for clothes swap too, right? right??

let’s say seija tried to use her half-assed replica of the miracle mallet but things didn’t go as planned… not like sukuna’s gonna complain, it’s nice to be the tallest for once

WOW imagine how TERRIBLE my life would be if i had a LESBIAN GIRLFRIEND(reverse psychology) LESBIANS are DISGUSTING(go out with me)

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This is my friend taking a picture with get scared at warped tour on july 8th in buffalo ny after meeting falling in reverse with my girlfriend sadly couldn’t get pics with them because they would allow it  my friend wanted me to take a picture of her with get scared but she was first in line and we waited almost an hour in the rain to meet them and take this pictue cuz they were a little late this was my first warped tour and it was crazy and totally worth it