Day 9/21: Not Just a Top Knot…

Today I attempted to combine the top knot and boho braid! I pulled the front section of my hair in a pony on top of my head and secured with an elastic. Then, with my head flipped over, I reverse French braided up the back of my head to meet the high ponytail. I combined them and twisted it into a top knot! The upside down braiding was a little challenging, but I love the way the reverse braid gives texture.

THE UPBRAID (Pinspiration)

This is one of those pictures on Pinterest that makes me sigh with jealousy every time I see it. I really, really want to work out the kinks on this one. I hate wearing my hair up, but I would wear my hair up every day if I could do this reverse braid. Side note…why are all the cool hair styles buns and braids and other styles that keep your hair up? It makes me a little sad.

So, What I Learned:

  • Positioning. You have to braid this with your hair flipped over, which is really uncomfortable. Also, the ends of the braid get tangled and it gets really confusing.
  • Dutch Braid. When I taught myself how to French braid, I taught myself how to Dutch Braid first so I could feel the pieces of my hair as I went. I did the same thing here - it probably looks better with a traditional French braid, but I find Dutch braids are easier for beginners.
  • Tiny pieces. To get the effect, you need to take really, really tiny sections of hair into the braid. I completely failed to do this.
  • Loose. I pulled my braid tight; that seemed to be the easiest way to do this. I actually think leaving the braid a little looser would make this hairstyle work easier.
  • Half up, half down. I only included ½ of my hair in the braid. I put half of it in a top bun, and flipped the bottom layer over. I think this made it a lot easier. I have kind of a lot of hair, and working from all of my hair was difficult. Although, I think you need all of your hair to get the tiny pieces effect. So this tip’s a toss up.

I’m ok with how this turned out, actually. I would wear this in public, and I think with practice I could do a much better job. This is just going to take a lot of practice, and I need to actually follow my recommendations.