reverse poem

“Regardless of perspective,
if you look for positivity,
you will discover what you seek.”

grasp the world’s beauty
in grateful hands
peel back layered chapters
feel words tingling inside the fibers

from your fertile imagination
visualize a world’s existence
bloom in tendrils around your dreams
feed your inner hunger for living

you possess tremendous power
channel the horizon
sit within your garden soul
for you are tremendously worthy

body, spirit, mind
into fragrant fuchsia blossoms
you can position your trajectory
within the scope of blissful becomings
(or reverse the order)

within the scope of blissful becomings
you can position your trajectory
into fragrant fuchsia blossoms
body, spirit, mind

for you are tremendously worthy
sit within your garden soul
channel the horizon
you possess tremendous power
feed your hunger for living

bloom in tendrils around your dreams
visualize a world’s existence
from your fertile imagination
feel words tingling inside the fibers
peel back layered chapters
in grateful hands
grasp the world’s beauty

Channeling Perspective//

*a forward/backward poem

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3k blurb reverse poem

sorry it took so long~ i wrote this while being half asleep on a bus but it was pretty much all i had in my heart so i’m really sorry if it’s disappointing! it’s a reverse poem so you can read it from the bottom too :)

the title is some angsty reverse poem~                                          

- please don’t make me leave

- was what you said, but i told you

- you’re annoying           

- we are through

- go find someone who will treat you better

- …you know what  

- give me five reasons why you love me

- give me five reasons why i love you

- you drew a blank and demanded

- but why can’t we just fix this anyway like we always do? 

- with tears in my eyes, i asked

- is this even worth fixing?

- you really don’t act like you love me anymore

Shyan Reverse Poem


Not believing

I️ was the one

In your eyes

In your head

You must saw

What we had

But couldn’t see

What we were

Blinded by you

Made me dizzy

My dreams

We were dancing

Like a waltz

Step by step

And from your smile

From your laugh

My beliefs

Of loving you,

Just as existent

As a ghost

From a believer

To a skeptic


[read it backwards]

(I’ve been working on this for a while but it’s still a rough draft. But I️ wanted to share already why I’ve been so M.I️.A. This and school. But I’m proud of how these reverse poems are turning out.)

Wala ng pag-asa pa

Huwag mong isipin na

Mahahanap mo pa ang saya

Kahit hindi ka maniwala

Kaguluhan at kalungkutan na ang nananalaytay sa puso dahil ganito ang buhay ng tao pero

Oo sa umpisa matamis, masaya at makulay ang lahat tapos ay

Ang gintong buhay unti-unting magiging dilim

Mababalutan ka ng lumbay at

Hindi ka dapat maniwala na

Makikita mo pa ang liwanag

May bukas pa para sa ‘yo

May maganda pa sa mundo

Dahil hindi ito totoo

Imposible ang lahat

Maling-mali ka at huwag ka ng maniwala pa na

Ganito ang mundo hindi mabait at huwad lahat ng tao

Aakalain mo

Naririnig ka ng Lumikha, nag-aalala pa at

May tutulong sa ‘yo

Dahil lahat sila'y tumalikod na sa ‘yo

Wala ng dahilan pa para mabuhay pero

Huwag kang umiyak na

Didinggin niya ang dasal mo

Alam ko masakit ang tadhana ngunit

Muli kang maniwala.

(reverse poetry)

—  e.s.

fear is the opposite of what is real. 
to prove that, this poem takes reality and reverses it to turn it into fear. 

this is a palindrome, which makes sense when read top to bottom as well as from bottom to top. 

it’s been reversed on the right hand side for ease of reading.

Grace (read it forward, then backward line by line.)

I have no place in this life

So you can’t tell me

I am important, worthy, and beautiful.

I know what I am:

I am ugly, useless, and broken.

I used to believe that

A God exists who loves me.

But now I have realized that

I deserve to die.

But grace turns it all around.

(read in reverse)

In search of Love.

As the many years roll on, You realizewhere the time has gone, In search for that, special one, To come home to after the day is done.,Joys and sorrow with them to share, A relationship that is beyond compare, Two hearts beating as one you see, Someone out there is made just for me., I just have to be patient, and still, And refine who I am, at will, Till that special someone is found, When we meet somewhere on common ground., Two different personalities leaving their mark, An intricate combination of light and dark, Taking and giving to share and care, A lifetime of love between them to share.

A reverse poetry

Gusto mo rin ba ako?

Dapat lang, gustong-gusto kasi kita.

Maniniwala ka ba?

Hindi iyon totoo.


Kinalimutan na kita.

Huli na ang lahat at

Huwag mong iisiping

Hulog na hulog ang puso ko sayo.

Dahil ako na ang nagsasabi,

Wala nakong nararamdaman sayo.

Hindi ko iisiping

Sana ay maging tayo na.

Dahil sa totoo lang,

Ako'y tumigil na.

At ayokong isipin mo na

Gusto pa rin kita.

You’re looking at me.

I can feel it.

And this isn’t one of those times that your eyes are filled with love but I’m oblivious.

All of your love

All I can see or feel is:

It vanishes

Everything that has ever hurt me

When I look in those eyes

It comes back to me now

Everything I love about you

Is gone

Everything I know you hate about me

When I look into your eyes

Staring me in the face

It’s as if sunshine itself is

Not looking at me

You were never

What I thought you were

You were always


Now read it backwards.

Suatu hari, negara ini akan betul betul merdeka

Tapi tidak pada rakyatnya, karena

Mereka adalah golongan yang pasti akan punah




Lebih mendominasi dari orang-orang;




Sebab aku yakin dan percaya 

Bangsa ini akan berdiri,

Tapi dengan memalingkan muka dari sikap-sikap memalukan

Anak-anak muda yang menomor-satukan sosialita,

Mengumbar kebejatan di mana-mana,

Merusak alam demi kesenangan sementara,

Walau mungkin masih ada secuil orang yang menanamkan budaya;

Saling menjaga,

Saling menghargai,

Saling membantu,

Sebab kita masih dikenal sebagai bangsa yang beretika

Sayangnya, hal itu tidak lagi akan bertahan lama

Karena jika kita berbicara tentang masa depan negara

Korupsi berkembang oleh tikus berdasi,

Hilangnya panggung orasi tuk menyampaikan aspirasi,

Moral agama tenggelam oleh pengaruh modernisasi,

Sudah tidak dapat dikatakan lagi;

Generasi berikutnya membawa Indonesia di puncak tertinggi,

Generasi saat ini masih dengan estafet semangat api,

Pemuda terdahulu terus mengobarkan nyali negeri,

Tak taukah kamu?

‘Perkembangan negeri ini terhenti oleh kehancuran penerus sendiri’

Sungguh sangat mengharukan jika kita masih berpikir

Dunia akan memandang kita sebagai negara mandiri, dan terus lebih baik lagi


*Tapi tunggu dulu.

Sebaiknya kita tak memandang sesuatu hanya dari satu sudut pandang. Oleh karena itu, kau harus membacanya dua kali, dengan sudut pembacaan yang berbeda. Jadi, kenapa kau tak mencoba membacanya dengan terbalik? Membacanya dari bawah ke atas misalnya. Mungkin saja maknanya juga bisa terbalik. 

Selamat membaca tulisan dengan makna ganda.😆 

Reverse Poem

If you’ve never read a reverse poem before, just start by reading it normally, then read it from the bottom up. The poem has two meanings.

I hate you

I will never



Leave me alone


Give me false hope

I know you didn’t mean to

Hurt me

You didn’t

Hear me out

I like you

Was a lie

I want you to stay away

Things are complicated

I’m okay even though

I’m alone

I don’t believe

In love

I’m not

Wishing for you to notice me



I’m not


I will be


I don’t believe in

Secret love

It was a


I won’t call it a


It was a-

It was a bit crazy, and

I don’t care if

It was a good thing

It made me say

I wish it never happened

I will never say again that

I like you

Statement of Love (read it forward, then backward line by line.)

Undeserving of grace and forgiveness
Bound for hell
I know I am NOT
Innocent and
Jesus was
Why would the world ignore this statement of love?
Why do I have my own doubts?
Now in my mind I wonder
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
Jesus cried out on my behalf,
In fulfillment of the plan
He died on the cross for all the world
God had this plan from the start:
Even though I am underserving,
He bore my sin and endured the whip
With a crown of thorns on His head
He conquered death


Reverse Poems up in here

This generation has been raised by the wrong ideas

I believe that

We are trapped in a pool of lost motivation

With nothing to look forward to but our own beds

We try to help ourselves but

As people trying to survive through this generation, most are being shoved by false prophets in the wrong direction

Searching for inspiration is an encouraged art, but there’s nowhere to look

It has come to my belief that

We have gained the ability to settle for something less than the best

This may be surprising to some but

We need to look in reverse to dive into the future

You can’t fall for the fact that 

We must inspire ourselves in order to thrive in a world so corrupt

but if you cannot understand that 

we first need to help others 

in order to help ourselves

Wake Up

Now read it from the bottom up