reverse stack

I finally finished my wall of albums I really like. Idgaf if it’s a random mix.


The architectural appeal of this show perhaps lies in the juxtaposition of those vast, sweeping, Utah landscapes with the pristine (if fairly generic) minimalism of the Corporate Hub, a sort of reverse skyscraper stacked, Bond-style, within a mesa. (Although I’m guessing there are a few architects out there who might also be drawn to the idea of presiding, God-like, over a live scale model of their own design…)


Regal Jumper (rare color)


An odd color morph of an adult Phidippus Regius.  Found her in N. Florida, on a rail leading up to the Atlantic Ocean.  Very large, one of the bigger females I’ve found, even on par with the larger Salticidae found in Florida.  I still regret not bringing her home with me and housing her, but was worried she may be gravid and I didn’t want to disturb the natural process.  


Top is an adult male Habronattus viridipes from the NE US, bottom is an adult female Phidippus regius (dark form) found in FL, both shot with a 24mm reversed, both 3 shot stacks.  I did this to show just how large these Phids are in the SE, they are both shot at the exact same magnification.