reverse shirt


Was bored last night and decided to do a comparison of how I draw reverse!Genji now versus how he looked when I first designed him. Basically he took off half his outfit and started eating his vegetables haha


he got the mark anyways

that coughs lovely gal belongs to @kaijugroupie :>c




imnotacatpersonbut, i have this cat sweater i got from my mom and i like wearing it alot XDDD ALSO DEM JEANS I WEAR ALOT,

idk why i drew him so smol in the 2nd pic ^^;;

Anyways hope you liek it? XDDD


GZLY challenge by @anrez-op-skele Ganz belongs to @golzy
#HousCon J2 Auto Stories

The autos themselves were pretty standard really. We didn’t have anything really special this time to stand out or warrant a lengthy conversation. I bought an Attitudes in Reverse shirt & had everyone sign it, except for Jensen who I had sign our op. When Jared signed the shirt, I told the handler that he could sign it anywhere there was room. So, he signed it on the graphic right next to the AKF, which is super cute. Then he winked at me & we both said thank you. My mom had purchased a beer coaster from the vendor Lisa Was Here for each auto. They’re super cute graphic illustrations depicting significant locations from the show. For Jared, we picked the Night Owl hotel & for Jensen the Pig In a Poke sign. Jared really liked his coaster. He said ‘that’s so cool!’ and signed really small at the top so he wouldn’t ruin the picture. So cute. Jensen just kind of smiled at his in acknowledgement. He was SUPER smiley at everyone and greeted us each with ‘Hey, how ya doing!’ instead of his usual ‘Hi’. He was also chewing on a piece of candy or something with his mouth open. It was hot. 

The highlight of my autos was really when we got in behind Jared’s curtain. I had seen him exclaiming over a girl’s art (I think it was a painting) I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but I think he took a pic of it with his phone. From what I could see, I think there was a shirtless Dean. She left & we stepped forward. I was watching Jared, but somehow I looked up when all of a sudden here comes Jensen sauntering up to Jared’s table. Watching that man walk is a religious experience. Anyway, he came right up behind Jared and grabbed him in what looked like was going to be a headlock, but turned into a really sweet hug with Jensen’s arm around his neck & his chin on his shoulder. Jared was in the middle of signing & didn’t really react, just smiled softly. It’s like he knew Jensen was there the whole time. Jared finished with the fan and exchanged quips with Jensen as he moved around to the front of Jared’s table. Directly in front of me :D Jared asked him if he was done already, Jensen said ‘Almost, just taking a break.’ He was NOT almost done. We were row E & hadn’t gotten to him yet. Jared then said ‘Hey! I just saw a picture of you with abs!’ Jensen didn’t hear him & LEANED OVER the table for him to repeat it giving those of us behind him a delightful view. He then said ‘I haven’t had abs since 1992!’ and walked out the door. Jared said ‘yeah, more like 19….30′ while looking at me since Jensen was already gone. 

I can’t with them. Just can’t.