reverse racism (isn't real)

If you're a white person,

And you think reverse racism is real. You can unfollow me right now. This blog isn’t for you.

Also shoutout to all the white people who acknowledge that reverse racism isn’t real. Shoutout to all the woke white people. If you’re a woke white person please educate the other whites around you.

Pretending that you can be racist to white people is in fact a form of racism. Just saying.

anonymous asked:

Opinion on Racism against white people? Real or not and why you think that?

I don’t believe that Reverse Racism is a thing and here are some great videos to back this up:

Watch this video

Read this article

Also watch this video

And this article is good too

These are all amazing resources and I think they get the idea across about why reverse racism isn’t a real thing. Hope this helps, and thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist 

Things I Stopped Doing:
  1. Consciously (and unconsciously) trying to accommodate privileged groups.
  2. Trying to make White people feel more comfortable. This includes being sure not to use ebonics, being overly courteous, saying excuse me first.
  3. Shrinking myself in public as to not offend, especially in the presence of White people and/or men.
  4. Holding the door open for White people (mind you, I hold the door for EVERYBODY).
  5. Worrying about any of my behaviors that may fit a stereotype.
  6. Moving out of the way for men. They can move out MY way.
  7. Smiling when I really don’t feel like it.
  8. Disciplining my son in public. We–Black people–often over-discipline our children in order accommodate White people. Well, I’m not doing it. Their kids run amok in every damn store. My son is autistic and has ADHD. If anyone deserves to run around, it’s him.
I’m sure there’s more and that I’ll think of it, but if you care to add to this, feel free.

White Student Union

We recently went to Towson University to speak with Matthew Heimbach, the founder of a group that advocates for “persons of European heritage.“ We also met the students who want him off campus… or at least muzzled. ‘White Student Union’ is a documentary about race, class, and self-righteous college students yelling at each other.

Watch the documentary

Whites Defending Whites: Disgusting

In my English class our teacher wanted us to talk about our experiences with racism and, and this is obvious, most of the people who were being racist were white. Well the only white girl in our class decided to start talking about how it’s so racist that people have asked her if she tastes like VANILLA. She kept ranting and obviously, my classmates (who are all POC) started yelling until MY WHITE TEACHER STARTED DEFENDING HER BY SAYING THAT SINCE THEY ARE THE ONLY TWO WHITE PEOPLE WE SHOULD GO EASY ON THEM AND TREAD LIGHTLY BECAUSE WE ARE MAKING THEM UNCOMFORTABLE. I RAISED MY HAND AND EXPLAINED THAT WHILE ITS MAKING HER UNCOMFORTABLE POC ARE DENIED JOBS BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, ARE NOT TREATED AS HUMAN BEINGS, AND THAT THERE IS A SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION IN PLACE AND WHITES REAP THE BENEFITS. My teacher disregarded my entire speech and brought up how they don’t want to be lumped in with those people because “not all white people are racist.” SHE THEN ASKED US TO TREAD LIGHTLY AS WE ANSWER WHAT CAUSES RACISM. NOW THE WHITE GIRL IS TALKING ABOUT HOW STEREOTYPES ARE ANNOYING. What stereotypes?!?! That you have MONEY? THAT YOU ARE INTELLIGENT? THAT YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY BEAUTIFUL AND THAT YOU HAVE A FUTURE WORTH INVESTING IN?!?! All the while the teacher defended her, ignoring us who were crying as we told our stories. White people excusing and defending other white people who are racist and believe reverse racism is REAL are absolutely disgusting. White people feeling uncomfortable is not at all equal to systematic oppression and racism. If you believe it is just. Please don’t be like that. Rant over.

White people show up to riots with guns and be label as protester while black people peacefully protest and get tear gassed and labeled as thugs. And now, white folks bringing guns to the airport, taking pictures like celebrities and threatening to sue if cops stop them, when Muslims are harassed for doing absolutely nothing but practicing their religion. But white people experience racism?????