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You know, I've had this in my mind for a while. But, at some point (i forget when) you said something along the lines of villian!izuku sneaking into the class 1A to terrorize the students. And the first thing that popped in my mind afterwards was "... how did he even get into UA in the first place? how did he bypass security?", and now, with the recent post, the question came back in the "mouse man didn't stop me" part, and I can't help but wonder if he let izuku because of reasons...

how did izuku bypass security, indeed. i’m pretty sure izuku could break in, he just might not be able to do that undetected. that’s not his concern, though, he mostly just wants to raise hell for the hell of it. the first time izuku breaks in, he calls the principal as he does so ( “hey, this is [izuku’s villain name here] but you can call me deku!! just to let you know, i’m breaking into yuuei right now to visit bakacchan, but i’ll be out of your hair in a jiff.” ) and gets chased off the premises by aizawa. 

every time he breaks in, he calls the principal, actually. he doesn’t really have to – the security system would detect him and notify nedzu anyways – but it doesn’t take long for nedzu to realize that it’s a gesture of good will. an “i mean no harm” message, if you will. in fact, izuku is quite nice about the whole thing – he never tries to hack the system, and he (usually) stays in sight (when not setting up some kind of trap). nedzu wouldn’t call deku “not a threat,” but perhaps he can say he “has no ill will to the students.” he’s curious, and he does some digging. 

“ah, [izuku’s villain name here]? he’s…something,” says tsukauchi. “he stole my coffee machine the last time he was here, but he replaced it with a small cabinet of alcohol with the instructions for a molotov cocktail taped to it. i don’t know.” 

“he’s been showing up at yuuei quite a lot recently,” nedzu says. “is it worth the time to try and stop him?” 

“no,” says tsukauchi immediately. then, “it’s easier to let him do what he wants. i have been trying to arrest him for years and it never works. he seems to have taken a shine to your school; he won’t do it any permanent harm.” 

“he is a villain,” nedzu reminds tsukauchi. 

tsukauchi sighs. “i know. but he…how do i say this? he’s compassionate, and he cares. i think he might have been a hero if he wasn’t raised a villain, but… well. the first time i met him, he reverse pickpocketed me and gave me ten dollars he just stole from the bank. what’s the point of stealing from the bank if you only take ten dollars? i don’t know. he’s weird, but he doesn’t do irreparable damage. he even helps sometimes.” 

“helps?” nedzu queries. 

“this is off the record,” says tsukauchi, “but [izuku’s villain name] saved some of our deep cover agents, once. he…well, it certainly isn’t legal. but he’s intervened where neither heroes nor police can, before. and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been investigating a case and some important information mysteriously gets stuck to the bottom of my desk with gum.” 

that seems to be the general consensus from the heroes: deku is a chaotic, destructive villain, but no one has ever been permanently injured or killed by his attacks. “and even his attacks seem more like highly elaborate pranks,” midnight tells nedzu. “he attacked gang orca’s office after it suffered a large-scale villain attack, once, but it was mostly just confetti and a very sparkly game of dodge. then he gave gang orca an amateur attempt at a wedding cake. the office chased him off, but they seemed happier afterwards.” 

nedzu thinks about it, and he watches deku as he tricks yuuei students into fighting smarter and harder. interesting indeed. 

the next time deku calls to tell nedzu he’s breaking in, nedzu says, “why not stop at my office for a talk, first?” 

there is a pause. 

“do you have tea?” deku asks. 

“quite an excellent selection,” nedzu says, and laughs. 

“i’ll be right there,” deku says cheerily, and hangs up. 

the discussion is enlightening. deku never manages to sit still for more than a minute before his attention starts wandering, consumes three cups of tea, and pulls out something that looks a bit like a gutted clock’s innards to fiddle with during their talk. (he also starts to take apart nedzu’s clock before nedzu stops him, at which point he puts the thing away.) nedzu gets the impression that deku is trying to behave, which is really quite entertaining. 

“you may visit yuuei,” nedzu says, “but i have some conditions.” 

“sure,” says deku. “it’s your turf, right? that’s fine.” 

nedzu smiles. “excellent,” he says. well, he was expecting more resistance than that. deku really is strange. “first – no harming the students, physically or psychologically.” 

deku has climbed onto nedzu’s desk and sat himself there in the time it took to say that. “are you sure? is that like, a rule rule? is no fighting allowed?” he looks disappointed. so very disappointed, and he has a truly splendid pair of puppy-dog eyes. 

“no permanent harm,” nedzu clarifies, and is amused by the way deku lights back up. 

“okay, can do!” deku chirps. “what else?” 

they hammer out some ground rules. no excessive property damage; no interrupting a lesson more than twice a week, and not for the same teacher in the same class. things like that. overall, a very productive session. nedzu offers izuku a yuuei ID before he goes, but izuku pulls a face and waves him off, citing the fact that he hates paperwork. the ID isn’t even paperwork – it’s a card – but izuku is not dissuaded. 

probably for the best, nedzu thinks, amused. he peels the tracker disguised as a sticker off the ID. no sense in wasting resources. 

he’ll keep an eye on things, but as long as yuuei students remain unharmed, he’ll do nothing else. 


or, the one where izuku respects nedzu for reasons unknown, and nedzu is amused and takes advantage of this, and nedzu also sits back and enjoys the show.

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Could we have some Cass fluff? Pretty please?

  • Reverse pickpocketing: as a “training exercise,” Cass, Steph, and Tim hang out in urban centers with a stack of $50 bills. Cass uses her people-reading abilities to find folks that are having a bad day. The kids stick money in their pockets when they’re not paying attention (for dexterity!! and making people happy!!)
  • Whenever one of her siblings gets in trouble, Cass likes to sit in on Bruce’s lectures, nodding along behind him like a long-suffering mother at a parent/teacher conference. Some of her siblings (not Damian) find this behavior hilarious, while others (Damian) get adorably huffy about it. Win/win, honestly.
  • During the attempted hold-up at the Great Wayne Charity Gala ‘15, Cass made national headlines by pinning an aspiring robber to the wall with her high heel.
  • Listen. She kicked a dude so hard that her shoe went through his shoulder and lodged in the brickwork. The footage is available online.
  • Was it inconvenient to explain away that level of baddassery? Yes. Did Cass have to lie low for awhile afterwards? Yes. Did she achieve internet fame, a sick-ass reputation, and near-Chuck Norris status? Was it worth it? Yes and yes.
  • A concept: Bruce kissing the top of Cass’s head every time she passes underneath him.

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In "Obi-Wan Kenobi Kidnaps a Baby" verse, how do they know Anakin's name? Did Shmi pin a note to his blanket? Whisper it as she thrust bb!Ani into Obi-Wan's arms? IDK, the Force sent me a vision!? ALSO: Does anyone ever call him Anakin Kenobi?!? :DDD "Well Obi-Wan is his dad, isn't he?"

I never 100% pinned down exactly how Shmi gave Anakin to Obi-Wan, but while I admit I did make a few “she just reverse-pickpocketed him into his robes” jokes the likeliest possibility is that she was like “you are a Jedi, I am a slave, this is my baby please let him NOT be a slave, because you are a JEDI, they are going to put a SLAVE CHIP and EXPLOSIVES into him in the morning and YOU ARE A JEDI” and Obi-Wan was like “oh no” and just kind of let her push Anakin on him. The interaction was very, VERY brief, but Obi-Wan at least asked her for Anakin’s name and her own before one or the other of them had to flee. 

… I’m not actually sure Shmi even HAD named Anakin before Obi-Wan asked, to be honest. Also, “Anakin Kenobi” may actually be his name, legally speaking. I’m not even sure Shmi got as far as “Skywalker” and even if she did “Kenobi” still might’ve gotten stuck on the end of his name anyway. 

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Lapidot ofc but if someone already asked, pearlidot

(Domesticity Meme! Send me a pairing and I’ll answer some funky-fresh questions) (Human AU)

who cooks normally?: Lapis. I doubt either of them are big on cooking bc they’re probably more of ‘okay let’s get takeout for the 5th night in a row it’s fine if it’s Subway’ kind of people, but Peridot can burn cold cereal. 

how often do they fight?: They have a lot of little spats and squabbles, but full on fights happen very sparingly. 

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Lapis doesn’t mind being away from Peri for too long (girl needs her space) she probably swims or does social things like getting coffee, reading, finding cool new places, etc. Peridot is lowkey clingy af and will try to distract herself with work when Lapis is gone. Key word here: try.

nicknames for each other?: Lapis calls Peridot ‘Peri’ or sometimes ‘Dot’. Peridot calls Lapis ‘Annoying’.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Peridot. She doesn’t like people paying for her. On their first date, Lapis insisted they split, and Peridot tried to reverse-pickpocket Lapis’ half. It did not work. 

who steals the covers at night?: Lapis lmao. Peridot wears like two sweaters to bed tho so its chill. 

what would they get each other for gifts?: Lapis gets Peridot these really nice gifts, (i.e. “I saw you looking at this the other day, I thought you might like it.”- kind of things). Peridot gets like cheesy T shirts and coffee mugs and hopes for the Best. 

who remembers things?: Peridot. She has notifications on all her electronics. Lapis is super spacey and can’t remember tedious shit like birthdays or phone numbers or whatever. 

who cusses more?: Peridot has the mouth of a 12 year old white boy playing Call of Duty online. 

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Peridot would fuss over Lapis way more than needed. Lapis would go and buy a nice new shovel for the grave of whoever hurt her smol gf. 

who kissed who first?: Lapis. Peridot was probably in the middle of a passionate, embarrassing love proclamation or something and Lapis just stopped her like, “shut up, you’re annoying.” and kissed her. 

who made the first move?: Peridot stuttered out a request to go and see a movie sometime and Lapis agreed. 

who started the relationship?: Lapis wasn’t too keen on dealing with commitments, but Peridot really really wanted to have a ‘girlfriend’ tag on her blog, so Lapis relented. 

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How would the akatsuki ask their crushes to prom?

Deidara: Makes a clay bird that cutely flies over to his crush with a letter in its mouth that says: “Prom?”

Sasori: Straighforward. Literally just walks up to his crush and casually asks them to prom.

Itachi: Asks his crush to come with him to a place where there aren’t many people (cue jealous fangirls) and politely asks them if they’d accompany him to prom, adding in that they don’t have to if they don’t want to.

Kisame: Walks up to his crush and hangs an arm around their shoulder and asks them to prom smiling and with a small blush on his face.

Hidan: Stomps toward his crush with a red face (blushing, not anger) and tells them they’re going to prom with him, like it or not.

Kakuzu: Reverse pickpockets a letter into his crush’s pocket that says: “I’ll give you $5 if you go to prom with me.”

Konan: Makes her crush a cute origami flower that when you unfold it the words, “Will you go to prom with me?” can be found inside.

Pein: Literally orders his crush to go to prom wih him. 

Tobi: Enthusiastically runs up to his crush and hugs them, asking them to prom so cutely they can’t refuse.

Zetsu: Keeps arguing with himself while standing right in front of his crush so that they had to break up his argument and tell him they’ll go with him.

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i’ve been rereading the entire sherlock holmes canon (i’m about 70% through) and let me tell you the main thing that I had forgotten is how much of a Drama King ™ sherlock holmes is. the absolute MOST DRAMATIC I cannot believe

a short and noncomplete list of his Antics include giving a man back his missing top secret naval plans by putting them in a covered dish and telling him to make sure to have some of it, reverse pickpocketing a politician to deposit a missing gemstone into his pocket and then insinuating (confusingly, from the politician’s point of view) that the guy is the Ultimate Criminal by receiving it, then being like “lol I’m kidding check your pocket dude I found it”, multiple instances of putting a bust of himself up for criminals to try and murder and then revealing himself in the most Studied Casual way possible, multiple counts of disguising himself and following Watson around and then revealing himself to Watson in the most Studied Casual way possible including that time Watson thought he was dead and then Watson almost fainted 

he knows this to be a thing bc every time he does it he’s like “haha yeah sorry watson will tell you i love a prank and can’t resist a dramatic moment”




you are not sorry sir you are not sorry at all

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Oooh, Carolina and CT, drive?

Chicken Feed

Written for RvB Ladies’ Night.

[AO3 | FFN | Fic Tag]

Espionage comes with its own vocabulary. Rendezvous. Handler. Asset.

A brush pass is a quick, casual trade-off of information or documents, meant to evoke spies in trenchcoats, ships passing in the night. In this particular instance, Connie brushes past a man in civvies, slips a flash drive into his pocket as he pauses to stare up at a gaudy advertisement. She’s always had a talent for sleight-of-hand. Sometimes spy work is just pickpocketing in reverse.

Carolina doesn’t notice. Carolina is, as always, focused on the goal: in this case, their shitty little rental jeep parked a few blocks away. She’s also, to Connie’s amusement, having some trouble navigating the crowded streets, perpetually getting snagged on elbows and fetching up against news stands. Connie moves in closer, ghosts hands over Carolina’s shoulderblades, stays in her wake to avoid the idle shoving.

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SoulPancake hit the streets to give passersby a lesson in REVERSE pickpocketing! Try it out yourself and spread a little joy!

DAY 179: Reverse Pickpocketed.

I watched a few videos online about reverse pickpocketing and I really wanted to try it out. Reverse pickpocketing is like pickpocketing, but instead of stealing something from someone when they’re not looking, you give them something. 

I tried this out at the Toronto International Airport and I was super nervous. Yeah, silly me, I chose a place with super-high security. I’m glad I didn’t get caught because it sure would’ve been hard trying to explain this one to the airport security. 

Anyway, I purchased a gift card at the airport Starbucks and wrote a note (explaining this) to go along with it. As everyone from my flight headed to the luggage claim, I circled the belt to find someone to “reverse pickpocket”. This was extremely nerve-racking. Sweaty palms, shaking hands…yeah that was me. Anyway, I eventually found a good ‘victim’ who had a bag that was wide open. It was tricky because she was with 2 other people, so I had to drop it in her bag when the 3 of them weren’t looking. After standing next to this lady for quite some time, I finally built up the confidence to drop off the gift card in her bag and casually walked away. Success!


I need fanart of the guys at 2:20 like now


SPECIAL: Perception.


Short analysis (feel free to remove when reblogging):

PE governs lockpicking and pickpocketing. It’s quite likely that pickpocketing is tiered: ”Practice your pilfering on youths … the elderly … or the incapacitated.”

The vid also seems to imply that Perception has an impact on Sneak; however, we know from E3 that Sneak is in the domain of Agility:

My guess would be that PE will “help keep you safe during those morally ambiguous moments” by way of enemy radar, but it’s also possible that PE improves the “hidden” indicator in some way.

It’s also interesting that the description specifically mentions only weapon accuracy in V.A.T.S. whereas the SPECIAL vid seems to imply that PE governs accuracy, period. For one thing, we simply don’t know how much of the descriptions refers to the influence of the SPECIAL stat itself as opposed to perks associated with that stat.

Also, reverse pickpocketing live explosives makes a comeback, which is handy since PE also includes the explosives “skill”.