reverse personalities

some mushy crewt first kisses

cus i’m a massive sook and i can’t decide definitively what it would be like, so you get several 

- something wonderful has just happened, something big and exciting; maybe a near-extinct species just pulled itself back from the brink. maybe a sick creature made a miraculous recovery. whatever it is, newt is overjoyed, his face lit up like a christmas tree – he spins credence by the shoulders, crowing with delight, look! we did it! and then in a flurry of excitement, without really meaning to, newt kisses him. just grabs him and kisses him right on the mouth. 

for several seconds afterwards they’re both stunned. newt really hadn’t meant to, he’d been so careful not to do anything he didn’t think credence would want, not to push him beyond his comfort zone and he hadn’t even considered whether he’d look at him in that way, and he might have just cocked up quite spectacularly, and he starts to apologise – “credence, i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to, i would never put you in that position-” – but credence is looking at him as if he’s just seen starlight for the first time. eyes wide and shining. that feeling of oh. there you are. and credence says, “do it again.” and he does.

- they’re standing face to face – quite close, as they often are these days, without quite being conscious of it. newt is tending to credence in some way; wrapping a scarf about his neck, or healing a scrape on his cheek he got while feeding the baby erumpents, or perhaps wandering too close to the occamy nest. credence is just watching him – it’s quiet, but comfortably.

“mr scamander?” he says, very soft, even though newt has told him a hundred times to call him newt. 

“hmm,” says newt.

“newt?” says credence. 

newt looks up, questioningly, and credence kisses him on the mouth, just like that. a soft, quick little peck. it leaves newt with this look of startled delight, but he doesn’t say anything, and that makes credence nervous, and he stutters, “w-was that alright?” 

and newt takes his face in his hands, and leans in so close they’re nose-to-nose. “of course it was,” he says, combing his fingers into credence’s hair at the back. “in fact,” he continues, softly, “you could do it again, if you like.” 

credence does. 


- newt kissing the palms of credence’s hands

- credence panicking thinking he’s fucked something up & automatically holding his hand out to be punished & newt taking it and just kissing it instead 

- credence giving newt shy little cheek kisses to say “thank you” or “good morning” or “i missed you” or just because he can

- when credence gets kissed he goes pink and ducks his head and bites his lips; when newt gets kissed he goes bright red and gets awfully flustered and loses his whole train of thought and does a lot of blinking and “oh um gosh goodness erm where was i again” 

- i need to end this post now it’s running away with me i’m sorry 


I’ve been thinkg about a reverse personality AU, which means the love square is reversed… I’ll keep drawing reverse cuties, so keep track!

Also, reblog if you think a wet chat is also sexy af!! *autoreblogs*

The Signs (in reverse order) As Little Fire Emblem Things
  • Pisces: killing a boss and the EXP meter stopping at 99
  • Aquarius: starting cavalier-based prepromote
  • Capricorn: recruitable enemy myrmidon with a Killing Edge
  • Sagittarius: plinking a stationary boss to death from range
  • Libra: the last enemy to move killing a unit and making you reset
  • Virgo: Triangle Attack (that you'll never use because at least two of your Pegs suck ass)
  • Leo: unexpected effective weaponry
  • Cancer: allied units with the self-preservation instincts of lemmings
  • Gemini: asshole reinforcements
  • Taurus: DESERT MAP
  • Aries: accidentally critting while trying to feed a kill to a weak unit

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! This is canonically Eobard’s favourite holiday, so I absolutely had to draw something appropriately festive. How is his Santa hat staying on, I hear you ask? Sheer force of will. (Also duct tape.)

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, any other holiday or nothing at all, I hope you have a lovely festive season!

Today in “Annoying Gideon” we present… this.

Which Eobard is this, anyway?

Okay, so I have a theory about how to resolve the mess on Legends re: which version of Eobard we’re dealing with. Because we’ve now had confirmation that he experienced Flashpoint and remembers working with Cisco and Caitlin, which should be mutually exclusive. So, which Eobard is he? The younger Eobard who Barry dragged into Flashpoint, or an Eobard who is 15 years older and spent that time in the 21st century pretending to be Harrison Wells?

My theory: he’s both.

Bear with me here. We know that a version of Eobard was paradoxed into non-existence when Eddie killed himself. But we also know that a younger version of Eobard (one who didn’t yet know Barry’s true identity) was protected from that paradox by the Speed Force, allowing him to show up in 2x11, The Reverse Flash Returns. It’s claimed that the Speed Force protected him, turning him into a time remnant, because he needed to exist for Nora to die and that timeline to be created. Okay, fine, that makes sense. But Eobard also actively participated in that timeline for 15 years, building STAR Labs, working with Cisco and Caitlin, training Barry, etc. That Eobard was paradoxed out of existence by Eddie’s death. But (and this is where things get interesting) what if the Speed Force also protected that Eobard in a way? Eobard could no longer exist in that moment in time because of the paradox, but he also still had to exist because of the influence he had on people’s lives. So the Speed Force grabs him (like it did with Barry in 2x21- remember the similarities in the distintigration effect?) and holds onto him. It’s like when you hit ctrl-x on something- the information still exists, sitting in your computer’s clipboard until you put it somewhere new.

Until, that is, Barry creates Flashpoint. Significant timeline altering events happen, and Eobard is caught up in it all, eventually becoming a time remnant as a result. So now there’s yet another version of Eobard running around the place, doing his thing and making a mess as usual. So the Speed Force sends the Black Flash after him, planning on getting rid of him once and for all. But the Speed Force also has this saved copy of season 1 Eobard hanging around and nowhere to put him. So, it does its memory thing. We know that using the Speed Force while in an altered timeline syncs your memories up to that altered version of history. What if something similar happens when multiple time remnants exist? There’s already a time remnant version of Eobard created by Eddie’s death, and now there’s another because of Flashpoint. But two Eobards is just messy, so the Speed Force does something to simplify things: it merges the two of them together, dumping season 1 Eobard’s memories into Flashpoint!Eobard’s head. (It finally hits ctrl-v, to continue the metaphor.) So now we end up with Legends!Eobard, who is Flashpoint!Eobard, but also remembers Season 1. Of course, where this gets interesting is how “real” does he consider those additional memories? Does he mostly ignore them except when they’re useful? Exactly how emotionally attached is he to the people his alternate self met while living in the 21st century? How well does he actually remember that time?

There’s a heck of a lot of fic potential in this concept, is what I’m saying. And, more importantly, it makes sense out of how Eobard can reference both his time at STAR Labs with Cisco and Caitlin, and Flashpoint.

(Okay, so I freely admit I’m clutching at straws here to try and explain something the writers don’t seem to be bothered about keeping coherent. And there’s always the simple explanation that Barry told him stuff during Flashpoint and he’s lying about caring because that’s the sort of thing he does. But I like this explanation. It seems to fit with what we’ve seen thus far. So I’m going to stick with it until something happens that completely invalidates it, just like all my previous “what the heck is the deal with Eobard” theories…)

Prompt 113

Usually, one would assume that tol Person B would reach things from the top counter and pick on their smol partner Person A about their height, but in some sort of role reversal smol Person A is the one who stealthily climbs to the top shelf to get things for tol clumsy Person B and A always manages to put a tall joke in somewhere (“How’s the weather up there, hot stuff 😉?”)