reverse necromancy

The Signs and Endings II:

Aries: Lethal augmented reality video game like one of those 80s movies.

Taurus: Accidental self-decapitation whilst showing your friends your cool new halberd.

Gemini: A series of events leading up to someone going on a quest to smite you. You will be smote.

Cancer: You don’t remember what happened, but you find yourself among twisted trees.

Leo: You didn’t read the warning label on the new blender and died a horrific finely pureed end.

Virgo: You tried talking to it.

Libra: Lead poisioning. Wait, hang on there’s a typo. The stars really said bread poisioning.

Scorpio: A rare victim of what is now known as “turbo smallpox”.

Ophiuchus: Overdose of vaccine autism. Just kidding, you get beaten with a rock. A rock!

Sagittarius: Reverse necromancy.

Capricorn: A drive by given the wrong address.

Aquarius: Someone fucked your brains out. You spent three years in a vegetative state before your family pulled the plug.

Pisces: Peacefully, on a train to somewhere new.


Fandom Intro Meme:

Two Villains - [Chlorr of the Mask]

A woman, or something that had once been a woman. She wore a mask of dull bronze, and the heavy furs of the Northern barbarians. Unnecessary, and uncomfortable, in this weather … unless her skin felt something other than the sun. She wore several rings of bone upon her silk-gloved fingers.