reverse mashup!

Wouldn’t it be so cool if we got an entire season driven by Cas?

Like, say Dean gets stuck in this alternate dimension at the end of the season in a typical self-sacrificing way and they all have to figure out how to get him back (which is better than usual because this time it will not be about raising him from the dead) and Cas carefully hands the Nephilim to Sam, entrusts the baby to his and Mary’s (and Kelly’s, if she’s still alive) care and says, as a fully powered-up angel who is badass and knows his shit about the universe his father made, that he’s got this one.

And we have a season of Mary and Sam bonding in a weird, totally Supernatural-esque, grandmother and son and adopted baby family comedy complete with monsters and hunting of evil creatures; alongside a viewable mashup purgatory-reversal/hell-search for Dean, by Cas.


Continuation of my TeenTitans!AU
[Also see Juvia/Starfire’s Arrival here]

PROJECT E.N.D: Way before Starfire arrived on Earth- back in Gray’s Robin days- the team had already formed. Wondergirl!Lucy, Cyborg!Gajeel and Robin!Gray had teamed up to investigate an explosion at CADMUS laboratories, which leads to something much, much bigger.

They discover PROJECT END, a covert program to develop a clone of Superman, dubbed “Superboy.” They free the clone, only for it to run wild. But they convince him to come with them, and promise him to show him the wonders of the outside world. Superboy is surprisingly eager to join. [And very, very eager to meet Superman]

Gray: So uh, do we just call you Superboy?
Gajeel: ‘Supes suits him just fine.
Natsu: *squints* I think I’m called Natsu
Gajeel: 'dya just come up with that?
Natsu: No, it’s just information. Stored in my brain.
Lucy: Natsu. Summer. It suits you- your hair, at least.
Gray: Cool. Natsu it is. Happy Birthday I guess?