reverse love songs

I’ll be your sky and your fire
And I will go much higher
I’ll stand up to the lightning, it’s time to turn the tide…at least i will try
I will be legendary
I will shine in your eyes
and you’ll see that I’m worthy to be in your spotlight
In Your Spotlight” ♪ Original Pokémon Song

I found this super cute song based on Popplio and i 
immediately thought at Will singing it for Dipper o(╥﹏╥)o 

(Yeah this is just a photo of a draw on my sketchbook so the quality isn’t really the best, i’m sorry)

songs about the boys I've loved:

Part One:
•Ghost - Halsey
•Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
•Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy
•Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy
•Good Girls Bad Guys - Falling in Reverse
•Carnival - Ghost Town
•i hate u, i love u - gnash
•Lips of an Angel - Hinder
•Sex for Breakfast - Life of Dillon
•Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
•Broken - Seether
•I Miss the Misery - Halestorm
•Almost Easy - Avenged Sevenfold


“What can I look forward to today?” Dr. Wells enthused with one of those intoxicating smiles that tended make your knees knock together.

“See for yourself…” You replied with a grin splitting your face as you leaned over the counter, handing him his drink and watching Harrison tip back his first swig.

His enamoring blue eyes closed briefly; pure bliss twisting through his expression as he swallowed down that first sip, allowing you to freely gaze at the knob in his throat at it slid beneath his skin. 

“Is that caramel?” He finally asked, opening his eyes to find you nodding. “Heaven per usual… What on earth have I done to deserve such special treatment?”

You shrugged. “You’ve got one of those faces.”

“One of those faces?”

Yeah. I mean, I can just tell you’re a good guy.” You explained with a bright smile before bending to grab a rag from beneath the counter so you could wipe down the bar top, failing to notice the very quick, very nervous twitch that jerked at the corner of his mouth. “Plus you happen to be one of my nicer customers. You’re tips aren’t too bad either.” You teased, lifting your gaze back on Harrison to see him leaning back in his wheelchair with his hands folded behind his head; coffee resting on the seat between his thighs as he watched you.

“You’re twisting my life into a knot of caramel-coffees and hard decisions. Do you know that?”

“So you’ve told me…” You replied with a smirk, still having no idea what that even meant, as many times as he’d said it in the past. You supposed it had something to do with a man trying to cut back on sweets or caffeine but he never went into detail and you never bothered to ask. You were wrong of course. So very wrong. And little did you know you had the man you knew as Dr. Harrison Wells wrecked and thoroughly torn in two…

(X) (~♫♪~)

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Do your character(s) have a theme song?

Of corse they do~


Stork: “Counting Stars”- OneRepublic

Reverse: “Kill Everyone”- Hollywood Undead

Nymph: “How To Be A Heartbreaker”- Marina and the Diamonds


I have entire playlists for them, but these are my top picks!

something about the way you looked at me,
made me think for a moment
that maybe we were meant to be
me asking mom: sits guys ft. dadzy
  • mom: is't it about time you show me more voltage guys?
  • me: oh yeah. is it ok if it's a new game?
  • mom: no probs, the fresher the guys are the younger i feel.
  • me: sound old
  • mom: shut up.
  • me: okay let's just go to the guys
  • kyohei
  • mom: my dear God. why is he dressed like that
  • me: yeah. sexy right
  • mom: yeah. but he doesn't work out does he?
  • me: huh? well he WORKS OUT ON BED realllllll good
  • mom: so he's a pervert
  • me: sexy pervert yes.
  • mom: he doesn't have abs.
  • me: *hugs kyo(phone)*
  • mom: i'm telling the truth kay
  • me: you're so mean to my kyo!
  • mom: next guy next guy next guyy
  • me: hey! you're dodging my-
  • mom: *already in character selection* what did you say just now?
  • me: ...nevermind
  • iori
  • mom: ......
  • me: what? you're gonna make fun of him too?
  • mom: word. boring businessman
  • me: i thought i told you to stop the businessman thing!
  • mom: can't help it though.
  • me: he ain't a businessman
  • mom: yeah sure. his clothes are similar to the one before btw
  • me: oh i haven't mention all the guys here are in a boyband! *daydreaming of super junior*
  • mom: cool. i bet they would make your super junior obsession gone
  • me: nah. i'll like them forever
  • mom: you spend way too much money for them, i wish you'd just spend more money for voltage so i could enjoy them too
  • me: *sigh*...
  • kota
  • mom: let me guess. your fave?
  • mom: it isn't often that you like cute ones.
  • me: he isn't cute at the start mom, but then he's cute and now i looooove him to death and if you ever like him i'm gonna-
  • mom: i get it. i don't like him
  • mom: man. if i say i like him then you'll be mad and if i don't you're gonna..
  • me: forbid you from accessing my phone! MUHAHA
  • mom: that's even worse than what i thought!
  • me: what were you thinking then?
  • mom: you're gonna make me buy taylor swift and super junior merch
  • me: i'll make you do both!
  • mom: next guy please.please,pleaseeeeee
  • me: but i've got a blank space momzy *pen click sound*, and i'll write that down
  • nagito
  • mom: oooh. this one is cute- wait he's not one of your bias?
  • me: nah. he is KOTA's bffff though
  • mom: awhh those cuties as bffs
  • me: but he's only cute out-
  • mom: i'll take him~~
  • me: great yeah...why are you often attracted to perv-
  • mom: his biceps though *dreamy sigh*
  • me: he's kyo's bestie in pervy stuffs though
  • mom: wait what? kyo was the no abs guy right?
  • me: yeah and HEYYY! he's the producer of the band mommm
  • mom: kyo has a pervy face but him. what a two faced jerk-
  • me: no he isn't!
  • mom: how could you know? his route hasn't even came out yet!
  • me: well..uh..many people loves him in tumblr!
  • mom: i still don't believe it
  • me: tay merch.
  • mom: next guy...
  • me: i never go out of style, i NEVER go OUT.OF.STYLE.
  • takashi
  • me: you're so loud mom!
  • dad: i heard you screaming what's going on?
  • me: nah, it's okay. just...fangirling
  • mom: ......
  • dad: kay, don't scream too loud okay, it's midnight
  • me: mom. what were you thinking just now?
  • mom: ...
  • me: mom. what's wrong?
  • mom: ...this guy...looks like...
  • me: your next mistake, love's a game wanna playyy? *my jokes aren't funny oops.*
  • mom: my ex.
  • me: ...really...
  • me: it's April the 5th, not the 1st...
  • mom: yeahh...but the look on your face was a LOL
  • me: ...i trusted you...
  • mom: come on, if he was my ex then why am i with your dad now?
  • me: ouch. that hurts..
  • *dad sneezes*
  • me: see what you did just now?
  • mom: sorry honeyy. haha
  • me: you better be. if he's not my dad then i would have never met kota mom.
  • mom: maybe kid..maybe.
  • me: kota! be frickin real and wait for me!!!
  • mom: i would definitely hook one up with you because you never had a boy-
  • me: YOU TALK TOO MUCH, NEXT GUY! OH WAIT. we're done...
BTS - OUTRO : House Of Cards
BTS - OUTRO : House Of Cards

BTS - Outro - House of Cards REVERSED

If you know about the Love is not Over story- THIS one relates too!! You can hear “help me” “help us” “it’s cold” especially in the end in the end….. 

Something’s going on with this concept. 

Don’t know if anyone else thought of this, but the reversed audio is mine. credit to BTS though~ 

Air Catcher

I’ve read a theory somewhere that Air Catcher is a “reversed love song”, meaning that the narrator -Tyler?- is falling in love against his will. 

In the first verse, he says

You’ve stolen my air catcher, that kept me safe and sound.

That could mean that he was safe from all emotional pain by not being in love, but that this person’s appearance in his life stole the “air catcher”, and now he isn’t protected from harm anymore. 

I won’t fall in love with falling, I will try to avoid those eyes.

These lyrics might just mean that the narrator is trying not to fall, or at least not to enjoy falling for this person by avoiding them (pretty obvious really)

And then, in the second verse, there is

I was doing fine on my own, and there wasn’t much that I lacked,

But you’ve stolen my air catcher, and I don’t know if I want it back.

The first line is self explanatory; he feels like being alone was fine, and that he wasn’t emotionally missing anything. The second one, however, shows a change of pace from the first verse: he now isn’t sure whether the wall he had built around his heart to keep him from heartbreak still needs to be reconstructed once it’s been torn down by the arrival of that person. 

But then, there’s this, in the second chorus:

I’m not sure I want to give you, tools that can destroy my heart.

Even though Tyler -or whoever is talking- has accepted that he’s fallen for that person, but he still doesn’t want to open up his heart to them, because that means giving them power to completely destroy him emotionally -and that’s what love is, isn’t it?- 

And now (just bear with me for a few more seconds), the bridge. It’s really interesting, actually: 

And I just don’t say what you want to hear, so I’ll write my fears.

And I don’t believe in talking just to breathe, in falling selfishly.

The first line is very possibly talking about how Tyler is reluctant in saying what the other person wants to hear, and these words are most likely “I love you”. And the reason is explained in the second line: “talking just to breathe”basically means talking for no reason, just empty words thrown here and there to fill up the silence. He wants to mean the words he says. 

The last chorus is incredibly powerful to me and hits me like a ton of bricks every time. 

I won’t fall in love with falling, I will try to avoid those eyes but,

Now I’m here to give you words as, tools that can destroy my heart.

He has accepted to let the other person in, accepted his love and his weaknesses brought by that love. 

Air Catcher is such an underrated song. 

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Hey ghost i wanna bring up that when I'm disassociating I listen to your song reversed love, like the original with gumi, idk what does it but it always helps me like a lot??? Maybe it's the faint singing of gumi or the way the music was done but either way it just helps!!

i’m glad to hear it helps! it’s kinda surreal to hear my old old old Old music is still relevant but that’s not a problem with me ahaha