reverse harmony

  • Ally: Lauren, have you seen Camila? I've looked all over for her.
  • Lauren: Camila? Camila who? Uh, never heard of her, gotta go
  • Ally: [Grabs Lauren by her shirt] Lauren, do you like nature films?
  • Lauren: Oh, I love nature films.
  • Ally: You ever seen the one about what a mother bear will do to protect her cubs?
  • Lauren: Dinah is driving her down to San Diego. Don't eat me!
  • Ally: Oh god. Mani! Camila and Dinah have gone to San Diego.
  • Normani: Great. Now they're both gone. Finally some peace and quiet.
  • Ally: You don't understand, Dinah is driving.
  • Normani: Oh no
  • Ally: Oh yeah
  • Normani: They shouldn't be too hard to find we'll just look for the car driving in reverse.
Cultural Appropriation is not bad...

There seems to be a lot in the news recently about cultural appropriation… in my opinion it is a good thing and should be called cultural appreciation. If we continue to tell people how to act depending on their background like “only black people can have dreadlocks” and “only Indians can practice Bollywood dancing” we will just segregate cultures more and actually cause more prejudice. Borrowing culture and sharing ideas leads to a more colourful and appreciative society.

It confuses me as to what these people think they are going to achieve through arguing about cultural appropriation…I mean do they actually think all white people with dreads/cornrows will just take them out because it insults a few SJWs? 

miyusawa fic reclist

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