reverse gryphon

this is the art for my first-ever RBB (wheee!). it was a fun experience really participating in fandom for the first time after lurking for so many years. the amazing antigrav_vector wrote “Pierce the Sky” for this work, they were great to work with and i love what they were able to come up with, y'all should go read it!
there is a link to the fullsize art here because the pic was so large that Tumblr kept giving me upload errors.


THIS IS TOTALLY RELEVANT TO NEOPETS BECAUSE I’M DESIGNING HYENA AND I’M GONNA MAKE HER A REVERSE GRYPHON so i was searching for unique birds and god damn they outdid themselves.

golden pheasant. he can cover his face with his neck feathers! 

spreeuw, my favorite. just… damn.

polish chicken.

whaaat. temminck’s tragopan pheasant.

and this pastel beauty. pink necked green pigeon.

coffee-bean-aisha i was told to tag you in this b/c you like birbs.