The Many Looks of Harrison/Eobard - Part 2!

Apologies for the late posting of this, I know it’s been 6 months since my first part of the series and we’re already midway (quarter-way?) through hiatus period! But, I’m here now and ready for another round of Harribard’s different looks from Season 1b and even though we didn’t get to see the return of his ‘suit of sexiness’ and no shirtless scene yet, there’s still a lot to examine what with Harrison not being Harrison but Eobard and the Reverse Flash as well… so let’s get started shall we? *winks*

p.s - Some pictures may be repeated, I’m just going episode wise and some may be forgotten if I don’t remember all of the different looks… feel free to add them in!!! :D

Beanie Harrison - (This was there in the first post but that was more for his winter outfit, we’re focused on the beanie now!)

Full Sleeved Black T-shirt -

Sneakers #1 -

Jacket #1 -

Jacket #2 -

Real!Harrison… in colors!!!

Jaunty Cap -

Jacket #3 -

Full Black Eo -


Sexy Jacket #4 -

Everyman Eo -

Blue Eyes -

Red Eyes!

We also got a look at the Reverse Flash outfit in it’s full glory -

Masked RF -

Unmasked RF -

Aaaand that’s it for season 1!!! Tune in to season 2 of “The Flash” starting this October, I’ll be ready with another round of this come s2 midseason finale… we know that TomCav is a series regular so now the main question we should be asking is - not ‘how’ he is coming back, not ‘who’ he is going to be playing, not ‘when’ he’ll show up (obviously it has to be the premiere!!!) but rather - ‘what will he be wearing?’

It goes without saying that we want/need/have to get a shirtless scene, but do we want more variations of black clothes? newer jacket styles? maybe the return of his suit of sexiness! or some colors like real Harrison wore… maybe white even? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!! 

How to made the Reverse-Flash Suits (1/?)

emm, some friends on tumblr and facebook ask me about where to buy the Reverse-Flash Suits(Which is I wear on SHCC Cosplay stage). But that’s my handmade. So I write this about how to made the RF suits.

Before you read this, I wanna you know:

1. when I made the suits, the TV show just in S01EP15, I try my best to dig more details but still has something wrong. if S2 Tom has a new suits, I would like to do new and better one. So if you want to make one and you find out my details has something wrong, just do what you think.

2. It’s imcomplete. I just tell the important detail which is I think. if you still have question, we can discuss it.

3. I always think the soul of cosplay is handmade your own suits and props. It’s the best way to close the role who you love. and handmaking always have too much fun LOL

so, here we go!

1. about the cloth

I dig out some kinds of PU material for the RF cloth.

choose the right yellow is the most important thing. I dig this one out of about 80 kinds of PU material. the yellow of RF has some cold feel, the yellow-black more like green. but don’t worry of this, just find the right color in the all yellow part. Because when you dye the black on the yellow, the cold feel will coming out. I think it’s the material and the pigment work.

the material in two sides, I choose the one of has many tiny holes. still the PU material to keep the whole gloss. In other way, the tiny holes can make sure the runner’s temperature keep a low level, so I think that’s make sense.

most hard part is making the Flash pattern on the chest. I use some cotton threads into the double materials to make the shape of pattern. and the yellow cotton threads sew up the both sides, make sure the shape couldn’t be lost. if you look at it very close, you will find out the traces of sew up.

And the banners on tummy (yeah, for me, no abs, tummy) I use the same way.

more details on arm. you can find out the RF poster to decide every materials’ position. It’s just my choice.

2. about the helmet

In TV show, there is a interesting detail: everytime when Tom took of his helmet, that moment will be a cut, and turn off, next step he is off-helmet.

Why? Because there are two helmets, he puts on, it’s a latex helmet to shape his face very nice and AWESOME. he takes off,  it’s a PU material helmet, looks like a hoop, but we all know the hoop can’t shape face.

I design a new helmets to solve this problem. not perfect, and I want to know more lovely ideas to solve this.

those zippers are all invisible, and when I want to take it off, just open it, and there are enough space make my head out. And if you look at the pic carefully, those zippers all in the helmet’s lines.

I make a face mask under the helmet’s surface to shape my face.

Aisan‘s face could not be sharp like Tom,so I just do my best LOL.

and sorry for my eyes. I’m a Chinese and have the black eyes. I can’t use the contact lens to change my eyes’ color, it makes my eyes inch, so sorry for this details.

OK, that’s it. If you have more question or more lovely idea about RF suits, plz let me know. I wil do more cosplay of Tom’s role (and plz get a more new suits to him!!!!!! ) thx for your kindness and encourage, always make my day LOL