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God takes the worst of us, the most shattered and damaged and rebellious and prideful, and reverses our entropy into pulsing life. He sees a desert and says, “I see a garden.” God can take a miserable sinner like me and you and breathe something brand new into these jagged veins. This is the work of Christ, shaping us, connecting us, healing us.

J.S. Park

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God takes the worst of us, the most shattered and damaged and rebellious and prideful, and reverses our entropy into pulsing life. He sees a desert and says, “I see a garden.” God can take a miserable sinner like me and you and breathe something brand new into these jagged veins. This is the work of Christ, shaping us, connecting us, healing us || J.S. Park 🌿🌙🌾

Broad Summary of Thermodynamics: Sometimes seeing the Bigger Picture helps you Put together the smaller pieces and connect the dots b/w Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 


Zeroth law (concept of temperature)

0th law of thermodynamics basically says that heat flows from hot objects to cold objects to achieve thermal equilibrium.
Mathematically, if TA = TB, and TB = TC, then TA = TC. Where T is temperature.

First law (ΔE = q + w, conservation of energy)

1st law of thermodynamics is based on the principle of conservation of energy, and it basically says that the change in total internal energy of a system is equal to the contributions from heat and work.
ΔE is the same thing as ΔU, which is the change in internal energy.
Q is the contribution from heat
Q is positive when heat is absorbed into the system (ie. heating it).
Q is negative when heat leaks out of the system (ie. cooling it).
W is the contribution from work.
W is positive when work is done on the system (ie. compression).
W is negative when work is done by the system (ie. expansion).

Equivalence of mechanical, chemical, electrical and thermal energy units

If it’s energy, it’s Joules. It doesn’t matter if it’s potential energy, kinetic energy, or any energy - as long as it’s energy, it has the unit Joules.
Energy is equivalent even if they are in different forms. For example, 1 Joule of mechanical energy can be converted into 1 Joule of electrical energy (ignoring heat loss) - no more, no less.

Second law: concept of entropy

The 2nd law states that the things like to be in a state of higher entropy and disorder.
An isolated system will increase in entropy over time.
An open system can decrease in entropy, but only at the expense of a greater increase in entropy of its surroundings.
The universe as a whole is increasing in entropy.
ΔS ≥ q / T
q is the heat transferred.
T is the temperature in Kelvin.
For reversible processes ΔS = q / T.
For irreversible processes ΔS > q / T.
Real processes that occur in the world are never reversible, so entropy change is always greater than the heat transfer over temperature.
Because of the irreversibility nature of real processes, as long as anything occurs, the entropy of the universe increases.

How I got revenge against a compulsive cheater.

(warning: long story)

I apologize for wall-of-text and if this one is a little too technical. This involves a somewhat popular card-based trading game (MTG). I tried to strip out as many unnecessary details as possible to make it easy to read. Plus, I don’t remember them all.

I usually am not the one to take revenge since I’m risk-averse. However, in this case, I found it was the most logical thing to do since I knew ahead of time that the other guy was going to try and screw me.

There was this fellow in my high school. His name was David. He was one grade above me and he was a complete a**hole, a compulsive liar and a compulsive cheater.

Often times during lunch hour, students would get together at the tables to play card games and such. I usually got involved in these games as well. David did too, but not as often.

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Create a story where the characters live in a world where something is fundementally different with reality and leave the reader to guess what it is. For example: entropy is reversed, gravity goes sideways, all people can read minds, etc.

Hey in 17776 if people who were old got younger by a bit (evidence in newest chapter) isn’t that a reversal of entropy? Who says physics is still normal here? I wonder if despite that there still wasn’t anything ppl could do re: space travel

I often have these troubling moments when I totally don’t believe in God anymore, and I wonder what it would be like to live without Him.

I was an atheist for most of my life, so these thoughts are comfortable and familiar, like the blue plaid super-hero cape I wore in third grade. I go down a spiral of binge-reading atheism blogs and I can’t stop myself. I start to wonder if God even does anything because there’s so much horror in the world, or if He’s just a construct of a hopeful mind looking for momentary relief. It can take days to pull back from this, and doubts never really fade; you just live with them.

I remember the words of that father with the demon-possessed son, who told Jesus, “I do believe, but help my unbelief!” And Jesus healed him. He didn’t shut them down. He didn’t say, “You better believe all the way first.” I get to thinking there must be more than all this, and that God did break into this fractured world somehow and began a healing at some point in history for all of eternity, an invitation to a new story, a reversal of entropy. I get to thinking we’re not just spinning alone out here, and that this is all going somewhere, and I have this tiny mustard-seed-sized faith that Jesus tells me can move mountains. I think even if this isn’t true, I so badly want it to be, and maybe that’s okay too. I do believe, and he doesn’t shame me for my unbelief. For that, I can believe Him — and for a moment, the mountains get shaken.

— J.S.

Exotropy is neither wave nor particle, nor pure energy, nor supernatural miracle. It is an immaterial flow that is very much like information. Since extoropy is defined as negative entropy—the reversal of disorder—it is, by definition, an increase in order. But what is order? For simple physical systems, the concepts of thermodynamics suffice, but for the real world of cucumbers, brains, books, and self-driving trucks, we don’t have useful metrics for exotropy. The best we can say is that exotropy resembles, but is not equivalent to, information and that it entails self-organization.
—  Kevin Kelly

I had an intriguing thought about Glynda Goodwitch’s abilities. Entropy is a physical quantity that measures the disorder in a system. Whenever we see Glynda use her powers, it’s to reverse local disorder - cleaning up the dining hall, repairing the collapsed street, etc. She doesn’t just “fix” things, she seems to rewind them to before they were broken. So maybe that’s her Semblance: local reversal of entropy. But this raises an interesting question. Ozpin, as far as I can tell, seems to be associated with time; so is entropy. 

There’s a classic question in physics arising from a mismatch between microscale and macroscale interactions. At a microscopic level, physical systems don’t prefer a direction of time. The equations work just as well “backwards” as “forwards.” But on a macroscopic level, time has a clear past-present-future flow. How do you define this direction? This is where entropy comes in. Entropy is an irreversible process. You can lower it locally, but the total entropy of the universe can only stay fixed or increase. Therefore, we can define the passage of time as “the direction in which entropy increases.” 

Or, more simply, we say that entropy is the arrow of time.

So if Ozpin is time, then Glynda is time’s arrow. And in this context that also makes her time’s weapon. It even sets her up to mirror Cinder, who is primarily an archer.

Bottom line, I’m hoping for Glynda busting out a bow in Volume 4.


Tonight I gave one of my friends a hard copy of my book.  I’ve been discipling him for over five years.  We sat across from each other at a cafe to read.  He asked me for a highlighter and headphones.  At once he dug into my book and began highlighting, digging deep, nodding his head.  He would pause to tell me a line he liked or a thought that convicted him. Suddenly, in the middle of this cafe, I began tearing up, overwhelmed by the whole thing.

I know who I am.  I’m selfish.  I’m wretched.  I’m weak.  I have done a lot of wrong things in this life.  I have hurt many people, including myself.  Ten years ago, there was zero chance I would be a pastor or write encouraging things or talk about Jesus.  And yet here was my friend, actually reading things I wrote and taking them to heart.  I couldn’t believe it was happening.  It was both horrifying and humbling, and I instantly thanked God like crazy. This is what He does. He’s always doing things like that.  God takes the worst of us, the most shattered and damaged and rebellious and prideful, and reverses our entropy into pulsing life.  He sees a desert and says, “I see a garden."  God can take a miserable sinner like me and you and breathe something brand new into these jagged veins.  This is the work of Christ, shaping us, connecting us, healing us.  He loves even us, dear friend. 

– J.S.

physicsisqueer-blog  asked:

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Hawking, twisted in his wheelchair, speaks in his computer-generated voice: “Where does the difference between the past and the future come from? The laws of science do not distinguish between the past and the future. Yet there is a big difference between the past and future in ordinary life.

"You may see a cup of tea fall off of a table and break into pieces on the floor. But you will never see the cup gather itself back together and jump back on the table.”

The film, run backward, shows the cup reassembling itself on the table. Hawking continues: “The increase of disorder or entropy is what distinguishes the past from the future, giving a direction to time.”


He knew that Hawking had once believed the universe would stop expanding and would shrink again, and entropy might reverse itself. Later Hawking said he was mistaken.


For years Lecter had teased the problem, wanting very much for Hawking to be right the first time, for the expanding universe to stop, for entropy to mend itself, for Mischa, eaten, to be whole again…Time. 

- Thomas Harris (Hannibal)