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Stucky Sleeping Positions - 3. The “I’ve-got-your-back-position” (aka post mission cuddles)

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“brah” but softly …
I really love Mercules Hulligan he’s the cutest! (so are the others but I’d feel shitty drawing all of them…)
@raythrill (I still hope it’s okay to tag you…because I really look up to you and I’m intimidated…also this is his design!)


Been doing more thinking about Reverse!Mercy. 

A few small details:

  • She’s exceptionally calm and generally pleasant, but there’s something off about her that gives people the creeps.
  • She can often be seen wearing hospital bracelets from whatever area she’s currently in. She is usually only identified on these bracelets as Jane Doe or the equivalent. 
  • Her fingers and toes are a dark blue/black, and appear to be in a state of necrosis. 
  • At times, her skin has a translucent quality and her veins are highly visible. At other times, she looks perfectly healthy.
  • She sometimes bleeds from her nose and ears, but this is infrequent. Her blood is a very dark purply red colour. 
  • She often leaves a fine ash-like dust in her wake. 
  • She and Hanzo dislike one another. Even so, since Overwatch’s disbandment, she’s kept close tabs on him
  • She’s well acquainted with a number of mercenaries (Pharah amongst them) who allow her to get ahold of medical supplies that cannot be attained through legal means.
  • She carries a small firearm which she doesn’t like using
  • Might be functionally immortal–she seems to have been the subject of her own imperfect experiments to increase longevity