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Promises Are Meant To Be Broken (Part 1)

Part 2

I noticed that I’ve been doing too much in fluff in this fandom so I made this time, a little bit serious…hope you like it

AU Rev! Kevedd © asphyxion

Ed,Edd N Eddy/Kevin © Danny Antonucci/Cartoon Network

Comic © spogunasya

rev edd: “you'r forgetting to breath,pumpkin”.

rev kevin: “FUCK…BREATHING”!

rev edd: *rolls eyes* “i’m sure your oxygen deprived brain says other wise as well as the infant, now breath dam it”!

rev kevin: *rolls left to right in agony* “AAAH”!

a request for rev kevin in labor as rev edd tries to comfort him. i wanted to do a live stream with this but it didn’t work out to well. oh well next time. enjoy! ^-^ btw this is not how it will go down in the story though.