reverse diamond

Well fuck. I finally made Jasper’s AU sheet. For a while now it seemed like an elusive as fuck thing that was never going to get done, but I at last got my butt into motion and did it! And… its ok. I like Lapis and Peridot’s sheets way more, but eh. Whatcha gonna do? Anyway, here we go with this…

1. UF Jasper
2. Guard Jasper (Reverse/Diamond)
3. Momswap Jasper (Gravity Rises/Momswap)
4. Permafusion Jasper (Anti-Gravity/Permafusion)
5. Kid Jasper (Relativity/Gem Kids)
6. Swap Jasper (Swap AU)

So yeah I think I like Momswap Jasper most out of these, though really I’m pretty damn pleased with how the hair on all of them turned out. Fucking Kid Jasper is ill proportioned as hell and I had no idea how to fix that so fuck it. Who cares. Guard Jasper’s pretty boring, though I like Permafusion Jasper’s sort of “lost” look (because in that AU, she’s neutrally aligned and just wanders around or whatever). And short haired Swap Jasper is pretty adorable if you ask me :) 

Oh hey look Jen finally made another one of these things. But I’m so glad I did because oh god if I don’t adore drawing Lapis. Her hair is so floof and I’m so pleased with all of these outfits. But anyway, as per usual, here’s this: 

1. Normal UF Lapis
2. Slave Lapis (Reverse/Diamond)
3. Momswap Lapis (Gravity Rises/Momswap)
4. Permafusion Lapis (Anti-Gravity/Permafusion)
5. Kid Lapis (Relativity/Gem Kids)
6. Swap Lapis (Swap AU)

So yeah I’m pretty proud of all of these, like I said. I especially love the design I came up with for Momswap Lapis. She looks so cute and happy and free! Permafusion Lapis is also pretty chill, seeing as her and Peridot have both been living on the earth for a few years, so she decided to let her hair down finally. Of course, I went with the golden freckles on Kid Lapis, but you might not be able to see them that well (But they’re there!) and Swap Lapis is pretty cool what with her channeling both Peridot (since she takes up Peridot’s role in that AU) and something of a fucking 1970′s look. But anyway, enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Reverse Dipper and Reverse Pacifica, who wear the pants in the relationship?

Both: “I do!”


Reverse!Pacifica: *gasp*

Reverse!Dipper: “Don’t.”

Reverse!Pacifica: “JINX! Now we gotta kiss!”

Reverse!Dipper: “Oh, for crying out loud.”

(Don’t act like you don’t want that kiss, boy. You know you do. Also, the definitive answer to this question is that its Pacifica. That’s a fact that never changes across any AU in which these two are together imo.)

pc-the-unicorn  asked:

Reverse Ford, what do you think of your UF counterpart?

“That intellectually-challenged, do-gooder fool? Please. It’s an insult to even think that someone like him could be my interdimensional counterpart. If he had had any sense at all, he would have taken the same route I had and actually harnessed the magic that’s so easily found in Gravity Falls instead of being a mere spectator of it all. Its was a much more logical approach then letting letting myself be fooled by an otherwise completely pathetic dream demon.”

(Yeah in case you haven’t already gleaned, Reverse Ford is kind of a dick. And such a sharp contrast from the irresponsible yet kind and adorkable science hunkle we all know and love)