reverse ableism

Okay so you know how when you’re a kid in school, every classroom has one bully kid who’s an asshole. And then one day you stand up to the bully, and the bully goes and tells the teacher that YOU’RE the one who’s bullying THEM?

When I see people cry about “cisphobia”, “heterophobia”, “reverse-ableism”, or anything like that, I can GUARANTEE that they used to be that little asshole bully kid, and they still haven’t grown out of it

“Oppression is a two-way street.”

“Reverse ableism is real!”

“Heterophobia and cisphobia is just as bad as homophobia and transphobia!”

“Social justice warriors are like the Nazis!”

“It’s my place to decide what is/isn’t offensive to (marginalized group)!

Look, I don't hate mentally abled people, okay? I’m an ally and stuff. I just don’t think it’s in society’s best interests to cater to these dull, uninteresting people. It just encourages them to stop trying to overcome their abled-ness. Why, I met a person the other day who didn’t tap in patterns! I mean, it isn’t their fault they don’t have OCD, but don’t you think they could try a little harder to seem abnormal? They were making me uncomfortable.

If tumblr “egalitarians” pretended like they cared about transphobia, homophobia, racism, misogyny, etc. even HALF as much as they cared about cisphobia, heterophobia, reverse racism, and misandry (things that don’t even exist) maybe we would actually believe them when they say that they want equality for everyone, and not just equality for white cishet men

I wonder if reverse ableism is a big thing. Not in the context of being a detriment to abled people, but in the context of being perceived as an insult to disabled people.
I went to the aquarium the other day, and noticed that there is a discount on admissions for disabled visitors.
I’m in no position to make a judgement, but thinking about it seriously, were I in such a situation, I think I might be a bit offended by the whole paying less to go to the aquarium thing.
Then again it can be pretty great to not have to pay as much to go to the aquarium.
I’m in no way insinuating that differently abled persons are freeloaders or anything (I, on the other hand, am most certainly a freeloader), I just wonder about their opinions on these things, like whether or not something like this is seen as an insult, or just not really given much thought.
I don’t really know any disabled folks. I suppose for a lot of them the discount has to do with the increased cost of living or the cost of employing a carer or assistant.
I suppose the opinions vary.
Something to ponder.

things that "egalitarian" or "real social justice" blogs do all the time that make me not take them seriouslu

-treat “cisphobia”, “heterophobia”, “reverse racism”, “misandry”, etc. as BIGGER problems than homophobia, transphobia, racism, and misogyny, etc.

-falsely accuse neurodivergent people of “faking for attention”

-claim that LGBTQIA people are “lying about their identities to gain oppression points”

-whine about being “harassed” by “SJWs” (99.9% of the time, it’s not harassment) but then harass anyone who disagrees with them or defend the people who harass “SJWs”

-claim that ableism doesn’t exist in real life, and is a concept made up by “SJWs”

That’s all I can think of right now, if you think of more you can add on

If you believe in reverse racism, cisphobia, reverse ableism or similar do NOT claim to be an ally to people of color, trans people or disabled people. Being an ally takes work, education and ongoing effort. You cannot claim to be an ally to a marginalized group without bothering to acquire the most basic understanding of the systemic oppression and discrimination they face. 

It’s very telling of your intellect: you see a white man like me and draw the conclusion that I’m a spoiled brat. If I were a black man wearing a hoodie, would you draw the conclusion that I’m poor? Reverse racism sucks.
—  Unknown Major and Year submitted by the-curse-of-the-pharaoh