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And Jonny is left in the park. It’s sad how the movie has to end this way for him. Jonny knows that he is different and was trying to find out why.

There are moments where he began to question if he needed Plank or not, but fantasy took over his mind. And this is where he ends up in that extra scene at the end of the movie when he becomes ‘The Ghourd.’

I know it was being played off as a joke that he didn’t know he was in a movie, but Jonny has lost all touch with reality. He has no idea what is going on now.

His parents don’t seem to be helping him. They don’t care that he talks to a piece of wood. No matter what people say, I don’t believe Plank is alive. Jonny uses magic whenever the piece of wood does something way beyond words.

And look how Plank is placed in this picture. Plank is placed far away from Jonny. Interestingly, Plank is not injured. The kids don’t see Plank as real either.

Wilfred has decided to stay behind and chomp down on the remaining water melon. Even Wilfred doesn’t respect Jonny. We know this because Wilfred has beat up on Jonny on multiple occasions even when he does nothing wrong.

Jonny deserves better. Ed and Jonny formed a bond, but then Ed tends to forget about him.

I have always loved the thought that there is some teacher at Peach Creek Junior High who cares. They’ll notice that Jonny isn’t himself and from there, Jonny would be taken to a facility that tends to people in his condition better.

The Kankers are dragging the still unconscious Bro into his trailer.

I’m amazed that he still hasn’t woken up yet. Whenever one of the characters gets knocked out they’re not unconscious for a long amount of time. This shows us how Bro cannot withstand pain. Pain is his weakness.

Lee states, “First one in gets to give him mouth to mouth.”

Before any of you say that the Kankers have not learned anything, think again. They believe Bro to be a despicable person and hate how he treated Eddy.

They’re not doing this for their own pleasure like in the series.

They want revenge.

Lee is doing this for Eddy.

She wants to shame Bro.

Lee has a heart, but it is hard for her to show it. She and Eddy have this in common. They have both been through a lot in life.

Lee feels that she owes it to Eddy after all the cruel things she has done. She is growing up and as the older sibling, her mom wants to see better of her. The Kankers love their mom and therefore they changed themselves.

There have been multiple fanfics about what the Kankers could have done to Bro, and some of them very dark. There is the head canon that they may have raped him because he was still unconscious, but there are many other cases to go on.

The question is, what will Bro do is he wakes up. He is always trying to befuddle someone’s mind. Would he enjoy the Kankers revenge?

Bro is the one who never learns anything. He is still going to remain this psychopath. The writers never wanted to have a resolution for him because there is nothing we can change. Eddy is the one who needed to learn because we have been following him as the main character for all these years.

This is a throwback as Edd types out, 'The End’, and tapes it on the screen. It takes is back to when we first met him labeling everything in his room.

Out of the Eds, Edd went through a big change. He learned to be social, let go, and he learns that his past is nothing to fear or be ashamed of.

Edd sees the world in a whole different way then he did in season 1 thanks to Ed and Eddy.

Is it the end?

No. It’s the end of the viewers watching the Eds and the kids lives. Now we have to imply where it all goes from there. Each character has learned so much. The movie may leave some unanswered questions, but for a reason.

This is the beginning of a new life for everyone. The kids have entered their teen years and everything is implied to be better. Truthfully, no it is not.

There is still the problem with Bro. He is still living his life somewhere in the world. He is only threw towns away from Peach Creek. He could come back to get revenge. But, in any case, maybe he will be arrested.

Everything is better between the Eds, but they still need to get to know one another more. They learned how they want to keep this friendship. We don’t have to worry about them because they help one another grow and learn everyday.

The kids will still be going on adventures while trying to figure out their true selves.

Ed, Edd n Eddy is a coming of age tale where these kids are trying to understand life. They go through what every kid goes through in life.

The one thing they’ll always know is that they’ll always have someone who cares.

NOTE: Thank you all so much for a great month! I know a lot of uneasy topics came up, but we learned a lot. Thank you all for following me because these analysis have helped me grow in writing and listening more closest to what happens between the lines in stories and movies.

The appreciation months have to stop for now because I want to focus on school. However I will still be analyzing the Halloween and Christmas episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Eight more hours of Eddy’s Brother Appreciation Month. Let’s end it off right.

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