Barry: “Harrison Wells is such a good man who doesn’t have prosthetic legs, and doesn’t know anything about the dark side.”
Art by me, Jedi Knight Barry Allen costume design by @eckses-himself (see his Flash/Star Wars AU art here)


Eobard: “Gideon where the hell am I”
Gideon: “not this shit again”
Art by me, Sith Harrison Wells as Eobard Thawne costume design by me

I would be perfectly content if Aaron’s first scene back consisted of nothing more than Robert waking up surprised to find Aaron curled around him in bed, smiling to himself, cuddling in closer, and falling back asleep.

I’ve been thinking, what if Wilson had originally found the codex whilst William had been the one who was down on his luck and sought out the voice in his radio for advice?

Would it really be the same world of Don’t Starve we know now, where everything is set out like a stage? Or would it just be someone’s corrupted experiment, where the survivors are treated less like puppets and more like lab rats?

Traditional Card: The Devil

Temptation ®

Goddess has spoken: Many of the things previously controlling you child, you shall find mastery over in the upcoming days. Past wounds will likely be resolved, due to your acceptance over one’s shadow side. My daughter, this is a form of letting go. As in the past, these so-called controlling forces, in the form of habits and people, having left you feeling impotent, will come into the light. You will find yourself facing your fears head on. Remember, you are never alone.

ciphertown  asked:

I'm sorry that you've come under fire! I think your art style is great and that if you want to improve you will on your own. People can't force people to change.. Have a good week!

 Awwwwww thank you so much!!! Q///////Q

I’m alright…….thanks for your praise and comfort!!

I’ll be “myself”!!!