Mary and her son in law

I can’t help but in my rewatch of season 12 just gawp at how blatant the framing of Mary as Cas’s mother in law is throughout the whole season

12x01: Mary’s face… honestly. She is assessing this big time. This is the first meeting, one of our first moments getting to know Mary and they give us this? Yeah, we are supposed to notice her noticing this. This is episode 1, it is setting up for the season, and this is framed as something we are supposed to notice? 

*Tink looks into the camera*

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The formal introduction:

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Followed by Cas’s little step back from Dean and his own assessing moment when he realises who Mary is. He’s such a conscientious boyfriend.

The way Mary and Cas follow Dean’s lead, she asks Dean about Cas when he is interrogating the chauffeur “that’s an Angel?!” so much like the standard trope of “that’s your boyfriend?!”. The awkward discussion over coffee where Mary is looking at Cas very awkwardly and all “a lot’s changed…”


Mary overhears Dean talking to Cas like a married couple, how Dean is asking Cas advice over how to talk to her, she the addresses it like it’s totally fine and they should communicate. Can we get a Hallelujah! Later there is another phone conversation, where Dean and Cas sound like they have a double layer to the conversation, Cas “are we still discussing the same thing?” and Mary sees again how much Dean trusts Cas with finding Sam, he’s left him to do the leg work and they work so well as a team that they found Sam quickly and head out.

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This whole scene after all of the Deancas scenes so far this season… it honestly made me wonder if Amara had made Dean and Cas a long term married couple while she was at it.

The whole eye conversation, so #married, followed by Mary’s assessing look at Cas, she noticed this big time, and Cas’s unapologetic look back, like, “he’s so stubborn isn’t he, I can’t argue with him, just play along with me”, a cute bonding moment between them…

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12x09: Cas is a MESS. Mary initially is angry because she’s worried (nice reminder of Dean), she lashes out at Cas but then when they meet up again SHE is comforting HIM, while he plays the role of the worried husband who is counting the hours, unable to cope… she tells him they’ll get them back, they can work together… she is so supportive of him, it made me ache.

Then later a still emotionally wrecked Cas declares that he would do anything to save the Winchesters, that they mean everything to him, while looking 80% of the time at Dean and Mary immediately looks at DEAN.

In 12x12 we have Cas nearly dying, due to MARY’s actions, the whole love declarations debacle…where AGAIN Mary looks straight at DEAN.

Mary then canonically counts Cas as FAMILY.

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In 12x14 we have the reverse of Mary being angry with Cas because of worry for Dean, with Dean lashing out at Mary for putting Cas in danger:

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Dean angrily kicks Mary out. Of course it’s not just Cas, but this is the first thing he went to. Sam focused on Wally dying, Dean on Cas almost dying, for *reasons*, if we noticed this, Mary noticed it too and she knew before it even happened judging by the way she told them in the first place and her response to their reactions, she was not surprised.

We then have a long slog without much interaction between any of them, culminating in 12x22 and 12x23:

After escaping her brainwashing Mary looks directly at Dean when asking if Castiel will go along with their plan. I mean, this is something basically everyone does, speak to Cas about Dean and Dean about Cas. It’s a standard couple trope, no-one ever asks Sam about Cas do they? There’s a reason for that.

When they enter the cabin Cas’s immediate “DEAN!” and completely ignoring Mary and Sam…see Sam’s look of ‘am I even here?!” and Mary’s look of “same old, I’m not surpised”.

So, basically, every interaction Mary has had with Cas has been framed as a mother in law dynamic and meanwhile many of her interactions with Dean himself have had references to Cas as his romantic partner too.

Honestly I would be so surprised if she didn’t just assume they were a thing and for this to be one of the many Destiel exposition points when she comes back in season 13…

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Hi! I only recently managed to watch the finale (darn real life commitments getting in the way) but can I ask what about it was so meta? I think dabb said that this finale was the most meta, but I guess I'm a bit slow on the uptake because I don't think I got it?


If you check out my tag #spn 12x23 meta you should find it all there.

13x01 is set up to be 1x01 but in REVERSE. They are entering endgame by subverting the pilot and I am SO HERE for this!

As “All along the Watchtower” suggests (the song that ends back at the beginning), we have:

- Mary and John reversal. John is dead, Mary is missing, they want to find Mary: FINDING MISSION.

- Cas = Jess. Dean is Sam and Sam is Dean, they’re reversed. Hence this scene:

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Dean and Sam hunting alone, but now Dean is put in Sam’s place and Sam in Dean’s: reversal of roles in their brotherly relationship, also now Dean is no longer Sam’s parent this will also make a difference in how they interact.

- Revenge mission, just rather than on Azazel, on Lucifer

13x01 is set up to be 1x01 but in REVERSE.

Which also is another bow to the string of setting it up for the positive ending rather than the tragic ending that it was originally supposed to have and was metaphorically addressed in 12x22 with the grenade launcher blowing apart the “blaze of glory” ending.

- That they will find Mary and she hopefully won’t have to sacrifice herself for her son, or if she does it will be Sam (as John did for Dean) and she will go to Heaven. 

- That Dean will get Cas back as it is so clearly framed as romantic now I’m not going to apologise for ‘shipping’ this (is it even shipping when it’s canon?), it is canonically romantic and stuff like this just makes it more obvious. So anyway, Dean will get Cas back as a reversal of Sam and Jess’ tragic story. 

- That they will find a way to defeat Lucifer that also closes the gates of Hell because it was by defeating Azazel that they opened them in the first place. Or perhaps they just end up doing it around the same time but heck, if Crowley’s death didn’t suggest that the two are supposed to be linked.

I’ve talked a lot and so have all the other meta writers about all the parallels and the circular narrative of the season, how Dabb loves to subvert the past and use mirrors and parallels etc. 

Here we are talking about the fundamental underlying themes of the show, the PREMISE being reversed and I am PSYCHED as this is going to be amazing and absolutely makes sense going into endgame!

I think we should all watch season 1 before season 13 airs.

OK scratch that, according to posts last night from @mittensmorgul and @elizabethrobertajones we should DEFINITELY all go and watch season 1 before season 13 starts!!!

If Dean says “we’ve got work to do” I’ll scream ;)

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Okay but a role reversal where Mari and Adrien are bffs and Mari has a huge crush on Alya, which makes funnier scenes because Mari and Adrien equally have awkward social skills and Alya's sorta like fml and gives up and goes to ask mari out herself

aaaaah omg I’m in love with this idea I hope you don’t mind I kind of ran with it

Mme. Mendeleiev paired up Alya and Marinette for a science project, and for the first time, Marinette loved her teacher for assigning work over break. This was perfect. Alya would come over to work on the project, Marinette would charm her socks off, and she’d fall madly in love.

She had a little bit of trouble when that part actually came, though.

The day Alya had planned to come over, Marinette was up at dawn. She cleaned her room, then messed it up again–just a little, so the neatness didn’t look forced. She made muffins, then realized she could have just asked her parents to bring something up, because they didn’t rise as much as they should have and surely Alya would expect better from a bakers’ house. She brushed her teeth at least three times, got dressed twice, and spent the next few hours sitting nervously at her desk.

She’d texted her best friend when she got up, desperate for any kind of advice, but he didn’t get back to her until she’d already been sitting and working herself into a worry for hours. 

okay, so I did some research

what do you mean “research”

basically I rewatched a lot of anime last night

oh my god adrien no

listen you are going to be so smooth you both just gotta stick to this script

hold on I’ll email it to you

Marinette pulled up her email on her computer and clicked the newest message from Adrien. The attachment automatically opened when she clicked it, but she only had a few seconds to skim it before–

omg alya’s here what do I do

be cool. stick to the plan. you got this.

sounds fake and I think I’m about to die but okay thank you ily and if you never hear from me again I want pink carnations at my funeral

Marinette’s father called down for her to receive her guest, and she scrambled to look composed as she rushed down the stairs.

“Hey, Alya. Come on upstairs.”

Upstairs, where the results of Adrien’s “research” was still displayed on her computer screen. This was something she didn’t realize until Alya sat down at her computer and asked, “Oh, are you writing a movie?”

Marinette blushed so hard she thought her ears would fall off. “Uh, n-no! That’s just something I’m, uh, working on with my friend. Um, Adrien, of course you know Adrien. Yeah. We’re just friends. N-not dating or anything. Ha ha. I don’t know, a lot of people seem to think that, sorry. But, yeah, just, um–friends.”

“Oh. Cool!” 

Alya didn’t give the computer screen a second glance and unpacked her bookbag, and Marinette cursed her paranoia. She quickly clicked out of the document and pulled up a new one. She turned back to Alya, knocking several neatly-arranged pencils off her desk in the process.

“So, where did you want to–oh, shoot.” She slithered out of her chair and fumbled on the floor, trying to quickly scoop them up and save some semblance of grace. Marinette hopped back up onto her chair and smiled. “Sorry. Where did you want to start?”

Alya tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. “Actually, I already have all the data typed up. Do you mind if I log into my email so I can get it?”

Marinette scooted out of the way. “Yeah, no! Go ahead!”

While Alya was typing away on her computer, Marinette fished for her phone.

Yeah it’s true I’m dying

I just knocked over like my entire desk

This is not smooth Adrien what do I do

Okay wait I have a solution for that

Next time you drop something, just leave it

Establish dominance

Girls find it attractive when you don’t care about the consequences of your mess

Did plagg tell you to write that

That’s ridiculous

My room is spotless

Plus what if I hit her in the face or something

I think she saw your email btw

She’s onto me

Time 2 die

Adrien why aren’t you answering me I’m going to die do you not understand that

Alya turned back to Marinette, who quickly turned her phone screen off. “Done! Did you want to look it over?”

“Um, sure!” Marinette put her phone down on the desk and pulled her chair closer, trying to focus on the numbers and tables with Alya right next to her.

“Um, didn’t you want your–?”

“Notes! Yep, those would help,” Marinette laughed awkwardly. She bent down to dig her science folder out, wincing all the while, and popped back up brightly. “Okay, let’s see…”

She saw something flash out of the corner of her eye, and realized that she’d forgotten to place her phone facedown, and Adrien was finally texting her back. Alya noticed it, too.

Okay, here’s what you do

Next time you mess something up, just say something like, “sorry I can’t think straight” and wink

Or even better, something like “wow looks like I’m not the only thing falling for you”

Alya will be so seduced

Marinette snatched her phone away and shoved it in her pocket, praying that Alya hadn’t read any of the texts. She turned back to the homework, trying to act as if nothing was amiss. 

Alya laid a hand on Marinette’s forearm. Her hands were really soft. And warm. And not sweaty at all. Marinette couldn’t relate.

Marinette turned her head–almost directly into Alya’s face. “Oh, God. S-sorry.”

Alya smiled in exasperation. “Don’t be.” She leaned in further, closing the gap between them and pressing a short, soft kiss to Marinette’s lips. Marinette was frozen, but on the inside she had melted a thousand times. She was faintly aware that she might have squeaked, or apologized, or murmured a thank you, and really hoped that Alya didn’t notice.

Alya pulled away and gave Marinette another lazy smile. “Tell Adrien you appreciate his advice, but it’s really much too slow to get a girl like me.”

The doctor’s wives: Mary vs River Song, the differences in the most important

River Song:

  • was brainwashed into killing the Doctor and actually thought he was evil
  • saved the Doctor after the kiss of Judas at a great personnal cost (loss of regenerative energy)
  • refused to kill him the second time even though she shouldn’t have been able to resist, was willing to break the universe to save his life
  • is not her real name, she became River Song because of timey whimey; told the Doctor and her parents her real identity as soon as she could
  • went to prison for a murder she did not commit (twelve thousand consecutive life sentences), and even though she regulary escapes her cell, she always go back and only leaves her prison definitively when she got a pardon, actually pays for a crime she hasn’t actually committed
  • lies, but not where it truly matters; she lies because she must and has to avoid them learning spoilers
  • has a diary the Doctor musn’t read
  • like, he CAN’T, he’s not allowed and him knowing his future could be devastating for the space time continuum. This book is about their love story and the Doctor knowing could jeopardize everything and she needs to protect these precious moments from being accidentally erased 
  • it is her duty to protect their timeline,
  • dies saving the Doctor; puts a brave front even though she’s at this point a stranger to him, spend her last moments rassuring him, telling him this is only their beginning for him

Mary Watson

  • knows Sherlock wants to help her and means her no harm when she shoots him
  • may or may have not called an ambulance, the jury is still out on this one;
  • would have shot Sherlock again in Leinster garden, only her picture on the facade stopped her
  • is not her real name; she once said her initials where A.G.R.A but apparently that was also a lie, others characters try to guess but she doesn’t confirm anything
  • went to kill Magnussen because what he has on her could put her to prison, doesn’t want to pay for crimes she did commit
  • lies, all the time, she hasn’t said anything true in all the time we’ve known her. We have no idea why she does that
  • has a memory stick John mustn’t not read
  • well, he COULD but this is about who she was before she met him, him knowing the truth would apparently make him stop loving her instantly
  • threw the responsability of ending their marriage to John, he is the one who has to decide if he wants to read the memory stick. By giving the key, she has put the burden on his shoulders
  • dies saving Sherlock, for some reason. Tells that this act makes her even with Sherlock and talks how she’s loved being Mrs Watson, keeps talking about herself when John is in distress over her dying

River Song and Mary Watson seems very alike at first glance, but one has a heart while the other wasn’t given one. This is these precious things River Song has done that makes her likeable and a great character who is despite her moments inherantly good. These selfless actions however are all reversed with Mary who seems in comparison very selfish.

Moffat knew how to make her likeble and yet did not. Where he could have turned her into another complex character, he didn’t.

However, she can still be an excellent vilain if we finally acknowledge that she is inherently decieving and selfish.

brokenwithperfect  asked:

Question that just came up to me... at 12:00 in the morning, do you think that destiel would be different today or deans actions towards cas would be different today and the seasons before if john would've still be alive do you think destiel would exist? because I know destiel was little bit of cockles fault but... idk what do you think 💭🤔

This is a really interesting question…

I feel like John being alive would have made Dean rebel earlier. I was talking to @super-sootica about this and we agreed that the issue in part is similar with John as it was with Mary - that you cannot compete with a ghost. He has in his own way been demonised in some respects but also martyrised by his death.

In a similar way that John and Mary’s marriage was “never perfect until she died”, I think both Sam and Dean struggle with the memory of John and reconciling the good with the bad and their memories.

In addition to this the fact that John died for Dean. If that isn’t pressure to live up to his expectations I don’t know what is.

For Dean a huge part of what was expected of him from John was always to look out for Sammy, since he was 4 years old and also a running theme throughout all the flashbacks and the early seasons. It is in part because of this that I think Dean has struggled so much to let go of Sam as his child, as his responsibility and to let him grow up, it is as much that he wants to look after Sam as he still feels this burden from his father (and his mother’s death by proxy, which is why it is so relevant that he is letting Sam go more clearly now that she is back).

In terms of Destiel therefore it is a difficult one. We can see that in recent years Dean has been letting go more and more of his facade, of his issues from the past. However this is not completely gone. 

I wrote a lot earlier this year about Chuck and Amara and how they are so relevant to Cas and Dean’s arcs and how Amara’s giving Dean Mary back is a huge step towards his reconciling his past within himself and moving forwards. To me this is what Mary’s story is this season, as much as I would like her to be her own character, it is clear that her main impact so far in terms of what we care about and what is portrayed emotionally, is how she affects Sam and Dean. Sam, she has helped get over his guilt and separate from Dean in some ways, grow out of him, and Dean, well, it is clear that Mary is a huge part of his performing!Dean facade coming down and allowing him to feel that he deserves some kind of self worth and love.

In this sense for me Mary is a bit like an anti-John/John mirror. Where John’s presence made Dean clam up and repress everything, Mary is reversing this. It is subversion but both characters probably aren’t or weren’t even aware that they were having this effect on Dean!

In a way if John was still around perhaps he would have changed after the season 4/5 arc regarding his boys, but if we are thinking of John as he was in earlier seasons and how he has been portrayed since his death, I feel like Dean would have rebelled a long time ago, probably with Sam and this would have made them closer. Dean might have opened up to Sam, he might have used this rebellion as a key point in dropping his facade.

And that is why I love Mary this season as she is in part representing this for us - and this is why we have this rebellion, Sam getting his ‘out’ but is it really what he wants? He wants to hunt, but also wants something more. Dean dropping his facade and feeling like he deserves more than he ever has before.

Isn’t it fantastic?!!

Killian Jones and The Girl Who Lived 6/8

Ahhhh….we’re in the home stretch! I hope everyone has enjoyed it so far. I love hearing from all of you… A great big thank you to @icecubelotr44​ for being such an awesome beta. Also a shout out to @prongsie​ and @jemmingart​ for being such great artists and cheerleaders. I’ve loved getting to see what their brains come up with to complement my crazy, little story.

As usual, this chapter is up on and Ao3 if those are your preferred platforms. 

Word Count: 5.2k

Rating: G

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Chapter Six: Nicholas Flamel

“You’re sure?” Mary Margaret asked.

The Great Hall bustled with activity as students slid into their places at the tables. Every now and then, the vocal exuberance of a reunion would punctuate the air. Students had been arriving at Hogwarts all day, most of them glad to see friends and excited for the second half of term.

Mary Margaret leaned over the table, her hand practically in the middle of a bowl of pudding as she quizzed the three of them.

Emma sighed, exchanging a long-suffering glance with David. “Is it possible to transfigure yourself into someone else?”

“That’s not transfiguration,” Killian supplied around a mouthful of biscuit—the kind that had rarely crossed the threshold back home, with decadent icing and sprinkles.

David squinted at Mary Margaret. “Are you positive about that? Because Mary Margaret sort of sounds like McGonagall on pop quiz day.”

“I just want to know if you found anything,” Mary Margaret said. She sat back with a huff, not even muttering as Killian reached for another treat.

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If Callie does not turned out to be evil or brainwashed by the time Splatoon 2 comes out

I hope that fans can still enjoy the AU of it. Be it for Callie, a reverse role where Marie is the one on the Octarians’ side, or anything else. There’s lots of amazing art and possible fanfic ideas of it, it shouldn’t be considered dumped if it turns out to be something different.

I do have high hopes for Nintendo. But if things take for a different turn, let’s not be sad about it. The series and game are really amazing! We can still enjoy having it as an AU for fanworks of the past to present. I have seen amazing art based on what little we know! Some may say we took it a little too seriously and shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet, but never hurts to imagine a little based on some hints or clues that can be backed up. ^////^ ;;

Doubt this can help give a pep talk, but at least I wanted to get this ramble off my chest!

Stay fresh, everyone! 🦑

role reversal au: mary, lily, alice, and marlene are the marauders.

“They were inseparable. There was Lily Evans, a fiery young witch. Prefect then head girl. Marlene McKinnon was never far behind — the youngest girl to be accepted on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Eventual captain, as well. Alice Fortescue, who could command and clear a room like no one else in her year, was often found with them. Then Mary MacDonald completed the crew — and she was quite possibly the bravest of them all. Astounding girls, they were, but they had a knack for trouble.”

trappedinathoughtbubble  asked:

Actually that John doesn't want to *hear*/*know* Mary's story/past is him showing that he respects her wish. She doesn't want him to read the files on the USB stick, not only in front of her, but never. She doesn't want him to not love her. And John trusts his *Mary* unconditionally and it doesn't matter to him who she was in her past. She isn't that person anymore. Her past is not important to him, because she doesn't want it to affect her future. And John decides he is fine with that.

I love it when people start their messages with “Actually” because it always sounds like “Actually, you’re completely wrong.”

Actually, loving someone doesn’t preclude acting in unhealthy ways. John and Mary love each other, yes. That doesn’t mean either of them are doing healthy things. Trusts her unconditionally–how could he possibly do that? She’s lied to him since the day they met and he has trust issues. That’s the first thing we learn about him in ASIP.

John isn’t fine with being lied to. He hates being lied to. If he were fine with it, it wouldn’t have taken him months to forgive her. He forgave Sherlock for faking his death in a couple days, as an example. It took John a very long time to decide he could move past it, and he even said he was still going to be angry in the future. He’s not over it.

She isn’t that person anymore–she is still that person. She still has her gun. She broke into Magnussen’s office and was threatening to kill him. Then she literally shot Sherlock, her husband’s best friend, to keep her secret. Then she threatened Sherlock, still her husband’s best friend, in his hospital bed in an extremely creepy and psychopathic way. “You don’t tell him.” She didn’t tell John she shot him. She tracked Sherlock down, with her gun in her purse, to continue to threaten him to keep her secret. She also never apologized, except for the moment just before she shoots Sherlock. She never apologizes to John for lying to him. She never apologizes to Sherlock again for nearly killing him. She never explains her side of the story.

I feel like a lot of people’s readings of Mary is heavily gendered. I’m not sure how intentional this was in the show, but imagine if the situation and genders were reversed. Let’s say Mary and Sherlock are a pair of friends and John is this new person who comes in.

John lies about his identity and marries Mary after knowing her for only a few months. Then he shoots Mary’s best friend and lies about it. He doesn’t tell his wife that he shot her friend. He goes to his friend’s bedside and threatens him not to tell his wife in an unambiguously evil and sing-songy voice.

John: You don’t tell her. You don’t tell Mary. Look at me – and tell me you’re not gonna tell her.

John: Because Mary can’t ever know that I lied to her. It would break her and I would lose her forever – and, Sherlock, I will never let that happen. Please understand. There is nothing in this world that I would not do to stop that happening.

Sherlock brings them back to 221B and forces a conversation between them. Mary is furious she was lied to.

Mary: Why is everything my fault?

Sherlock says Mary has an addiction to a dangerous lifestyle and everyone she’s surrounded herself with is proof of that. [Let’s not wonder what the hell he was thinking with this whole conversation because that’s a can of worms.]

John: Don’t read it in front of me. Because you won’t love me when it’s finished, and I don’t want to see that happen. […] He’s right. You did see that. And you married me. Because he’s right. It’s what you like.

Mary then forgives John and takes him back.

How gross would this scene be? This scene would be gross. In fact, this scene is gross with Mary and John in their original roles. This is a perfect example of an abusive relationship.

I feel like if we were meant to see Mary as a conflicted ex-spy who’s just trying to have a normal life and honestly feels bad about shooting her husband’s best friend and her friend then we would have seen a lot of apologizing and a lot of sympathetic telling of her backstory. An explanation. Instead, we get a very very brief glimpse of her backstory with a whole lot of “Mary is willing to kill anyone and everyone who will John who she really is” with no trace at all of her former bubbly and understanding personality that we all loved in TEH and TSOT. There is a brief glimpse at the end of the reconciliation scene of John and Mary falling back into their banter but it is very short and really doesn’t do much to erase the whole middle part of the episode where Mary is scary as shit. Without further proof of her character and motivations–we have to wait for S4 for that–there’s no way I trust her.  

You don’t have to agree with my take on Mary, and that’s fine.