Man branded ‘racist’ after opening 'Really British' store
Chris Ostwald was shocked when his store became the centre of a racism storm after it opened in Muswell Hill in London, with shoppers accusing him of making a political statement.

>Be British
>Be in Britain
>Sell British products
>Be branded racist and attacked

The tolerant, non-racist crowd was so angry with his fascist store they.. bullied his foreign assistant so hard she quit her job..

“His critics have accused him of being insensitive during a period of heightened cultural tension.”

“[…] having a big sign saying ‘Really British’ makes me feel you’re implying that other local businesses in the area are therefore somehow 'not really British’.“

“[…] you might have chosen a more inclusive name in 2016.”

…ok like real question how do yall know that chris pratt was disapproving of jennifer lawrence with his silence…they probably laughed together backstage like how do u know the white camaraderie isnt there behind closed doors….my rule of thumb is that whites are all guilty until proven innocent

An old contest entry for the old Fusionfall Legacy site

Drawn back in the summer of 2015, all my favourite characters! (They asked for ONE… absolutely ridiculous. even added fusions because nothing can stop me) I still absolutely love how it came out! A shame I never got around to post it or see the other entries in the contests.

But yeah! One of my favourite Fusionfall related pieces I did.

Bill Cipher Aesthetic 👁