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love your art :) btw can we do a role revesal? you know instead of g/t vore it's t/g vore? you know with the tiny eating the giant? an eksampel of this could be a 10 meter (with tail) long naga, whose human body is as big as a normal human, swallows a 9 meter tall and 2 meter wide giant? he's a snake, the snake belly can streach. or maybe a fairy swallowing a human and ends up looking like a giant yoga-ball with it's tiny body at the top? you know something where the small eats the big :)

Oh my gosh the poor tiny wouldn’t be able to move with a belly that big. And the giant would be all squished in there aaah (and thank you friend!! <3)


Hey Guys, Gals, and Non-binary pals! Time for an awesome Giveaway! Over the past few days I’ve caught Auslove a total of five times and these two are my favorite so I wanted to share them with you all!!! 

First up is!:

Pokemon: Goodra

Nickname: none

Gender/Lvl: Female/100

Nature: Modest

Ability: Sap Sipper 

Held Item: Life Orb

Next is!:

Pokemon: Flygon 

Nickname: none 

Gender/Lvl: Male/100

Nature: Careful

Ability: Levitate 

Held Item: Leftovers

How to get these two! 

Deposit a Pichu name ForGman into the gts! 

This giveaway will go on until I make a post saying its over! Please feel free to send asks! I really enjoy answering yalls questions! 

Could I get a boost?? @xoxogarnet @profsycamore @professor-shiny-toke @duckgiveaways @shiny-milotic-giveaways @gaymer-maid 

Role Reversal AU where Jack and Ashi switch places. Ashi is the lone samurai wandering the Earth in search of a way home and helping everyone she meets, but is slowly losing her mind over the years and doesn’t age. Jack is the leader of seven identical brothers, the Sons of Aku, whose only goal in life is to kill Samurai Ashi but deep down he wishes he could be free to choose his own destiny.

Oh yeah and all the ladies who ever flirted with Jack in canon still flirt with Ashi in this AU, and she is equally clueless on how to handle it.

Giveaway Poll #3 CLOSED !

Our winners:
1. Pumpkaboo
2. Maractus
3. Rotom
4. Morelull

I will try my hardest to hold the giveaway tonight (March 23rd), but I may have to push it back to tomorrow. If it is tonight, it will begin around 6pm central and go till about 9. 

You will need four male Salandit, any level, nicknamed NJSKGA ! Hope you can make it !


When Oliver said this (in 5x17)
….you want to go back and rewatch Arrow,
but then you have to ask yourself..

1- Is it the Spear of Destiny’s fault
2- Flashpoint/Barry’s fault
3- Has Oliver always been this crazy (and we never batted an eye)