Trust Me

A KevEdd drabble from me to you 💕

“Eddward, are you okay?” Kevin called from the doorway that led into their shared bedroom. Turning his head slowly, worry and sympathy quickly crossed Kevin’s face before disappearing altogether. His beloved nerd was sitting cross-legged on their king size bed surrounded by a bunch of books and papers. His hair was matted, due to his unruly curls not being brushed, dark circles danced around the bottom of his eyes, and his skin was unnaturally pale.

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What Lies Beneath

Hey guys I was working on this for Telepathy Twins week but ended up being too late. So here you go anyway.

This reverse falls one shot takes place when the twins are eleven and before they have moved to Gravity Falls.


A deep sigh filtered through her rose red lips, irritation hanging on her breath. Her manicured nails drummed impatiently against the redwood table. Mabel wished she had the sense to lock her bedroom door before her twin could barge in and restate his proposition. He had been making the same argument for the past two weeks, but she refused to budge. Usually she didn’t mind agreeing to his decisions, considering they were thought out with the utmost precision. But the choice to uproot everything they had built was not one she could get behind. Mabel was currently sketching her newest costume design, trying to figure out what type of skirt to give herself as her brother continued to act as overly annoying background noise.

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Raven walked into the meeting room, feeling a bit flustered as she reorganized the charts in the folio in front of her. She had been working up until the last moment before the meeting, and she pushed her deadline just a little too close. What in the world was she even thinking! She needed to keep her head on straight, but sometimes it was too easy to get distracted with her work. Especially when Tim brought her new data he wanted her to analyze and then things got a bit… sidetracked.

Raven bit back an embarrassing, girlish sound, and her cheeks flushed. Really, she tried to block out the taste of Tim’s kisses - coffee and just a little vanilla creamer. It was one thing to think about these things behind closed doors when no one was looking, but not when she was flying down the hallway to get to a meeting with Damian.

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ariam-jan  asked:

REVERSE DIPIFICA 2 PLZ! (Lol sorry when I saw this I just had to ask quickly!)

2. Things you said through your teeth

Yay! Mini fic! I could write for these two losers all day!


“You don’t get off my property right now, Pines and I’m gonna blacken both of your gorgeous eyes.” Pacifica hissed through bared teeth. Her hands clenched at her sides so tightly that her knuckles began to fade white and he was sure that her nails were tiny divots into her skin.

He, however, didn’t focus on the deadly hostility in her voice or the low growl that rumbled from her gut to her teeth. Dipper only took notice on one word that agreed with him. He tilted his head curiously at the fuming blonde, lips twitching with amusement upon seeing those big violet eyes blazing with rage and ferocity. God, he loved seeing her riled up like this. It made her more scorching and beautiful than the sun.

“You think they’re gorgeous?” he asked, flashing his best charming show smile, the one that always had his fangirls weak at the knees.

The way her eyes widened in alarm with twinges of horror was a pretty sight. Bubblegum pink lips fell open into a perfect ‘o’ and her chest rose with a fearful gasp. She went stiff as a board when full realization of what she said hit her like a speeding truck.

Dipper took full advantage of her shocked state and took a step closer to her, so close that their toes touched.

“If it makes you feel any better,” Dipper whispered, slashed grin on his face as he gently brushed his finger against against the soft and flushed skin of her cheek. “I think your eyes are gorgeous too.”

A livid fire ignited in her eyes and Dipper didn’t have the foresight nor the time to stop her fist from colliding with his face. A painful crack sounded when her knuckles crashed into his eye. And he was sent flying a couple steps back, just barely regaining his footing.

Dipper rubbed his swelling eye as Pacifica stormed away from him and back towards the Mystery Shack. As she left, he could hear her growling the word ‘stupid’ over and over again to herself through gritted teeth.

Even with the slowly blackening eye, he couldn’t help but smile.


“We are friends once more, guys!”

Ed picks Edd and Eddy up into his arms.

Look! Ed makes them hug it out. They have hugged in fear three times throughout the series. Hmm, I wonder if that says anything.

It always depends on who is touching Eddy. He can never stand a hug from Ed because we all know how filthy he can get. Eddy must like how Edd smells so clean. He has always felt safe with Edd.

Ed is crying with joy because everything is okay now. This was the scariest moment of his life. They have been close to ending their friendship in the past, such as Fistful, but he was helpless. He thought his worst fear was coming true. When his friends screamed to stay out of it he believed the only reason they have been around him is because of his name.

But, he still thinks that. He doesn’t tell his friends how he feels until the deleted confessions scene. Everything isn’t better between them yet. They have come to terms with their emotions, but they don’t fully understand one another along with what makes them act the way they do.

But, Ed and Edd find that Eddy is going through a hard time. Seeing a friend cry is something that is very personal. Seeing Eddy cry brought Edd to a whole new level of understanding because Eddy doesn’t think all too highly of himself.

None of them do.

Around one another, they know there is more then what their families see.

Ed decides to carry Edd and Eddy three miles to where Bro lives.

I forgot to mention, but if you look closely on one of the signs it says three miles to civilization.

It’s the least he can do for them after this heated argument. Ed likes to put someone else’s needs before him. This is a great example about how he treats Sarah. He thinks that she’s more important even though she treats him with disrespect.

Ed nearly starts running the wrong way when they go back to journeying to find Eddy’s brother.

I like how Edd stops Ed by grabbing hold of his face. You would never see him doing this because Edd has always been such a germaphobe around Ed.

This is the first sign that Edd is starting to let go of his fear. The mud didn’t do anything bad to him. And that’s a sign of growing up. Edd needed to overcome fears in order to overcome the mask he has been hiding under.

And they were almost going to leave down the road Edd was going to go.

Edd turns them away from the past.

They have forgiven, but they will never forget this. This is something that they had to experience because they have been on the rocks for a while now.

But, mainly Eddy had to learn this lesson. He almost lost his best friend. Eddy has a better understanding about how people’s emotions work, but he still has a long way to go.

At least he learned never to take advantage of a friendship that he never wanted to lose.

Favorite EddEddy Moment #29

Edd is the first person to approach Eddy’s Brother to get him to stop hurting Eddy.

This moment says so much about how far Edd has come throughout the series. He finds his courage. Not only that, but he lets go of some of his OCD obsessions like his fear of germs. He comes to realization that they’re such little things to worry about.

If this were the early seasons would you see Edd doing this? He finds his character in season 3, but he is still unsure of himself. Eddy taught him to rely on himself. Eddy never told him to approach his brother. This was on his own instincts not knowing what was going to happen. Edd rarely ever takes a risk because he wants to think up a clear hypothesis.

Eddy means so much to Edd that he cannot bare to see his best friend get hurt. Their friendship has grown throughout the movie where they came to terms with who each other is and accept that.

Right now, Edd knows that there is something wrong with this situation. He has never had a sibling, but he knows that this is wrong.

Ed and Edd are the brothers that Eddy always wanted. This moment will always stay with Eddy because somebody actually tried to help him.