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Hahaha omg but with the possible reviving of Sakumo in reverse literally all I can think about is Kakashi's reaction to the OroSaku. "Dad no. Why. That is a dangerous missing nin you are making out with, right in front of me, and I haven't killed nearly enough people to deserve this dAD STOP-"

YES THANK YOU IM LAUGHING SO HARD. Maybe Orochimaru is in charge of the resurrection and Sakumo opens his eyes and - 

“Angel,” Sakumo says dreamily, smiling up at the man hovering over him.

Orochimaru blinks at him. Blinks again. He glances over at Kabuto, who would look equally nonplussed if he allowed himself any facial expressions beyond ‘smug’, and says, “Add hallucinations to the list of side effects, Kabuto, thank you.”

Kakashi, hovering off to the side, is so utterly horrified he can’t even speak. 

“I’m not hallucinating,” Sakumo says mildly, pushing himself up on one elbow, his eyes still on Orochimaru. “But there aren’t a lot of ways to wake up once you’re dead, and I have to say, this is just about the best one I could imagine.”

Orochimaru eyes him the way anyone else might a brightly colored snake. “It is,” he finally says, too flat to be a question. 

Sakumo offers up a cheerful, easygoing smile. “You’re just as pretty as I remember you being, Orochi-kun. More, probably.”

Surprise flickers over Orochimaru’s features for a flash before it’s buried. “You remember me.”

“Of course I do.” Sakumo’s smile doesn’t waver, but his eyes are even warmer. “I’ve never served with a better shinobi. You were incredibly talented. And it’s hard to forget a face that lovely.”

“Oh no,” Jiraiya mutters from the back of the room. “That’s it, he’s gone. Done. Loyalty assured. Goddamn, Hatake. I’m remembering why I hate you.”

“Shut your mouth, Jiraiya,” Orochimaru orders without so much as shifting his gaze from Sakumo’s, but there’s color high up on his cheeks, all too visible against the paleness of his skin.

Kurama’s eyebrows have taken up residence somewhere near his hairline. He glances over at Kakashi, who’s mouthing something through his mask that might possibly be Dad no Dad what are you doing, and says pointedly, “You know, if you were as smooth as him, it would have saved us a hell of a lot of grief.”

Kakashi buries his face in his hands and doesn’t answer.