The Legend of the Rarest Gender

A new good comic from Sophie Labelle (”Assigned Male”)! 

Many societies throughout history have had a positive attitude towards gender variance. 

In many shamanistic societies transgender and two spirit people were revered, because they were able to move beyond the limits everyday experience. Because of this they often became shamans, healers, priests/priestesses and leaders.

I feel like there’s a bunch of authors out there whose ardent fans - who had assembled from four different countries mostly to retrace the steps of a bunch of fictional characters they created and/or historical events they referenced - would have reacted to walking around their former-residence-current-museum-thing with, let’s say, hushed reverence, or wide-eyed excitement, rather than increasingly hysterical laughter to the point where museum staff were eyeing us with suspicion like we were a load of uncultured louts who had somehow stumbled into a place of cultural significance.

But then I feel there are also a bunch of authors who would not have thought ‘Finally I can decorate my home how I like; I’m going to fill it to bursting with my own hand-drawn and unbelievably Yikes chinoiserie and paper the ceiling in the exact same migraine-inducing pattern as the wallpaper, the curtains, and the weird skirt thing around the top of the walls so that it looks like one of those nightmarish terriblerealestatephotography rooms’. Or who wouldn’t have had loads of giant busts of themselves and their High Forehead ™ just hangin’ around on the mantelpiece, as you do. Or else they would have had the kind of Author Museum where it would have seemed jarring and out-of-place rather than Somehow Totally Fitting that even the toilets were decorated in such violent shades of magenta (ladies) or chartreuse (men’s) that they induced actual afterimages on exit.

So, you know.
'Suicide Squad': Director David Ayer on Creating a New Joker
'Suicide Squad' director David Ayer on creating a new Joker and how the fallout from 'Batman v Superman' affected his all-star supervillain movie.

“I don’t even know how to describe the damn thing,” says director David Ayer, just after wrapping post-production on Suicide Squad, his star-packed, supervillain-centric, DC Comics-based probable blockbuster, hitting theaters on August 5th. “It’s not like anything else. And it’s not trying to be like anything else.”

Full interview under the cut

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would you ever write a nonbinary or genderfluid character?

I have a book in the works (reading An Ember in the Ashes and Throne of Glass really makes me want to work on it), working title is Hallows. And it’s about this fantasy world where there are generally regular people like us and then these people called Hallows, and a certain number are born every generation, and they have special powers because they’re anthropomorphic personifications of certain traits of humanity - hope, joy, wonder, fear, etc. Things that have had a major impact on the development of human culture (hope and fear have influenced a great many solar festivals).

So in this world, in some countries Hallows are considered normal people with jobs like how doctors, lawyers, bakers, and butchers are just normal people with jobs. In some countries they’re revered in the same was as oracles and priests. In others, they’re considered royalty. And in some, they’re second class citizens or even enslaved or considered “enemies of the state.”

And my 2 characters - Maya and Sethsis - are each Hallows. Maya is a hope-Hallow and Sethsis is a joy-Hallow. Sethsis is also genderfluid. And the two of them are from different kingdoms - Maya from a kingdom where Hallows are just people, Sethsis where Hallows are treated like royalty - but they’re both kidnapped (Sethsis is disguised as a regular guy just chilling with normal peeps at the time) and sold into slavery to fight in the gladiator pits in one of the other kingdoms. They team up in order to survive until they can fight their way to the final tournament, where they have to survive for a moon in the wilds with other Hallows and soldiers and competitors trying to kill them.

So it’s sort of like The Hunger Games meets Ancient Rome with Egyptian and Yoruban mythology thrown in through the lens of Rise of the Guardians.

But one of my leads is Sethsis, who is genderfluid. I just need a name other than genderfluid for this book because as it has been pointed out to me before, high fantasy novels wouldn’t use the same words we would for things like that.

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I'm writing a Chekov x Reader fanfiction because he's my favorite character. But I'm way too embarrassed to tell anyone it's me

never eve rever ev er ever EVER be embarrassed for the things you create because you use your cute little brain and you work so hard so you deserve the recognition okay never be fearful for the things your mind can do 

Element Dreams

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The Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

The spirit of a Fire body conjures the elixir of pure magic,
a fire dance of dream weaving, apparition, revelation, and divine dust that bursts in fireballs of crackling intuition. Aries spins a lucid Alice in Wonderland
imagination into a live playground, spiraling down the chorus of cosmos and reaching new heights in captivating flight,
flinging into the universe headfirst without hesitation or hindrance. Leo is ripe and ready to revel in the celebration of life and being, the eternal
cosmic spectacle that fire twirls under the sun and spins under the spotlight
of stars. Everything is grand, beautiful, and coated in a reverent inferno.The Sagittarius mind is ablaze with philosophical riches and colourful
worldly wisdom. Their enchanted bow and arrow is shot into the
golden radiance of heaven, and as they ride, they fly, rolling through the
musings of the moon and the thoughts of the sky Gods and angels

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The Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Sensuality nourishes the mind, body, and spirit with earth. As we return to the gentle rhythms of the seasons, earth grounds us with simplicity, to breathe in the fresh country air, to feel the moisture of the ocean kissing your skin, to manage the equilibrium that always returns to stability.
Earthy individuals are aligned with time, detail, and consolidation.They process stimulus logically and with a sort of naturalistic poetry. Often there is an introverted and internalized quality about earth people. Taurus is the music of mother earth, Virgo is the embroidery of natural perfection, and Capricorn is the soul of earthly wisdom.
They are withdrawing, focused, and intelligent, in touch with the physical body and typically responsive to its needs. This is why earthy people can go on binges and detoxes naturally, they just listen to the voice of their body

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The Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Air is the essence that travels through every body and
every spirit. It is the medium that human beings speak and communicate through. Air exists within all of us, this invisible and translucent quality that you can’t grab a hold of for a minute. Thoughts
are invisible and opaque too
this is why Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius people can float through life in an air bubble, cushioned by veiled words and puzzles
The Air signs play the pan flute of the cosmos, inspires the breeze of everyone, breathing in the thoughts and musings of every man
and they swirl in the mind like a spectacular orchestra, the Air sign person inhales language and words, decorates and designs
and like exhaling through the panflute, they turn words into music, they turn thoughts into a melody, poetry, a tactile bliss of sensory delight

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The Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

The water signs symbolize the elements of historical feminine healing; witches, midwives, and nurses. They are the fundamental forces of life, their creative ether is sourced through the womb of the goddess. Music of the invisible world plays a loud orchestra in their ears and emotions are
experienced on a more extensive and intense resonance. Sleep offers a momentary solace, but even dream life tends to be vivid and potent. There is very often an internal demand to retreat in solitude, hideaway from the clamor of the world, conceal themselves within their sanctuary.
Water is the dissolute mirror, where the flap of a butterfly wing seems to send
a whirlpool through the impression; and yet here lies the liquid force so
powerful it holds up whole vessels


The Spirit of America (Foreign Affairs):

The American Revolution would not have happened without a copious supply of beer and rum; even Paul Revere stopped for a few draughts at his friend Isaac Hall’s tavern on his famous ride to Lexington. The defiance, which led to the revolution, began with anger against a series of British taxes levied on the new colony, including the 1733 tax on imported molasses used to make rum. Americans, already robust drinkers, resented the levy.

Meeting in the basement of the Green Dragon Tavern in the 1770s, the Sons of Liberty schemed against their British rulers. When the Crown taxed tea, a group of the Sons boarded three British tea ships to secure the tea so that it could not be unloaded, therefore enacting a British law that required the return of unloaded cargo after 20 days if not delivered. Under the influence of alcohol, these colonists suddenly had a better idea—unloading the tea themselves by throwing it overboard. “Last night 3 cargos of Bohea tea were emptied into the sea,” the American revolutionary and later U.S. President John Adams wrote in his diary the next day. “This destruction of the tea is so bold, so daring, so firm, intrepid and inflexible, and it must have so important consequences and so lasting, that I can’t but consider it as an epocha in history.”

Ethan Allen, one of the great Revolutionary War heroes, was a proud Vermont drunk with a storied capacity for alcohol. Fueled by his usual cocktail of rum and hard cider, Allen broke into Fort Ticonderoga in the early morning hours of May 10, 1775, with a small force of loyal Green Mountain Boys, a local revolutionary militia. This ragtag force boldly (and drunkenly) marched up to the quarters of Captain William Delaplace of His Majesty’s 26th, the fort’s commandant. Delaplace had not even managed to get his pants on before Allen burst into his bedroom, and the masterful takeover of the fort proved to be a turning point for the Colonial Army. It demonstrated that the British could be outsmarted, even if they had greater numbers and more ammunition. The Ticonderoga cannons were later carried south, mounted on Dorchester Heights, and used to drive the British out of Boston.

Throughout American history, American armies were likewise fueled by liquid courage. Washington himself said he would never send men into battle unless they were moderately drunk.

go home, America, you’re drunk


James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834–1903, United States/England)


Whistler was an American artist, active during the American Gilded Age and based primarily in England. He was averse to sentimentality and moral allusion in painting, and was a leading proponent of the credo “art for art’s sake”. His signature on many of his paintings was in the shape of a stylized butterfly possessing a long stinger for a tail.

Finding a parallel between painting and music, Whistler entitled many of his paintings Arrangements, Harmonies, and Nocturnes, emphasizing the primacy of tonal harmony. His most famous painting is Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1 (1871), commonly known as Whistler’s Mother, the revered and oft-parodied portrait of motherhood. Whistler influenced the art world and the broader culture of his time with his artistic theories and his interactions with leading artists and writers.

Anonymous said: hi!! you said you don’t mind questions about your writing and i just wanted to ask, if you get back into naruto enough to write it, would you still consider writing that one fic idea you had on your profile where naruto invents his own jutsu but like instead of wood release he goes for flowers? bc that sounded super cute

:o I forgot all about that. 

After a bit of digging around in my docs, here is what I have (incomplete tho):

Flower Style 

Summary: Naruto had always loved plants, so it was only fitting that he would replicate Konoha’s most revered style. Except not exactly. “It’s not Mokuton without trees! That’s some kind of, of Hanaton! Flower Style!”


part 1

Heading down the hall at a pace that was a shade too brisk to be entirely suited for the Hokage, Sarutobi mentally cursed the fussy daimyo, his long winded messenger, and the incompetent assistants who hadn’t been able to handle him without summoning the Hokage.

Because of them, Sarutobi had been interrupted during one of his rare days off, when he was finally able to spend time with Naruto. Knowing how desperately lonely the young boy got, especially now that he was judged old enough not to need a caretaker’s supervision, Sarutobi hadn’t wanted to send him away, even for work. He had hoped the matter could be resolved quickly, so he had simply left Naruto in his office…

But while Naruto was truly a sweet, kind boy, he was also an energetic, lively one, and Sarutobi could only wince as he imagined the state of his office after the tender mercies of a bored five year old.

“Naruto, I’m back,” Sarutobi announced loudly as he opened the door to his office.

“I wasn’t doing anything!” Naruto blurted out, immediately hiding his hands behind his back.

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bloody hell

I was just doing some research on the Udjat as a symbol in Egyptian mythology and, whoa, suddenly it becomes a whole lot more profound for Pharah than I originally thought! It’s a symbol of Pharah taking up the role of protector, and something done in honor of her mother, but here are a few more points that I discovered:

  • The Udjat is closely associated with parental reverence and resurrection. Horus’s left eye was originally gouged out by Set in battle. After the eye was restored, Horus offered the eye to his deceased father, Osiris, which restored Osiris to life (this is probably the most pertinent point).
  • Although it was originally the left eye that was gouged out by Set, the Udjat is often depicted to be the right eye. The right eye is associated with the Ra, the sun god, while the left is associated with the moon. The right eye is linked to positivity and victory.
  • The Udjat is hybrid of a human’s eye and a falcon’s eye – Horus was either depicted as a falcon-headed god, or as a falcon, and was the patron deity of pharaohs.
  • There’s some neat math associated with each piece of the Udjat, though the significance of the proportions has been challenged.
  • One source has the Udjat associated with a rising cobra, which may add some significance to Pharah’s cobra spray.

There’s a lot of other neat stuff I found during the time I spent traipsing around the internet reading about the Udjat; sources under the cut below.

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Extra Fingers and Toes Were Revered in Ancient Culture

In the great houses of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, having an extra toe was one way to garner a lot of respect.

A unique prehistoric Pueblo culture thrived in the high desert of Chaco Canyon about a thousand years ago. Scientists have known about polydactyly among these people for years, based on images and skeletal remains showing extremities with extra fingers and toes. But past research revealed only hints about its importance to the ancient culture.

Initially intrigued by the divine powers attributed to polydactyls among the Maya, researchers led by anthropologist Patricia Crown of the University of New Mexico conducted a comprehensive review of evidence for the condition at the canyon’s sacred Pueblo Bonito site.

The findings, published today in American Antiquity, indicate that the society did not view six-toed individuals as supernatural, but this form of polydactyly did grant them exalted status in life and in death. Read more.