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Butterflies Part 3

Can I ask for Jack Benjamin imagine? Where reader loves him and trying to stop from all the mess he’s got himself into? - anon

Jack Benjamin x Reader

Part 1, Part 2

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Gath had offered a peace treaty, the war would finally be over. Everyone was out in the streets celebrating, you hadn’t seen this many people so joyful in years, it was a sight to see. You had heard rumours amongst the staff that Jack was being essentially demoted to a desk job, some made more rude comments but quickly shut up when you shot them a  glare.

You didn’t want to believe it, Jack was one of the best soldiers you had ever met and anyone who had been under his command could account for that. However, the rumours were confirmed true when Jack stormed past you in the hallway without even looking at you.

“Jack? Is everything alright?” you asked concerned and jogged after him down the long hallway.

“No, leave me alone,” he said sharply without turning around.

“Talk to me,” you pleaded, finally catching up with him, you placed your hand on his shoulder and he turned around harshly.

You could see the rage in his eyes alongside the fact that he had recently been crying for reasons unknown to you, you could also smell alcohol on him. “You said everything would be fine, but it’s not. So leave me the hell alone, Y/N, I don’t want to see you right now,” he said lowly, dangerously and stormed off down the hallway leaving you shocked still in the middle of it.

The peace didn’t last for long, before you knew it Silas was giving orders to invade Gath now when they would least expect it. The whole country was shook by this announcement and a heavy feeling settled over the castle, none of the staff dared say anything whilst tensions were high lest they lose their job. Nobody had seen Silas around since the order was made, you supposed that he had gone off to ‘Serenity’ again. Technically, you weren’t even supposed to know about it but you had overheard a conversation Thomasina had on the phone and you often wondered what it meant.

You hadn’t seen Jack since he stormed off and that was a while ago, you were on a break now and wandering around the palace looking for Jack when from the top of the stairs you saw Silas pin David to a wall and threaten him. From where you were you couldn’t hear what was being said but you could see the fear in David’s eyes.

When Silas left you scurried down the stairs to David, “What happened?” you asked quietly.

David straightened his jacket, “He’s the King and I tried telling him what to do, and I kissed his daughter.”

You blew out your cheeks, “Two big rookie mistakes then. He’ll get over it, just don’t do it again,” he advised.

“I can’t just stand here and let him go to war again. My brother is on the front lines, my friends.”

“I know,” you said sympathetically, “But there’s really nothing you can do. It sucks but that’s life.”

David did not take your advice. He had gone to see his brother who had been injured, the next you heard of him was life on tv. On the screen you could see him walking across no man’s land carrying a bloodied red sheet, you didn’t have to watch for long before you realised he was going over to Gath and surrendering on behalf of the country, without permission no doubt.

You watched it unfold before you, Gath didn’t kill him or try to shoot, instead they lowered their weapons and once again agreed to peace. In the following hour many interviews were held on the news, Silas told the reporters that he sent David to surrender and you knew full well that he was lying.

Sick of watching the news you went outside and ran into Reverend Samuels, “Hello, Miss. Y/N,” he greeted kindly.

“Reverend Samuels,” you greeted back with a small curtsy, “What brings you here. I can try and find King Silas for you,” you offered.

Samuels shook his head, took your arm and pulled him to the side, “I have already spoken to the King. Y/N I must warn you because I feel as if you are one of the few who I can trust with this information.”

“Okay,” you said slowly.

“Do you believe in God?”

He always asked you this question, ever since you were a child, and always you would reply, “I don’t know, but I believe that there’s something.”

Samuels nodded, “Long ago God or ‘something’ decided Silas was to be King. Silas no longer has that favour, a new King must be chosen.”
“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I see this country and these people. You have no hidden agenda, Y/N, surely you can see that things are changing?”

You nodded, it was true, you could feel a shift in the atmosphere. A pressing weight settling over the kingdom that could only mean something big was going to happen soon. Samuels side, “I have known you since you were a child and I would hate to see you go down the wrong path. Be careful who you keep your alliances with,” he said warningly then walked off without a second word.

You frowned as you thought over the Reverend’s words, Silas wasn’t meant to be King anymore? Then who was? Honestly you had no clue, it could be anyone after all. Jack was next in line for the throne but lately you didn’t know if he was ready for it, Silas had no royal background before he was chosen- who’s to say the same thing won’t happen and somebody else completely ordinary is meant to rule next.

Jack got into the car with his uncle. He had never particularly liked Cross but even he couldn’t argue that he was useful in some cases. “Silas is an old man, ruling as King is a young man’s game,” Cross said.

“When we take him off the throne there needs to be a King waiting, are you ready for that?”

“Yes,” Jack said with certainty in his voice.

Cross smiled slyly, “Good,” he almost purred, “We’ll need to make lot’s of changed of course. First in line get rid of that Sheppard character, next any of those with strong allegiance to Silas or anyone who could lead you astray.”

“Okay,” Jack agreed, already making a mental list of who that would include.

“That includes your little friend.”

Jack stopped dead in his tracks and looked over at Cross, “Y/N?”

“Yes, she needs to be gotten rid of. You and I both know she won’t agree with our methods, I know she’s your friend but this is a matter of much higher concern. See to it that she’s out of the way.”

Jack gulped and after a moment of hesitation spoke, “Yes, Uncle.”


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This edit of my selfie was submitted by @dougiefromscotland

Okay, then… Douglas. And I presume that is what your parents called you when they tried to get something through to you. (Because… well… see… that is what my parents also did… “Peter”, they said. And they failed… every time)

So… Douglas… this edit you made of my photo raises a couple of questions:

1) “Charisma” - I don’t have it. Why do you label me this way (and yes, this was a terrible pun. But I don’t apologize. Because if there is one thing in life I will never apologize for then it’s a terrible pun)
2) Why did you choose “Trespass”? I would never trespass anything. Except for the line between good and bad taste. Like with this photo.
3) The new shirt you gave me: Did you know that I once played “Reverend Samuel Parris” (And you knooow… “They called me the Reverend when I entered the Church unstained") in a stage production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”, in which “I” was responsible for the biggest witch hunt in US American history? You didn’t? Who then was that lad with the Scottish accent and the very… let’s say… overseeable hairdo in the audience? We will never know.
4) The new hairdo you gave me - the original “Peter hairdo”. Why? Just “why”? Okay… I know why. But still… “why” (… didn’t I think of this on Monday when I got my hair cut? I missed a chance)

Oh, and thank you for the laugh on a (literally) gray Friday morning, Doug ;))))

Turn Squads: Crack Musings

Created with help from @ask-abraham-woodhull

I’m Going To Touch Everyone’s Stuff Squad: Simcoe/ Caleb Brewster

I’ve Got Serious Table Manners Squad:  Major Hewlett, Major Andre, Benjamin Tallmadge 

Everyone is an annoying shite except me squad: Richard Woodhull/ Robert Rogers

The Raspy But Extremely Pleasant Voice Squad: Washington & only Washington

I’m Manipulative and I Don’t Care Squad: Mary Woodhull/ Richard Woodhull/ Simcoe

I’ve Got Nothing To Loose Squad: Samuel/Ben/Reverend Tallmadge,  Caleb Brewster, Anna Strong

I Don’t Want To Be a Spy but I’m a Spy Squad: Abraham Woodhull/ Robert Townsend

Please Leave Me To my Business Squad: Selah/ Robert Townsend/ Robert Rogers/ Akin-Bode 

I Look Really Unattractive With a Beard Squad: Abe/ Selah/ Hewlett/ Ben (probably) 

I Look Like A Kid Without Facial Hair: Brewster 

The I should Never Shave Squad: Robert Rogers/ Brewster

I’m So Rich You Don’t Understand Squad: Peggy Shippen/King George III

Lets Have Fun and Harass Abe Squad: Simcoe/ Richard/ Mary 

The Holy Shit We All LOVE Anna Squad: Abe/ Simcoe/ Hewlett/ Selah

Your Business Is My Business: Andre/ Tallmadge/ Hale/ Anna/ Caleb/ Townsend

The We Forgot About You but You are Horrible Squad: Benedict Arnold/ Bradford/ Charles Lee

The I’m Always Cleaning up Everyone’s messes Squad: Anna/ Abigail/ Washington

I’m Always in A Messy Situation Squad: Selah/ Abe/ Anna/ Simcoe (though he loves it) 

I’m Always Doing Something Unusual Squad: Abraham

The I’ll Hard-Boil Your Eggs/ Don’t Insult My Cooking/Tavern/Inn Squad: Townsend/ Anna

The OMG I Nearly Forgot You Were Here But I Love You Squad: Cicero, Abigail, Lawrence Washington, Lil Thomas/ Reverend Tallmadge, Ensign Baker

The I Deserved To Be Loved Not Shot Squad: Ensign Baker

The I Never Hurt Anyone Squad: Thomas/ Cicero/ Baker 

The I Set Fire to Things for Fun Squad: Caleb/ Mary Woodhull

I Love Danger Squad: Caleb

Most likely to Steal Your Things Squad: Caleb/ Andre (by extension from Sackett)/ Simcoe/ Richard Woodhull

((there will probably be more. Feel free to add to this list XDDD))

“The sketch includes Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan as Abigail Williams, Oscar nominee and Tony winner Sophie Okonedo as Elizabeth Proctor, Ben Whishaw as John Proctor, Tony winner Jim Norton as Giles Corey, Ciarán Hinds as Deputy-Governor Danforth, Tavi Gevinson as Mary Warren, Bill Camp as Reverend John Hale and Jason Butler Harner as Reverend Samuel Parris.” 

Illustration: Justin “Squigs” Robertson

Kings, "Pilgrimage"

Rev. Samuels:  Joseph Michael Lasile - a man, like us, beloved in the eyes of God… challenged, by the traits that God bestowed. Such a split can divide a man in two, but not Joseph - he lived as one man his whole life, despite the inequality, despite the hate. He took his own life not for loving wrong, but for loving too much. Some will say he died a cowardly death - but he lived a courageous life. Let’s remember that.

I love and miss this show so much.