The Electric HellFire Club Announce Their First Ever Best Of Collection Plus A Reunion Show!

From Cleopatra Records press release:

Though EHC took an extended hiatus after the release of their fifth album, 2002’s Electronomicon, their legacy has endured. And now they will see the release of their first ever collection of tracks from all 5 studio albums as well as rarities from various singles and EPs! Titled Necessary Evils – The Best Of The Electric Hellfire Club, the album’s 16 tracks were handpicked by Thorn, who also created both the artwork and liner notes. The collection serves as a perfect introduction for the uninitiated as well as an excellent single disc encapsulation of Hellfire Club’s uniquely sinister artistry.

The band is also preparing for a very special one night only 25th anniversary reunion performance December 2 at the Orpheum in Tampa, FL.

For tickets and more info visit:

yzghuldar  asked:

*Reverend Light (a non-feral Glowing One in Pastor's Vestment, more info on my blog under the tag Rev. Light) slowly descends from the radioactive heavens in a soft green beam* Buttons, thou hath naught pay thy taxes to the church! Recompensate or face judgment! 200 Caps or just 5, no 10 Mentats and two of your finest Dirty Wastelander! Pay up or I'll give you an enpreachment until your ears melts off! * Rev. Light tries to look menacing but can't keep this mirthful grin away*

The photograph of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath, and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel is emblematic of the relationship between the Jewish and Black communities during the Civil Rights Movement. It was taken in 1965 in Montgomery, Alabama at the conclusion of the famous march for voting rights from Selma to Montgomery. (x)

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Speak of the Devil - Reverend Campbell Interviews Witch Zaftig a scholar of religion and a Church of Satan Witch. She hosted a segment on 9sense called Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig where she would take listener questions on new religions, magic, witchcraft, Satanism, esotericism, religion and popular culture, ritual, and religion in general. You can find her Facebook page and her blog here:

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Many human rights activists claimed they had become targets of government surveillance based on advocating for the underrepresented. 

Reverend Jesse Jackson talked about government surveillance saying: “I recall the FBI wiretapping of Dr. King and the civil rights and black movements and organizations; and recently the surveillance of the activity of Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Black Lives Matter.”

Recently Edward Snowden also made a statement where he claimed that FBI doesn’t need Apple’s help to unlock iPhones, which makes the whole situation even worse and scary. Our government wants us to believe that we are a democratic country, that we have freedom of speech and personal space, but this is, in Snowden’s words, horseshit. We are being spied on by our own country on a daily basis. Have you given the consent? Cause I haven’t. 

Props to #BLM for standing up for Apple.

#BLM   #1stAmendment    #4thAmendment


Reverend Howard Finster created some forty-seven thousand individual works over his twenty-five year career. Recipient of a 1982 National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, a guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and a favorite of R.E.M. and the Talking Heads, Finster has been one of America’s most recognized self-taught artists since the 1980s.

‘“My Vision of Another World,” #1,146,’ 1978, Howard Finster © Estate of Howard Finster