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prompt from this lovely follower: “they’re 17 and they are attending a party. they aren’t together and they haven’t confessed their crush on each other. will gets a little drunk and he also gets hit on by a random guy, and the random guy asks him if he has a gf, and wiil’s all like “no, but i got a bf and i’m very much in love with him, thank you” and mike is shook.”

note: im ignoring the fact that if will ever said something like that in the 80s to some random dude he’d probably get his ass beat bc this is fiction and i can thx. i hope you like it did!

Mike had no idea how he ended up in the middle of a house party, but the heavy beat reverberating through the walls and the floors was starting to hurt his brain. He had no idea where his friends went, but he was almost certain he could hear Dustin somewhere in the crown singing along to a musical that had nothing to do with the music playing. 

The crowd separated a little bit, and through the gaps he spotted exactly who he was looking for– Will. He was leaning against a wall, a red cup in his hand, laughing at something the guy he was talking to said. Mike’s stomach turned, and he knew it wasn’t from the booze. At 17, Will had grown into the vision Mike always knew him to be. He got taller, though Mike still had him beat, he got a decent haircut the summer before high school started and it complimented his facial features perfectly, drawing attention to the definition that had appeared over time. Will was handsome, Mike had always thought so, but now everyone else could see it too. 

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The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty [Part 1/3]

“Please tell me we’re off today,” Jungkook murmured again, this time understandable even though his face was nuzzled snuggly into Tae’s body. Taehyung quietly laughed and he could feel Jungkook smiling against his chest, the younger enjoying the feeling of his boyfriend’s deep laugh lightly reverberating through his chest.

“Yes, we are,” Taehyung breathed, burying his nose in the messy hair on the top of Jungkook’s head and deeply inhaling the familiar scent.

genre: fluff (cuddles, bubble bath, literally the softest shit i have ever written)

word count: 3.3k

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Based off @imanormalpeep 

       It was dark. Cold. Suffocating. A young man stood alone, suspended in a false structure. He inhaled, and the air was bitter. He blinked, but this world was still dripping black.                  

          “Where am I?” He whispered to the darkness, the question trailing away.  He realized he had never heard his own voice before.                                                    “Who am I?” He demanded, new voice cracking.“What am I?”

       A voice, harsh and echoing, reverberated in the space around him.                                                               "You wish to leave the real world?“ It asked, hanging its own question without answering his.

         "Who are you?” The boy called out, rubbing his eyes. The darkness would not clear. There was nothing, nothing at all he could see, but the tan of his hands as he clasped them together.

          “In return for most of your emotions-” the voice let out a sinister laugh- “I will let you enter the real world.”

         He felt icy shivers run down his back whenever the voice spoke. He felt a pain rattling inside his head- just what was the real world?

        “Maybe.” He said, picking his words cautiously. “Let me ask you a question.”

        “I will answer all your questions- in return for your emotions.” The voice’s sing-song tone grated the boy’s ears.

         He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. What was an emotion, exactly? Did he really need it? 

           He ground his teeth together and made a choice. “Alright. I accept.”

          “It is done.” The voice said simply. He felt a heavy weight slipping down from his head, sliding off his chest… Gone. He breathed in, and the air tasted fine.

         "Now, what are your questions?“ The voice asked.

         The boy lifted his chin. "Who am I? What am I?”

         The voice started to speak, but the young man before him was not finished.

         "What are you?“ His voice began to waver. "Am I- am I alone?”

         A pleased chucking surrounded him. “You are the incarnation of death itself. Your name is Nexus.”

        Nexus. A powerful name. Nexus looked down at his hands- were those really the hands of ‘death itself’?

       "You have no past,“ the voice continued.

       Nexus was not sure if he had a present.

       "As for me? I will not tell you my name.” A laugh. “And yes, you are quite alone.

        "What is the real world, then?” Nexus asked, words spilling out his throat.

        “The world you are not supposed to exist in.” The voice seemed to take pleasure in that fact. “Its name is Lumen Khaos.”

       Nexus began to open his mouth, to keep talking- this was the first time he remembered speaking. The voice cut him off.

       "This is where I say goodbye,“ it uttered. The dark matter before him began to tear. "So- goodbye, Nexus.”

         "No, wait! I- I can’t leave! Not ye-“ Nexus was already being shoved toward the light, face first through a blinding portal.                    

This is probably one of my favourite scenes from the show. Ever. It tells us so much of the way the Diamonds interact with one another and how they interact with the gems around them. 

When BD is rearing towards Steven, Yellow Diamond knows exactly what’s coming. She knows she’s about to be hit with a wave of Blue’s sadness.

Her eyes widen and she leans but doesn’t get up because she knows she can’t outrun it (without looking like a fool at that). 

Instead, she braces herself so that she can maintain her composure even as the tears come out.

And she never tells BD to stop crying. She lets the latter keep at it. That says a lot about the YD we know, who is running ragged because she lets Blue mourn while she works to pick up the slack for Blue and Pink Diamond.

It’s interesting too that Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl aren’t caught unaware by the wave of Blue hitting them. Rather than express shock, they’re trying to maintain their composure as well. 

They’ve likely seen this before and have experienced it as well.

Blue Pearl more than Yellow, which might be why she can hold it together a little better.

Even the Zircons below don’t express surprise the way Steven did when BD’s tears first started coming out of his eyes. At the same time, they’ve sobered up and we’re left without the taunting and face-making from earlier in the episode. This means they’ve either heard rumours of or witnessed this in the past.

What I do want to point out is the reverberating sound that comes when Blue cries. That unique ding is probably what induced the crying and Lars is unaffected by it.

That must mean that Blue’s powers, and similar gem abilities work with the use of sound waves that affect other gems via their gemstones or light bodies. 

Stolen Moments

Adrien loved moments like this.

Pinned between the door and his girlfriend’s lovely figure, he felt himself growing hot and dizzy under her kisses. Yet he refrained from crying out her name, or for taking it any further. It wasn’t exactly the best situation to do anything besides make out and desperately wish they were somewhere more private.

“So did you lure me here to make sweet music, my lady?” he teased, referring to their new hiding spot in the music cupboard, in between short gasps for air as Marinette trailed hot kisses down his jawline.

Marinette nibbled his neck in response, giggling as she did so. “You’re impossible. To pun even when an awesome girl is kissing you.” Standing on her tiptoes, she reached up and kissed his nose. “And I did not lure you here. You followed me!”

“You started it,” Adrien teased, playing with a loose lock of hair at the side of her face. “You can’t walk past me giving me bedroom eyes-”

“Bedroom eyes!?”

“- Yup! Bedroom eyes. Can’t use them and not expect me to follow you.”

Marinette rolled her eyes, wiggling out of his grasp to search the cupboard for whatever it was Nino had asked her to grab. At least, that’s what Adrien assumed she was here for. Why else would a fashion student go to the music department of their university? “A- I did not use bedroom eyes, and B- you know that’s only about eighty-three percent stalkery of you, right?”

Adrien ducked after her, half-chasing her around a dusty shelf filled with handheld drums. Grinning from ear to ear, he caught her waist, pulling her flush against him. “Only eight-three percent? I need to up my game. You doing anything tonight? Mind if this poor stray follows you home?”

“God it’s a good thing you’re pretty,” Marinette sighed, but the falseness of her exasperation was given away by the smirk on her lips and the spark of mirth in her eyes. Adrien’s heart skipped a beat. “I don’t think I could stand it if you weren’t.”

“I knew you only liked me for my body,” Adrien gasped, flopping down onto her shoulder and letting out a huge fake sob. “Such betrayal, love bug! My heart can’t take it!”

“You’ll live,” Marinette snorted in response, patting him on the head. “Or maybe you won’t. But if you survive then sure, you’re welcome to stalk- I mean- walk me home.”

Lifting up his head, Adrien smiled. Leaning his forehead against hers, he let himself rest there for a moment. Sensing his change of mood, Marinette sighed in contentment. Her smirk turned into a small smile, the last thing Adrien saw before he closed his eyes and let himself relax.

There were times where he felt like this wasn’t real, that he’d not been so lucky as to find his best friend and love of his life wrapped up in one wonderful person. Truthfully, he feared it. The happiness he felt seemed almost like it wasn’t meant to last, like clouds after a rainstorm, just before the sun was about to reappear. He clung to moments such as these, how quickly they could go from heated to teasing to loving. He had to. Everything about his past suggested that it wasn’t going to last.

But then Marinette would do something to remind him that he wasn’t his past. Things that seemed so simple, but were everything to him. Things that made him remember that the moments weren’t fleeting. Things like reaching up to take her hands in his, pulling them to her lips and whispering a fond “I love you,” to make him remember that it was real. That his past was his past, and they could make their future whatever they wanted it to be.

Adrien loved moments like this. Stolen moments he could lock away in his mind, to repeat over and over again until they were as much a part of him as his lungs or his heart.

But what Adrien really loved the most, was the fact that Marinette was such a good partner in crime. Stealing those moments right along with him.

Although, judging from the fact that they were superheroes, he thought he ought to get a better analogy. He made a mental note to do so when he wasn’t so utterly distracted by the girl in his arms.

“I love you too,” he whispered, pouring every bit of emotion he had into the look he sent her way. “And you’re giving me bedroom eyes again.”

“Not again.” Marinette pulled him closer, wrapping her arms around his shoulder, her eyes heavy. “Just for the first time.”

It was as Adrien was preparing for another one of their stolen moments that three large knocks reverberated from the music room door. Marinette squeaked, leaping away from Adrien whilst Adrien tried to wipe the lipstick off of his face.


Marinette turned a delightful shade of pink, though she didn’t try to deny Nino’s accusations. Quickly snatching the strings she’d offered to get for him, she walked over to the door and opened it with a sheepish smile. “Sorry Nino.”

Nino raised his eyebrow. Looking between the pair, he shook his head but thanked Marinette for the strings nonetheless. “‘Kay,” he shrugged, offering a little salute. “As you were.”

As he closed the door behind him, leaving Adrien and Marinette alone, Adrien couldn’t help but chuckle. “And here I was thinking Nino stole our stolen moment!”

Marinette buried her head in her hands, the tips of her ears red enough to rival her ladybug suit.


A surprise oneshot from mine and @edendaphne‘s reverse love square college au When Duty and Desire Meet- which you can read on AO3! This is a look into what their lives might be like post reveal but who knows if the main plot will go in this direction or not? *evil cackle* ;D

Criminal (m)| one-shot

Originally posted by nnochu

Pairing| Jungkook x Reader

Genre| Smut

Word Count| 5,168

Summary| As a rogue werewolf, you know the dangers of trespassing on a pack’s territory, but you don’t really have a choice.

A/N| Here is the better-edited reupload of Criminal! Hope you all enjoy~

You hadn't planned on getting caught. You had hoped for the exact opposite, actually.

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        ~ Kiss her, you brilliant fool!

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Reposting this because this needs to be in HD. haha.

As Time Passes

         It wasn’t until Harry was six that he felt his hand start to burn and he knew that the Dursleys had lied to him! The unbearable pain was the sign of a soulmate bond forming

          The only thing that made the pain and the tears worth it, was when Harry looked down and saw the name of the person that was made to love him.

                Draco Malfoy

                Harry traced the letters on his tender skin and marveled at the name. He knew that everyone had a soulmate and that this wasn’t technically special… but to Harry it was. This meant that there really was someone out there that could love him. They might not, Draco could even dislike him. But there was still a chance of love. Maybe they could be friends? Maybe they could be enemies? Maybe they would just be people who pretended to get along? None of that mattered, Harry would take Draco in any way possible. Because somewhere there was someone peering down at their own palm and seeing his name on it, wondering what kind of person Harry was.

                Hopefully, he would live up to the expectation.




                “No nephew of mine is going to be homosexual!” Those words were reverberating inside Harry’s mind as he tried to make himself smaller, even in the privacy of his cupboard. What did it matter if his soulmate was a boy? Didn’t it just show that a boy could love him? Didn’t it just show that love happened in many different ways? Why did it matter if the name was a boy?

                Personally, Harry had never even heard of the name Draco before. Did it sound masculine? Wasn’t his Uncle being a little presumptuous?

                Harry closed his eyes and tried so hard to picture what his soulmate would look like. Would they be a boy? Would they be a girl? Would they have long hair? Short hair? Would they have red hair? Black hair? Blonde hair? Brown hair? He didn’t care either way. The beating of his heart just ached for understanding. That’s all he wanted from his soulmate was understanding. If they could look at him and see someone worth taking a chance, then that’s all he could ask for.

                “Draco.” Harry whispered, tracing the name on his palm softly.




                His entire youth, the Dursleys forced Harry to wear gloves. They didn’t want anyone to see that his soulmate was a boy. Or even someone with such an odd name.

                At first, it really bothered Harry. His mark wasn’t an inconvenience or a hindrance. It wasn’t a bad thing, nor did it deserve to be hidden away. He was proud of the name on his hand. Proud of whoever Draco Malfoy was as a person.

                This was special. The name on his palm meant everything to Harry. It was something that was just for him. Something to treasure. So, in the end, it was okay to keep it covered. The rest of the world didn’t need to know who his soulmate was. They weren’t the ones who would be there. They weren’t the ones who would love Draco.




                Harry found himself caressing his soulmate mark often and usually subconsciously. It was a form of comfort. Every time Uncle Vernon threw him into his cupboard, he would rub the mark and imagine that Draco would take him away from them. Every time Aunt Petunia would send him to bed without dinner, he would peer at the name and wish that Draco was there to comfort him. Every time Dudley and his gang would bully him, he would press his fingers to the words softly and envision Draco coming to help him.

                “Draco.” Harry whispered, eyes clenched and fingers roaming his hand. He wished that he could find his soulmate He hated the idea of waiting until he was older to search for Draco.




                Soulmates weren’t always something great. Harry saw the stories, read the paper and watched the news. Sometimes, even being a soulmate can’t stop the evil that can lurk in some people. Everyone has a soulmate. Murderers, criminals, thieves and everyone in between has someone that was meant for them. The marks don’t discriminate.

                … But they also aren’t always fair. Mrs. Figg across the street, her soulmate died before she was born. His teacher’s soulmate committed suicide. Some people have more than one soulmate but don’t want to share. Some don’t want a soulmate at all and refuse to acknowledge the marks on their hand. Some choose to just be friends. While others despise their soulmate.

                It would kill Harry if he finally found Draco to only to be turned away. The years spent picturing who his soulmate was couldn’t have been a waste. It couldn’t. What kind of justice would that be? He hoped beyond hope that somewhere Draco was of the same belief as him.

                Please let him want me.

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prompt response to: andreil trapped in a small space scenario

As much as all these late night practices aided Neil in strengthening his form, some nights he felt so incredibly drained of energy that by the end of them he almost cursed his own resolve. 

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I was actually unsure to ever gif this moment. I know that’s mostly the mama bear in me that feels protective toward sweet Ames, but I felt so uncomfortable hearing her doubts and fears. Those tears didn’t help. I just wanted to hug her and reassure her, because her man loves her even so deeply even though he hasn’t put a ring on it yet (and in his defense, it wasn’t for lack of trying).
Anyway, in the end I considered that I appreciate having the possibility to know more of how she feels, how supportive are the girls with each other, and the ending is objectively hilarious.

The Witch Switch

pairing: Yoongi x reader

genre: witch!AU, catshifter/catfamiliar!Yoongi, very low-key hogwarts!AU

word count: 8321 (help me)

A/N: started off as a halloween drabble but escalated. sorry for the slight delay! special thanks to my love @dailydoseofdia for helping me out when i got stuck!


Halloween prompts masterlist

Halloween prompts WIPs

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BTS Reaction ; You Being Too Blunt During Sex

Requested by Anonymous“Hi! I love your blog cjsecjjkbol can I get a reaction for the boys when you’re really honest during sex?”

Note; why am I evil…mwahahaha. thanks @minmelly for helping me gain inspo in finishing this!! *cries* AN ANGEL (btw there are many references here hurhur)

Jin ➳ Your leg was thrown over his shoulder as he pounded into you, one hand cupping your breast as his other held onto your hip painstakingly hard that will surely leave bruises afterwards. Your eyes were squeezed shut, hands gripping the sheets as you felt Seokjin quiver, a brief flash of your past flashing before your eyes. “M-my ex loved this position too—“

And he suddenly stops, glaring at you before throwing his head back in devastation while letting you go. “Really?” He grimaces, your leg falling back softly on the bed as he swallows, “did you really have to say that out of all things?”

Originally posted by shinee35

SugaFinally, was all he could think as the sounds of his skin slapping yours reverberated throughout the room. His lips were on your neck, nibbling every curve and crevice as he could and his fingers gripped your waist tightly — keeping you in place while you writhed beneath him.

“Wow,” you gasped, and he leans up to kiss your jaw as you softly moved your head to the side to give him more skin to explore on your neck. “Who would’ve known under that Edward Cullen f-facade that you were so vocal-?”

Immediately, he flushes as he stops all movements and scoffs at you, “do you want me to stop?” A nervous yet murderous laugh bounces from his lips, “cause I will.”

Originally posted by sugagifs

J-Hope ➳ His pacing was painfully slow, his movements suave as his lips trailed delicately down the valley of your breasts, free hand messing with the rosy pearl between your legs and all you could do was breathe in distaste. “Really, Hoseok?” You muttered, making him stop all actions as he looked up to you — wispy bangs falling over his eyes like a curtain, “do I really have to wear the pants and be the man in this situation–“

“No.” He snapped, somehow using all his strength to have you sitting and sinking onto his length as he laid on the bed, “this isn’t even my final form.”

And lets just say, you became too weak to sit up anymore as you plopped onto his chest while he thrusted into you.

Originally posted by jaayhope

RapMonster ➳ The room was drowning in darkness, and he was kissing you passionately as he held his rod in between his fingers, entering inside of you and fitting perfectly together like puzzle pieces, or so, he thought.

A painful groan escaped his vocal chords once he was fully inside you, slowly slipping out and thrusting into you when you broke the kiss as you gasped, “are you okay? What’s taking you so long?”

He nods with a smile yet he feels hurt wash over him, wondering how you couldn’t feel anything when he finally looked down only to realize that he was not in you, and in fact, was between the cushions of the leather couch.

He had sex with a couch, and he was beyond mortified.

Originally posted by rapmini

Jimin ➳ His movements were frantic, fingers slipping out of you while he was quick to drop his shorts around his ankles, his hands gripping your thighs as he pulled you against his hips and slipped in quite messily. You grunted in distaste as he pecked your lips, pulling away before you muttered his name. “Yeah, jagi?”

He looked up to you in worry, stopping all moments in thinking he had hurt you only for you next words to stab his heart in one quick go. “You’re not hard enough,” you hiss, and his eyes widen.

“I’m actually tired,” he quickly says, yawning while pulling out. Yep, there was no way he was in the mood now.

Originally posted by mimibtsghost

V ➳ It was during the middle of the night, throughout the darkness drowning both your abilities to see — he was pressed against you, hugging you as he made love to you as he would so say it. His breathing was ragged, the warm breath of air having shivers run down your neck to your spine, and he worked on you like there was no tomorrow, yet, you were still bothered.

“Taehyung, your sweat is literally drenching my ability to enjoy this.” You frowned, and he froze, head slowly looking to you before sighing.

“Well,” he feigned hurt, loosening his hold onto you while pouting, “well if you can’t accept something that’s apart of me, maybe I should just leave–“ But you are quick to wrap your hands around his firm neck, pulling him close to you as he was low key embarrassed.

Originally posted by jjilljj

Jungkook ➳ His hands were quick and messy, unbuttoning his jeans as he pulled them down and took them off — grabbing a condom and slipping it on before he fell into you like a raindrop disappearing into a puddle. You took him in with every inch, and once he was fully sheathed, a soft moan dripped from his lips.

“Is it in yet?” You asked, and his body crystallized, giving you a look filled with anger and betrayal before he pulled back and slammed into you in the speed of light — earning a small yelp from you but yet, his pride was slowly chipping from your devastating question.

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the consolations of philosophy

“It doesn’t make you vulnerable to allow someone else to love you, to be kind to you. Most of the time, we are not kind to ourselves, anyways.”

➤ Jungkook x Reader | ChildhoodFriends!AU & College!AU

You will find: angst, fluff, implied smut, friends to lovers

Word count: 21,546

Author’s note: Truly one of the most personal-driven and overly emotional stories I have written in a while. To be quite honest, I hesitated for a second before publishing it, but I believe I won’t regret this decision. Once again, feedback is always welcome. Title from this piece. 

Days passed by monotonously.

At times, they passed in a homogeneous nebula of banausic resolutions, a haziness of venomous smoke that permeated her lungs and suffocated her from the inside out. Consolidated, it could be comparable to the vapor that performed slow-motion pirouettes in her bathroom after a shower; the same foretelling of looming storms neighboring the obfuscous skyline. It was the deprivation of vivacity; the apathy for each and every circumstantiality of her mundane chores, those being repeated again and again—a broken record, as she would contemplate, a vexatious rasping noise in the background of her every action, a recurring routine that leisurely strangled her with its hyperborean hands. Again: the outburst of opaque cinereal that came from cigars on the street; licking of conflagrant flames that illuminated gelid nocturnal alleyways. At least it was positive for some.

Other instances, it would be detected in the viscous hollowness that dwelled in her chest. We are all born with emptiness inside of us, her mother once verbalized. That pathless sentence was one of those fragments of ruptured dialogues that lived amongst her memories, reverberating and emerging when she least expected it too—yet, when she most necessitated. Some people, the woman speculated, decided to congest such lacuna with carnal desires: sex, drugs, food, alcohol; others preferred to spend hours upon hours haunted by the immersive universes of a good book, a movie, or frequent social interactions. Most, come what may, attempted to fill it up alternatively to properly learning how to endure the feeling. Lack of feeling. Whatever could describe it more properly.  

Not solely monotonously: days passed lethargically, apathetically. Wintery, even—denuded of saturation and warmness. They came and went like self-perpetuating waves to the sands of a godforsaken beachside: crashing, cleaning, wiping away all traces that could have been left there aforetime. Undertow, drought, tormentous tides, and currents that led to the eclipsed oblivion. Comparisons aside, tracing parallels did not make those interminable hours any better; the ocean was still there, just as stupendous and immensurable. Just as empty.

But of course, those were not all of her days. Some of them, Jungkook was there to keep her company.

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yoongi scenario | third time’s a charm

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prompt: There is a lockdown drill that’s lasting a really long time so we’re stuck in a dark room crammed under a desk together. Wanna talk about our feelings now?

pairing: yoongi x reader

requested by anon | 2.3k words | fluff, mild angst (maybe?)

Two times you tried and failed to confess to Min Yoongi.

But third time’s a charm.

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