La musique dans les oreilles
Seule dans la nuit je déambule dans les ruelles
La tête pleine à craquer de petits souvenirs
Je vous dis que ça va même si mon état s'empire

Le coeur un peu trop lourd
Pour une personne comme moi
Je m'exprime devant un sourd
En parlant d'une personne comme toi

Tu m'as dit “ne t'inquiète pas je reviendrais”
Alors je ne me suis pas inquiétée 
J'aurais peut-être dû
Parce qu'effectivement tu n'es pas revenu

—  lespiquresaines

Meet the K-Pop Star Who Made Waves in the Front Row at Coach 1941

At Coach’s celebrity-filled 75th anniversary party, everyone from Drew Barrymore to Michael B. Jordan came out to celebrate creative director Stuart Vevers’s latest collection. And it wasn’t only Hollywood stars in attendance. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Choi joined the Coach gang and brought along with her a dose of K-pop glamour. As a girl group member and actress, Choi is known for headlining dramas like 38 Revenue Collection Unit and topping the charts with her bandmates. Selected as a friend of the brand back in 2015, Choi has been present at several of Coach’s events in Asia, but last night’s party gave her a chance to immerse herself in all things associated with the heritage of the house. She broadcast selfies beside Gary Baseman figurines to her millions of fans and got a look at the brand’s handbags.

While Choi takes her role as a Coach ambassador seriously, her consistently cute style is much broader than any one brand. She often opts for girlish Gucci dresses as she did at last week’s premiere of Derailed in Seoul or LACMA’s Art + Film Gala back in October. More casual moments call for streetwear staples like Alexander Wang logo sweaters for a post-performance coffee run, or denim cutoffs worn with ankle boots to take in a screening of The Magnificent Seven. Keeping things interesting, Choi mixes cutting-edge labels like Marques ‘ Almeida and Rick Owens with luxury standards from Balmain and Louis Vuitton. She regularly jets off to the next destination in head-to-toe designer gear, and even her airport style has developed a following. With a trip home on the horizon and plenty of Coach pieces from the latest collections, she’s sure to debut her latest attention-grabbing outfit very soon.


magickz  asked:

Idk if you've stated before or if it's been asked but are you planning on submitting your robbie outfit for spy to the workshop cause like, if you mod it a bit so it's not 100% obvious (to avoid copyright) but still clearly is what it's mean to be I'd totally buy that and wear it on my spy when (not if :P) it gets added to the game. (And honestly you do really good work, it looks really good, keep up the good work. :) )

I’m considering on submitting it and I already have ideas to make it less robbie-rotten-y. 

and thanks!  \(´・ヮ・`)/


The Colorblind trend has made a comeback on YouTube spawned by the infamous clickbait viral video titled IF YOU ONLY SEE RED YOU’RE COLOR BLIND. Loads of YouTube creators have jumped on the color blind bandwagon including our cuck of the week Logan Paul. Logan made a vlog claiming he was colorblind and having an exaggerated emotional response to seeing a sunset for the first time in full color. Logan pulled out the water works with a quiver of the lip followed by tears (and unironic dabbing) at how amazed he was. Clickbait like this is exactly what moms across the country watch to feel like they are hip to the latest in state-of-the-art meme technology. *BARF!!* So less than a week later the video THESE GLASSES CURED MY COLOR BLINDNESS! accumulated over 9.7 million views and tons of that sweet ad revenue for Mr.Paul. But alas! Today h3h3productions uploaded a new reaction video with his gay friend idubbbztv exposing the fact that Logan isn’t actually colorblind and that he in fact milks his own breasts for sustenance between vlogs. Being the cynical bastard I am, although I never saw Logan’s video prior to h3h3′s, I jumped for joy upon this magnificent discovery. Clickbait continues to earn jackasses around the world millions of $ in revenue year-over-year so it’s a little victory every time one of these cucks get called out. While I wish Ethan and Ian were a little more savage in their subtle exposé I guess typing this post will serve the rest of my meal. *mic drop*

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Congress Introduces Legislation To Destroy Social Security

In December, 2015 just ahead of the Iowa caucuses, then-candidate Donald Trump stood up at a town hall and reassured a concerned AARP Iowa member that they “were not taking their Social Security.”

In fact, throughout the campaign all he would say is that there was “waste, fraud and abuse” inside the Social Security and Medicare systems, but promised his adoring fans that he was not – absolutely not, no way, no how – taking their Social Security or Medicare away from them.

Then Forbes reported that there would be no 2017 budget coming from the Trump White House, which breaks with current precedent. Forbes explained it away as being a way for Trump to avoid criticism by making specific proposals, while also avoiding all of the discussion about how he was making way for big reductions in tax revenues and spending.

But I suspected, and have now confirmed, that the real reason is as plain as Paul Ryan put it during the campaign: Trump can make all the promises, and Congress will break them. Or put Ryan’s way, if voters elected Trump the extremists in Congress could have their way with them.

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susfishcious  asked:

Hi! I'm a Canadian artist that wants to register for some American cons but a lot of them mention getting an EIN. I've been googling around trying to figure it out but no dice and was wondering if you guys had any experience with this? Thanks in advance @A@

For those who may not know, an EIN (Employer Identification Number) is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service and is used for tax purposes in the US.

From what I understand, a Canadian can use their SIN (Social Insurance Number) instead, in most cases. See this article and the link included at the top:

However, you should check and confirm with an actual tax professional. And we’ve never done American conventions ourselves so we’re not familiar with the context of usage for that kind of paperwork - if any of our readers has insights to share, please let us know!

Hope this helps!

Rideshare apps benefit hugely from network effects. All the drivers want to be on the app with the most passengers, and all the passengers want to be on the app with the most drivers. If Uber is the most popular, everyone will want to use Uber, and this will naturally lead to a monopoly. This is pretty bad–once Uber is a monopoly, it can take huge cuts of drivers’ revenue, let its app get slower and slower, fail to introduce new innovations, but the network effects will make it really hard for a new, better rideshare app to succeed. So this seems like a case in which government intervention in the rideshare market might be justified.

For instance, we could make a list of Official Government-Sponsored Rideshare Services, and pass a law saying that for any ride you want to take, you are required to use the rideshare service that gives you the lowest price for that ride. This kind of makes sense, right? It helps the smaller rideshare services and keeps any of them from becoming a monopoly. And price is really the main thing you care about when getting a ride. No one really cares if your car has a pink mustache on it. (Does Lyft even still do that?)

Imagine if that’s what we did. 

Rideshare services would proliferate, and in the name of fairness, the government would sanction them all. Let’s say there are 13. You’d need 13 apps on your phone, and you’d need to look at them all every time you wanted to go somewhere. Oh, of course you could use the official consolidated rideshare app, which shows you prices from all 13 companies. But unsurprisingly, it’s kind of slow and shitty, and none of the serious rideshare customers use it.

All the services start charging monthly subscription fees for their apps, and you pay the fees grudgingly, because hey, if you need a car right now you need to know what the prices on all 13 apps are. In some sense each of them is now its own monopoly: Uber is the only one (besides I guess the official consolidated app) you can get Uber prices from.

All the apps have different speeds: a lot of the time you’ll try to get a ride on whichever one looks like it has the best price, and after loading for a few seconds it will inform you that nope, that driver has already accepted a ride with someone else. 

To further incentivize competition, the government decides to pay rideshare services based on the percentage of time they have the best price for any given ride. Midwest, generally considered the sketchiest rideshare service and known for their dedication to making money without ever actually giving anyone a ride, loves this rule. They propose a change to their matching algorithm that allows drivers who offer rides on Midwest a last chance to decide, once someone accepts their ride, whether they actually want to give that person a ride or not. They say this rule will be good for drivers and protect them from unscrupulous customers. You suspect they just want drivers to offer prices that are too good to be true and cancel whenever anyone actually accepts a ride, in order to increase the amount of money they get from the government for having the best prices.

All I’m saying is, US equity market structure is weird.

Times figureheads like Keller and Spayd are apt to roll over at the first right-wing charge of rampant liberal bias because they themselves are ill-equipped to face down right-leaning challenges to their journalistic legitimacy. This is not so much because they are ensconced in their elite bubbles of liberal opinion and are terrified at the prospect of sustained contact with anyone professing to be an emissary from the Real America of NASCAR, megachurches, and Trump Worship. No, the real problem here is that these people are journalists second, and corporate managers first. And the thing that truly terrifies corporate managers in the brave new digital era of our news environment is anything resembling the defiance of consumer prerogative. Put another way: as shops like the Times continue to hemorrhage readers and ad revenues at an historic clip, their managers will rally by instinct to the ritual protection of the injured sensibilities of any and every reader demographic.
Australian Compulsory Voting.

At 18 years of age we get the opportunity, the right, to vote for who leads our country.

If we DON’T vote, we get fined hundreds of dollars.

Shouldn’t I have the right to decline to vote if I don’t agree or believe in the policies put forward?

Shouldn’t that be part of my freedom as an Australian?
Canada's tax man wants to get hands on Panama Papers too
Some of what's in the leaked documents may even be new to the Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency wants to get its hands on the so-called Panama Papers to see if they contain any new information about fraudulent tax activity that some Canadians may be involved in.

On Monday, a consortium of international journalists released the first stories based on the trove of more than 11 million documents leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The papers offer an incomplete paper trail of numbered companies and hard to trace bank accounts in tax havens around the globe, and a snapshot of the people — some famous, but many not — who have toeholds there.

The leaked documents reportedly show the offshore dealings of more than 100 politicians and public figures from multiple countries, including Iceland, Ukraine, Pakistan and Russia.

In and of itself there’s nothing illegal about having a foreign bank account, or a quasi-anonymous numbered company in a tax haven. But under Canadian tax law, Canadians with foreign investments are required to report all income earned outside Canada to the CRA.

“The Canada Revenue Agency is committed to combating the abusive use of offshore jurisdictions and protecting the integrity of the Canadian tax system,” the CRA said in a statement Tuesday, adding that it is currently pursuing audits related to tax evasion, “including some Canadian clients associated with law firm Mossack Fonseca.”

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the truth behind the disney princesses business, you won’t believe what happens next!!!

this is for my disneygif-heads!!!

VGFM’s Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Repainted will be streamed Saturday October 29th, 2016 12:00pm CST

Thats right. You’ve been asking for a good two months now. VGFM finally made the finishing touches to the Dark Story. Meaning we can finally stream it. Join us this Saturday as VGFM, Fred Fuchs, and GeePM follow the adventures of  President Barrack Obama, Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG, and the mighty, lawsuit happy Ken Penders himself. Will Ken be able to successfully sue the current President? Will Peridot finally  defeat all the clods? Will Obama be elected for a third term? Find out this Saturday!

I can’t wait to never get an ask in our askbox about Dark Story again. Now you can ask us when we’re  gonna stream Last Story. Its gonna be December after Christmas. Deal with it.