revengers of vengeance


I recently finished a set of alternative poster art for Park Chan-wook’s “Vengeance Trilogy.” These are the full color versions. You can see the limited color set of variants here.

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When you seek justice against someone who seems to have destiny at their back,

The lamp of karma burns low and long.

But worry not, because destiny is a cruel mistress, and she changes sides at any time.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

“ Ohatsu cleaning her sword with the zôri” (1881), Tsukioka Yoshitoshi  (1839-1892)

Ohatsu is the heroine of the 1782 kabuki play “Kagamiyama Kokyô no Nishikie”. She serves Onoe, a lady-in-waiting in a samurai household. Onoe being from a merchant family, she is mocked and harassed by the senior lady-in-waiting Iwafuji. Iwafuji finally humiliates Onoe by replacing a precious buddhist relic in Onoe’s care with a zôri sandal and upon “discovering” that said relic has been lost, beats Onoe in public with the sandal. This is too much for Onoe who commits suicide. Decided to seek revenge for her mistress, Ohatsu meets Iwafuji in the house’s gardens. There, she strikes Iwafuji with the sandal. The two fight and Ohatsu kills Iwafuji. At the end, Ohatsu is rewarded by her lord for her loyalty to her mistress and is given Onoe’s name and rank.

Ohatsu’s story is actually based on a real fact : in 1723 Yamaji, a servant in a Edo military household, indeed killed the woman responsible for the suicide of her mistress.  

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the Dorne revenge plot? It seems to be cool to shit over Doran & Oberyn even trying to get justice for Elia (Jon Arryn rewarded it) or bothering to worry about the Dornish common folk (the Tyrells & Lannisters don't care about their own). Ask about the North or the Riverlands, it is justified & lauded but Dorne is all about the 'water gardens are going to burn.'

I think there are two points of discussion here: the implications of the plot GRRM wrote, and the way fandom discusses it vis-à-vis the other revenge-driven plots. As far as the second point go, there is definitely a conversation to be had about how factions in fandom latch onto the obvious fallibility of Doran’s actions but ignore them from other characters, even though the vengeance commentary runs through so many stories from the very first book. It’s in Robert’s, Robb’s, Arya’s, Dany’s, Sandor’s, Tywin’s, Tyrion’s and others. There is also a tendency in many fandoms to deny PoC the space for a story about vengeance without utterly vilifying them for it, which has to be a point of criticism in a story that is filled to the brim with revenge quests because Doran should not be held to a different standard than the other characters. And I’ll raise you the tendency to dismiss a powerful scene such as Oberyn’s screaming at Clegane to “say her name” and reduce it to a mere manifestation of Oberyn’s desire for vengeance. Oh, you’ll have to pry this scene from my cold dead fingers.

However, I do not want this to be conflated with legit interpretation of the story Martin gave us and the imagery and foreshadowing he drops, or criticism of Doran’s motives and plans. It is not productive to take any and every discussion about the repercussions of Doran’s plans and the grievous mistakes he makes to be an attempt to shit over him and Oberyn. The theory about the Water Gardens burning isn’t an attempt to punish Dorne for daring to want revenge for Elia and her children, no one is reveling in it or thinks it’d be just, but as much as I really don’t want it to happen, it does fall in line with GRRM’s pattern when it comes to portraying the end results of revenge plots, and the progression of the Dornish storyline does not look promising. King’s Landing exploding and the Water Gardens burning are the Red Wedding and the Sack of Winterfell of the Dornish plot. You see the mistakes the characters are making and the path they are going to lead to, you want to scream at them to stop, turn back, don’t do this. But you know they are walking right into their doom.

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(Arkham Knight)Jason Todd x Reader- Come Home

A/N: This is my first fic on here, and I got the inspiration for these after listening to the audio tapes between Barbara and Jason in the game. I hope you enjoy!

Jason Todd was angry, and had been for a very long time. He was angry at what he was forced to become, at what Joker made him after over a year of torture, and pain, and mind games. He hated Batman, the person he trusted and loved as a father, for not coming to his rescue. He hated him for replacing him so early after he was taken. He hated him, because even after all he had been through, all he had been told, he still wished that Batman would have saved him, not only from Joker. But from himself.

The Clown Prince had changed how he thought of almost all the of members of the batfamily. Bruce, Dick, Tim, but no matter how hard the maniac had tried, Jason Todd never thought of her differently.  His Y/N, also known by her vigilante name Nightingale, was the love of Jason’s life. 

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