Metalocalypse: The Revengencers Adaptation

Watch the original scene from Metalocalypse’s season 2 episode “The Revengencers” here.

Went to trade in that piece of shit watch dogs game that I paid full price for, thinking I was only going to get the trade value of 12 dollars and I’d just scoop MG Rising Revengeance. Instead, since I had the original receipt in the case from when I bought it, he gave me a refund of the used copy price, and I got both these joints and some extra cash back.

cynical2d asked:

Okay, so I've been seeing metalocalypse stuff everywhere. Not just on my dash here, but on my other blog too. What is it? is it a TV show about a metal band that lives together? You wanna give me a synopsis?

Haha yeah prepare yourself:

Basically it is a tv show about five band mates who live together and pretty much own the world. Their bands name is Dethklok. They are gods to the planet and their music is loved by pretty much everyone. Everyone but a group of Illuminati-like senators/military intelligence and people who have been “wronged” by the band called the Revengencers. Both groups are out to inevitably try to kill them. The first group, though, is trying to prevent a prophecy from coming true. The prophecy that is the “metalocalypse.” Which, is barely explained in the four seasons the show ran for. It’s partially explained in the last few episodes. The show ran from like 2008 to 2013 and it was one of the more popular shows on adult swim. Since its final airing, rumors have been circulating about a season Five but its highly doubted to ever happen.

Okay so (main) character wise you have:

Pickles- The drunken, always stoned drummer whose parents don’t respect him and brother is a complete and utter DOUCHEBAG. He was in a band called Snakes n Barrels before going Dethklok. Ya can’t help but love him and his reckless ways. Definitely a ladies man.

Skwisgaar- The Scandinavian Casanova who rocks a guitar like nobody’s business. Often called a God, he is the tallest of the group and most likely the one who will die of some rare STD.

Murderface- The dick bass player. Thats all you need to know… Okay no but seriously hes an asshole but a loveable one. Hes perfect.

Nathan- The singer and beast of the group. His voice could kill someone (it has…multiple times) and he’s probably the most “brutal” of the group… Or so he says. He is too brutal for words pfft.

Toki- The Norwegian rhythm guitarist you will literally fall in love with. Hes so cute and kind and his past is so jacked up but seriously hes a psychotic murderous person when he’s pissed so…there’s that.

Charles- The CFO and the man who puts up with the bands bullshit. The ultimate manager and an excellent protector when it comes down to it. You could say he’s the living dead though. Heh.

The final episode consisted of a 45 minute long musical called Doomstar Requiem. It’s probably the most brutal musical you’ll ever watch and even if you hate musicals, its fucking amazing.

Okay so that’s basically the short version without SPOILERS. I will gladly write a master post for anyone who wants It though! Haha have a brutal day hun!