«Remember that day… I ran into you and Sammy in the park? Suddenly, I felt like everything was gonna be okay. You’ve always made me feel s a f e, Jack. I know things got complicated since then with Aiden and Amanda. But I never stopped feeling that way when I was around you. I guess I’m just scared. This whole mess isn’t over yet, and I don’t know how it’s gonna e n d

«Neither do I. But I know that I won’t let it end without   t h i s .»

“Wow. Where were you two hero’s when i was being dragged out of my house by men with guns, being thrown into the foster care system”.

#infiniterevenge wanted this. So  here you go. Definitely best quote by Emily in ages of what happened to her. It shows just how much hate she has for the followers of the Graysons, and everyone that ruined her life. That her life was ruined by people just like them, who though know it was wrong, still did what the Grayson’s wanted. 


Daniel Grayson RIP - “You’re home now” || 1x17 | 4x10.

“The person that Daniel really loved was Emily. He never loved anyone as much as he loved her. That was his true love and it was so fitting for him to die in her arms” - Josh Bowman