To celebrate all Sonic OCs becoming canon in Sonic Forces, I drew my oldest (Harì Zerda) and my newest (Ethan Brown Revengeance) babies having a chat.

Revengeance is probably trying to explain how this saving the world business works. He knows all about it. He read comics.

Harì is amused and unconvinced. But ya, sure, he’ll tooootally write your bio, kid ~

(Joke’s on him, by the way. Just give the kid time to grow up, Zerda. Darn right you’ll want to write his bio then.)

“I shall drown you in the maelstorm of my nightmares! My tentacles will twist and contort your throat as I throttle you with visions of hemaphroditic succubi and violent Oedipal rape fantasies!!! I will take your cities. I will subjugate your children. I will rape and devour your armies. But you, only you, will remain alive. So you may bear testament to my will and ultimate REVENGEANCE!!!"