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Idk if it's just me but I've always felt like Naruto had BETTER and DEEPER friendships with people other than Sasuke. Like, he really cares and loves Sasuke as a brother but Sasuke barely seems to appreciate or reciprocate that until the end of the series ( and even then, it's kinda eh). For me, Naruto could've been "best friends" with someone else but oh well. Just my opinion.

I think we can all agree Naruto upkeeps his friendships better yeah, lol. Sasuke…tbh is a complicated character, and not one I analyse enough to be confident in my opinion, but…

I mean I think some part of Sauce did care a little, but he wouldn’t let himself act on it since he had bigger priorities aka revenge and going off the deep end of darkness. It’s good Naruto beat him back to his senses, lol. Though I do think series wise Naruto and Sasuke were depicted to have a bond unlike the ones he had with others. So in a way they’re the only ones who could be best friends in soul but not based on how they lived every day lives. Like, they are best friends, but it’s because of the understanding between their souls, not because of how much time they spent together.


I was commissioned by Namco - the guys behind the original Pac-Man - to create an illustration that would become a part of a permanent exhibition within their brand new Chicago-based entertainment complex called Level 257.

I came up with a version of a famous game concept where the Pac-man is represented by a little girl and the four ghosts are pictured as animal spirits. The plot is very simple: little glowy butterflies lure the Pac-girl deep into the woods where the spirits of four majestic animals that were hunted and killed by the girl’s parents a while ago are set to take revenge on the family by killing their only child. A little dark, perhaps?

The piece can be found in the gallery within the Level 257 complex. Pop in if you happen to be in the area!

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WHAT THE FUCK THERE ARE 100 OF YOU NOW Hello everyone! This is my official thank you post to all 100 of my lovely followers out there! When I made this side blog, I had no idea that it would actually gain any kind of attention, but your presence has helped me shape and mold this OC into one of my all-time favorite muses to play! I want to thank you all for the privilege of getting to entertain you with my writing BECAUSE SRSLY I’M KIND OF A POTATO AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY YOU LIKE ME. As such, I’d like to give some special shout-outs to people I admire, people I roleplay with, and people who have helped me develop this character so much!

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Okay but seriously. Was there ever any recognition in the OT that Leia’s whole planet, culture, history, and family were wiped out??? Did she ever talk about how she felt???? I mean you could say it’s because she was guarded and thus didnt want to talk about her feelings but???? that’s a pretty big deal and it shouldve been dealt with???? i feel like that would have been more interesting than reducing a powerful female character to a sex slave but im just a filthy feminist so what do i know  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Is it so wrong ...

That I really really really want Emma to get a little revenge for Killian? Just in his name because she loves him and her darkness gives her latitude? I just want her to dangle those who tortured him like little spiders for just a little bit and then give mercy because people bullied him far to long and tortured her in the process. 

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I’ve got a problem...

Play Kiss of Revenge they (autumnfrore rueamasawa) said.

‘It will be fun,’ they said.

’The characters and setting is awesomesauce,’ they said.

‘Your heart will be torn out, stomped on, with you yelling at your phone screen for how awesome and (occasionally) stupid MC is,’ they said.

’Another Story route is to be bought seperately,’ they (didn’t) said.

AND THEY WERE RIGHT. Goddammit guys, this is all your fault.

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Okay, I'm not sure if it has been a week since I asked this, so I apologize if you're still looking (however, I suspect that my message disappeared). I was wondering if you had any fics where Draco purposely seduces Hermione away to hurt Ron for a reason, like there is a long standing Malfoy/Weasley family feud or there is professional jeaslousy

Try this one:

Title: Who Trumps Who?
Author: margaritama
Rating: MA
Genre(s): Dark
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 9,918
Summary: Draco remembers what it is to be a Malfoy. He has every intention of destroying Ron Weasley, slowly and methodically.

- Lisa

A Hidan/Ino fanmix because. [listen here]

01. Coming Down - Halsey // 02. Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix) - Massive Attack // 03. Tesselate (Acoustic) - alt-J // 04. Beggin For Thread - BANKS // 05. Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge // 06. Dark In My Imagination - of Verona // 07. The Way He Looks At Me - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross // 08. Breezeblocks - alt-J // 09. Sacrilege - Yeah Yeah Yeahs // 10. Love Me Dead - Ludo // 11. Death Proof - Kate Nash // 12. Blue Blood Blues - The Dead Weather // 13. Horror Pop - Marina and The Diamonds

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So captive prince ruins life, but... Will my soul hurts for years? Does it have a kind of happy ending or a i-wanna-die-and-just-forget-about-it-this-book-ruined-me ending? Does it have an ending? Basically, what I want to ask is: will I obsess about it at work? Will I cry over it at three a.m because I wouldn't have been able to stop reading before reaching the end?

Well. It definitely will be on your mind for a long time. I have never met anyone who didn’t turn into crazy fangirl after reading the second book. 

It’s really really complex, not exactly a slave/master thing, not the way you’d expect it. there’s a dark political game slash revenge in the background, that becomes more and more important as we move forward. but it’s so much more. laurent’s backstory hurts as much as i love the main characters’ relationship. the first book is pretty slow, i mean it’s overall a slow burn, but if you pay close attention, it will make you rip your heart out. i mean, i’m reading it for the third time. the third book comes out in february, and yes, the second book’s ending is so epic, you’ll be just standing with your jaw dropped. and the feeelssss. 

i mean. i’ve read some pretty awesome m/m stuff. but this, man. it’s everything. i hope to god you’ll be obsessing about it at work. 

let me tell you a secret.

i was at the dentist today.

and while she was murdering me

i was thinking about them. it’s either really pathetic. or… just says everything about the books. 

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