I stood up for you ‘cause I believed you were the one. You had all the chances in the world to let me know the truth. What the hell’s wrong with you? Are you even listening when I talk to you? Do you even care what I’m going through? Your eyes stare and their staring right through me, you’re right there but it’s like you never knew me.
—  The Veronicas Revenge is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)

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Who would you guys consider to be the classic authors who wrote the 'iconic fics' in the dramione fandom? Like the authors who span from way back when, and almost everyone has read their fics? Sorry, I'm a bit of a newbie here, and just wanted to catch up :)

Ok, so what I’m reading in this message is that you want a list of authors who have written very popular fics in the Dramione ship, and/or have been around a while. I don’t like to throw out names and forget people, so I literally did research on this.

What I did was go to FFN (which everyone knows is my favorite website baby) and looked up the 20 most popular Dramione fanfictions by reviews, favorites, and follows. Then I looked to see which authors names were repeated over-and-over. Later, I’ll make a post about fics that have been popular but due to age, might be forgotten. Here’s what I found:

This is not by any means the list of the best fics, or all of the most popular authors, but these are some of the most popular authors and fics in the fandom.


Hands To Yourself. -Part 2. Joe Sugg Imagine.

This has been highly requested!

I must warn you beautiful loves, that this imagine, does contain smut. If you’re not the smutty type of reader, then I would highly advise for you not to read this part! I’m sorry if you are uncomfortable with smut, I promise I’ll be updating very soon again and it won’t contain smut.

If you are very much comfortable with smut, I hope you enjoy xxx

“See you ladies!” Y/N giggled, waving her fingers gingerly at her friends while sliding out of the taxi. Y/N walked up to the front door of her shared home with Joe, her boyfriend of two years. Rolling her eyes, she turned her head to blow kisses to her giggling friends who were now being driven home by a middle aged family man.

Unlocking the door, Y/N quietly stepped into the house, pressing herself back against the cool glass door. Vodka and sex on the beach cocktails were running through Y/N’s bloodstream. Y/N wasn’t drunk, but she was rather tipsy after having a spontaneous night our with the girls. Glancing side to side, she was quick on her feet to check if it was possible that Joe escaped from the tight ribbon that was holding him captive. Fortunately for Y/N, the place was immaculate. Nothing was touched or moved out of place in the slightest.

Sneakily, Y/N crept up the stairs, taking her time as she did so, hoping that Joe would not hear. As Y/N made it to the top of the stair way, she tip-toed towards the bedroom door, peeking her head in behind the door. A smirk slowly drew across her face, taking in the appearance of her boyfriend Joe, noticing the way his head was tilted back with his eyes closed.

Y/N’s mischievous smirk continued to grow. Joe had done exactly what she wanted.

He dozed off.

Quietly, Y/N swayed into the bedroom, zipping down her tight red cocktail dress and allowing it to fall to the ground. Standing proudly in her black stiletto high heels and matching lingerie, she sauntered over to Joe’s sitting body, straddling his lap, hoping not to wake him so she could continue on with her sweet revenge.

“Hey baby.” Y/N whispered against the shell of Joe’s ear, her hands smoothly sliding down to the buckle on his belt, unbuckling it easily and slipping the belt out from the loops on his jeans. “Guess who’s home..” Y/N breathed hotly against Joe’s ear, allowing her hands to cup his cheeks and her finger tips to smoothly trace his jaw line.

“My poor baby boy, you’ve been under so much stress, haven’t you baby?” Y/N whispered, pressing her lips down lightly underneath his ear, kissing downwards towards his sensitive spot. She listened to a gentle grumble leave Joe’s lips as she reached the most sensitive area of his skin. Pressing her hips down against his, she began to grind their hips together dangerously smooth.

“Hmm..Ohh..Oh fuck..” Joe moaned, his eyes opening slowly only to grow wide at the sight of his sweet lover, grinding their hips together.

“Y/N..Oh my god, Y/N..” Joe growled deeply, his tongue almost falling out from his mouth at the sight of her, his eyes darkening with lust as he allowed his eyes to gaze at the sexy black lingerie covering Y/N’s body.

“Untie me, Y/N. Untie me, right now.” Joe breathed, shaking the chair as he fidgeted with the tie around his hand. Looking up into his lovers eyes, he could feel his energy pick up instantly, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

Joe was now fully awake and had Y/N’s undivided attention. However, Joe was furious. Joe couldn’t believe that Y/N left him here by himself, all worked up and abandoned with a tight and sticky situation in his lower region so she could go out with the girls.

“Did you miss me?” Y/N drawled out sweetly, pressing herself down against his groin causing a long groan to leave his lips.

“Fuck, Y/N, you know I missed you..” Joe groaned, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as Y/N pressed down against his groin a little harder, a sense of relief and pleasure coursing through Joe’s veins. “I missed you so damn much.” He breathed, gazing up with dazed eyes.

“Oh really?” Y/N gasped in fake surprise. “You see, I don’t think you did. I mean, I just found you here asleep..” Y/N tsked, giving Joe a pointed and devious look, beginning to slow down her actions. “I don’t think you missed me at all..” She continued to whisper, her fingers now pulling at the collar of Joe’s shirt.

“Fuck, no, don’t you dare slow down Y/N L/N. You left me..” Joe breathed, pushing his hips up against Y/N’s drawing in a shaky breath. “For four hours, Y/N..You left me tied up in this god damn tight scarf. I just guessed, you weren’t going to come home to make this sweet revenge of yours, even sweeter.” He hummed, looking up to Y/N’s eyes challengingly. “Because usually, when people get revenge. They like to make sure that the person suffers..and you made me suffer..working me up like that..and then leaving me here..I just thought you were going to ice the cake and leave me here until morning..” Joe breathed deeply, his eyes looking up into Y/N’s confidently.

After all, Joe was known for being the prankster of his friends. In fact, he was given a trophy, crowning him as the King of pranks. Joe was very gifted and skilled when it came to pranking, but when it came to revenge, Joe was officially the craftiest and he knew all of the steps that a person plotting revenge should take.

Joe smirked triumphantly, feeling Y/N begin to pick up the pace of their hips grinding together. “My poor baby thought I wasn’t coming back..” Y/N pouted, releasing the collar of Joe’s shirt and allowing her hands to slowly slide down his chest.

“For four hours, I left you all alone..” She continued, the tone in her voice mocking surprise, allowing her roaming hands to slide out from underneath Joe’s shirt and slowly unbutton Joe’s jeans, teasingly zipping down the zip. “Maybe I should make it up to you, should I?” Y/N asked, smiling mischievously down at her lover as she pressed her hand into his jeans, pushing her hand down against the growing situation in Joe’s Calvin Klein boxers.

“Oh fuck..Y/N..” Joe breathed in sharply, feeling Y/N knead her hand against Joe’s growing erection. “Oh baby, I’m so very sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight.” Y/N pouted, holding back a smirk on her face as she continued to rub Joe through the material of his briefs, listening to a satisfied moan pass through his lips.

Y/N’s free hand slowly pulled down the material of Joe’s boxers, revealing his large shaft. The cool air hit against Joe’s shaft causing his breath to hitch. Y/N wrapped her hand around his length, running her hand up and down smoothly, pressing feather light kisses against the base of his throat.

“Y/N..” Joe breathed, his hips pushing up to gain more friction from her slowly moving hand.

“Yes?” Y/N asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes innocently down at Joe’s flushed face.

“I need you..I need you so damn bad..Don’t be such a tease..The lingerie..leaving me here for hours..and now..oh fuck..” Joe moaned, his profanities being drawn out as Y/N slowly sunk down to her knees, her lips wrapping around his large length, catching Joe by surprise.

“Is this what you want, hm? Attention?” Y/N purred with a smooth tone in her voice, wrapping her lips back around Joe’s shaft, beginning to leisurely move her head up and down his long length.

“Y/N..” Joe moaned loudly, Y/N’s name being drawn deeply.

Joe could feel his heart rate increasing. He could feel the pounding of his heart against his chest as Y/N’s lips wrapped right around his shaft, taking him all in and skilfully bobbing her head up and down in a quick rhythm. Opening his own eyes, he tried to catch a breath, pushing his hips up towards Y/N’s mouth so she could take more of him. As he looked down to his confident Y/N, he noticed that her hands were behind her back, causing him to grow more aroused at the sight. Y/N’s hair was thrown behind her back in messy Hollywood curls. Her eyes were wide and full of of innocence and mischief as she gazed up to Joe, moving her lips in all of the right ways around his shaft. The sensation of Y/N humming against Joe’s length was more than enough to send Joe over the edge. Words weren’t good enough to describe how skilled and talented Y/N was at giving him one hell of a blowjob.

“Oh fuck..Y/N..” Joe moaned, feeling himself come to a thrilling high, only to immediately be brought back down from the high as he watched Y/N remove her lips from his length, not allowing him to reach his high. Her fingers were now running up against his legs, smoothly fanning  out along his thighs as she pushed herself to her feet, grinning innocently. Before Joe could yell out in frustration, Y/N pressed her index finger against Joe’s lips, halting him from speaking.

Quietly, Y/N tugged down Joe’s jeans, pulling them down to his ankles, allowing him to easily kick them off and shove them to the side. Y/N confidently swayed her hips, strutting behind Joe and resting her chin on his shoulder.

“How bad do you need me, hm?” She breathed, pulling at the knot she tightened on the scarf bounding Joe’s wrists, setting him free. Y/N watched as within the blink of an eye, Joe kicked back the chair, grabbing hold of her waist and pressing her body back up against the wardrobe.

“I’m going to show you. I’m going to show you how bad I need you.” Joe growled deeply, capturing Y/N’s lips with his. Joe’s mind was going crazy. His hands were now running up and down Y/N’s body, running up and down her thighs before moving themselves to her bum. Joe smirked against Y/N’s lips as he earned a squeal from her once he pinched her bum, kneading it with his large hands.

Joe’s tongue was now exploring Y/N’s mouth desperately, his hands touching every piece of her skin, almost afraid that he would be bound to the chair once more, unable to touch his beauty.

Y/N wrapped her arms around Joe’s neck, her fingers tugging at the hair on the nape of his neck as the kiss deepened between herself and Joe. Their make out session was now becoming heated and tense as Y/N played with Joe’s shirt, lifting it up over his head and throwing it to the ground. Joe hoisted Y/N’s body up, her legs wrapping around his torso, their lips moulding together and moving in a deep and desperate sync.

Walking them both to their shared king sized bed, Joe bowed Y/N’s body down to the mattress, his hands now running behind her back, easily unclasping the latch on her bra without breaking the kiss.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, although this looked so very hot, it needs to go..” Joe breathed heavily, tossing Y/N’s revealing black bra to the side, before his fingers pressed into the waistband of her thong.

“This too..” Joe whispered hotly, his fingers skimming down against Y/N’s thighs, tugging down her black thong before throwing it to the side to the pile of discarded clothes.

Joe’s fingers ran up along Y/N’s inner thighs, immediately causing goosebumps to rise onto her skin. Joe subtly glided his fingers up towards Y/N’s hips, burying his face into the crook of her neck, sucking down on the sensitive skin that drove her crazy, making sure to leave his mark so everyone knows that Y/N belongs to him.

Y/N adored having love bites mark her neck. She loved being able to see Joe’s mark on her neck, knowing she was his and only his.

Joe’s lips moved down from Y/N’s neck, slowly to her collarbones, before he teasingly slowed down his kisses through the valley of her breasts, a spot that made Y/N grow weak at the knees. Y/N inhaled a sharp breath as Joe’s kisses reached down to her stomach, slowly pressing kisses against her abdomen, before he was greeted with the prize Y/N had for tonight.

Joe smirked at his thoughts, before reaching his finger towards Y/N’s folds and slowly caressing them. A shiver of thrill raced down Joe’s spine, his eyes burning as he gazed at Y/N’s entry, listening to the catching of her breath echo through his ears.

“You’re so wet, sweetheart.” He whispered, his cool breath blowing against her folds causing Y/N to shiver and tingle with pure excitement. “And who are you wet for?” Joe demanded, his eyes now staring into Y/N’s deeply with authority, his tongue swiping across his lips.

“For you, babe..All for you..” Y/N breathed, a quiet gasp leaving her lips as Joe smoothly slipped one of his fingers inside of her.

“Good girl..” Joe hummed in satisfactory, teasing Y/N’s entry as he smirked devilishly down at her.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll never want to tease me like that ever. again.” Joe murmured against Y/N’s skin, his hands now grabbing her hips tightly, sure to leave a bruise.

Joe pressed himself into Y/N, a throaty moan leaving through Joe’s lips as Y/N pressed her nails sharply into his shoulder blades. Joe moved his lovers hips against his, their bodies moulding together as one. Joe pressed his lips against Y/N’s hungrily, moving them together in a deep sync as their hips snapped quickly together.

“Oh fuck,” Y/N gasped, her nails down dragging down Joe’s back causing a confident smirk to grow on his face. “Oh my god, Joe..” Y/N moaned, her back arching as Joe pressed against her spot deeply, pleasure and adrenaline running through both of their veins.

“Fuck Y/N..” Joe hissed, their intertwining bodies growing hot.

“I-I think..Joe, oh fuck..” Y/N gasped feeling herself reaching her high as Joe moved himself against her quickly, his lips now sucking down along her collarbones.

“Me too sweetheart..” Joe moaned, his breathing increasing as he continued to push himself deeper and quicker into Y/N.

Y/N’s back arched as her nails pressed painfully sharp into Joe’s shoulders, his name leaving as a loud shrill through her lips while profanities ran through Joe’s, the two of them reaching their high, Joe’s name echoing around the neighbourhood for sure.

Joe buried his head into the crook of Y/N’s neck, their chests pressing against one another’s as they bought desperately caught their breath. Their blood was now coursing through their veins with adrenaline. Their bodies were now trying to cool and calm down from the exciting high.

“My revenge is definitely the best..” Y/N breathed, looking into Joe’s eyes, a small smirk drawn onto her lips as she spoke.

“I’ve only started getting mine..” Joe whispered smugly, his hand slapping against Y/N’s bum cheekily.

Little did Y/N know, that tonight was only round one of Joe’s revenge.


Hello lovelies!

This is the very highly requested part two for Hands To Myself!

I just want to say that that this is the first time I have ever wrote smut, so it isn’t the best or remotely good compared to the amazing smutty writers on tumblr, wattpad etc. So I’m very sorry that it wasn’t the best but I really hope that you enjoyed it!

If you did enjoy it, please don’t be afraid to comment down below and tell me if you did! I really love reading your feedback, it really means so much to me and I appreciate every single comment!

I hope to update with a new imagine very soon!

I hope all of you are having a really lovely week.
If you’re in school, I know how much of a pain it can be to get up out of bed in the early hours of the morning, but I believe in you! And I really hope you have a really amazing week!

I love every single one of you lovelies!

All of my love xxx

Sweet Revenge

Member: Nam JooHyuk

Genre: Romance, Smut

Short Summary: He was stressed and she wanted revenge.

Waring: Don’t try and do this, it’s actually dangerous ;-)

Words: 1k

They sat in the car together, her being the silent mouse that she made herself out to be on that particular evening. She wasn’t usually like that, but JooHyuk paid that fact no mind, biting his lips in annoyance and frustration as he was going off about the difficulties he faced on set on that day.

As he turned to face her, she swiftly turned away and watched through the car’s window instead, pouting her lips in ignorance, but at the same time indignance at the fact that he, the man she loved so dearly, did not spare even a second to apologize for the tease he had her go through that morning.

He had her at the edge of release just a couple of hours prior, writhing from pleasure early in the morning before jumping up and smirking down at her, waving his hand to signify goodbye before hurrying off to work. Like that, she was forced to finish all on her own.

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To all the moderators, what are your respective 'go-to' stories at dramione/org that are not included on the top list?

Sure. Here are some fics I have bookmarked as favorites so I can read them over and over again… I don’t think any of these are on the top lists.

Gingerbread Germs by scarlettcat - M, one-shot - Pansy’s plan for revenge couldn’t be sweeter. Too bad she forgot about Draco’s sweet tooth.

Who Trumps Who? by margaritama - MA, one-shot - Draco remembers what it is to be a Malfoy.  He has every intention of destroying Ron Weasley, slowly and methodically.

Sometimes a Loss is Really a Gain by RiddikulusRavenclaw - M, 2 Chapters - When Hermione and Ron have a nasty breakup, she gets drunk and rebounds…with Draco Malfoy?

Curses by maloreiy - MA, 5 Chapters - The Head Boy and the Head Girl have been captured! Stolen right out of Hogwarts and hit with an unknown curse, the two find themselves in a very small cell, very much alone, and with very unusual effects from the curse. Smut, followed by a thin plot, and ending with fluff.

Hallelujah Indeed by naarna - T, one-shot - After a love spell has gone wrong, Draco shows up in Hermione’s bedroom every night for a week. Investigations into this matter lead to revelations both never expected… (This story was part of the 2016 HP Drizzle Fest)

Pride and Prejudice and Leprechauns by Refictionista - MA, 17 Chapters -  By Jane Austen and Refictionista - Miss Hermione Granger and Mr. Draco Malfoy had never gotten along, but now they must work together to end the illegal trade in cursed four leaf clovers. Their investigation together discovers that sometimes the last person on earth you want to be with is the one person you can’t be without. (Written for the 2016 Harry Potter Get Lucky Fest)

Safehouse by Sey - MA, 22 Chapters - Four years post-war, all captured Death Eaters manage to escape Azkaban with one goal in mind: revenge. The Golden Trio is separated to assure their safety, and though the situation is hard for them all, Hermione can’t help but feel she is stuck in the worst safehouse… Or Manor, in this case.

Devil’s Snare by SunshineSundae - M, 11 Chapters - Hermione wants a new job. Will boss Malfoy let her go? “Tell me, Granger, do you often imagine me in bed?” “If you mean death bed,” she said sweetly. “Then every day.”

Waters of the Horned God by ningloreth - MA, 2 Chapters - Auror Hermione Granger finds there’s much more to her new partner, Draco Malfoy, than meets the eye.

❤️ @refictionista

P.S. Yes, one of the fics listed is one of mine, but (even so) it’s one of the ‘go-to’ stories that I’ve read it over and over again… I’m obsessed with Jane Austen.

Day6: When their GF sits on their lap and they get a little excited ;)

Oh gosh! I don’t know why these reactions are taking me so long to write! I’m so sorry this is taking so long! I’ll try to pick up my pace, but there are just those days where I feel bleh and well don’t want to do anything….Anyways, enough with my excuses. I’m so happy that I’ve been getting a lot of Day6 reaction request because they need more love and it’s always to write about them! Here is the request from this lovely patient Nonnie :)

Helloooo! Love your blog btw fr you deserve all the hugs😽😽😽 I was wondering if I(or “we” I should say lol) could get a reaction with Day6 in which the reader is sitting in the members lap and then the boys get a little flustered…? If you know what I mean….


Originally posted by youngk-who

This grandpa bear would love that you wanted to sit on his lap. Low key, he loves cuddling with you, but since he was in the middle of band practice he had to hold his cuddles to himself. A playful little smile would spread on his face as you nestled in his lap as he was tuning his guitar. He would rest his chin on your shoulder, enjoying your warmth as he would playfully tease you about gaining weight. You would playfully wiggle your butt on his lap to show how heavy you were really were. At first he would think that was the cutest little action ever, until he felt the front of his jeans began to tighten. His eyes would go wide, looking to side to side as if to see if he was caught with a boner. He would be mentally praying that you wouldn’t notice long enough for him to calm down. Fortunately and unfortunately for him you were a caring, sweet girlfriend and noticed that his hands had stopped tuning the guitar, causing you to scoot back on his lap, turn around, and ask him what’s wrong.

“Hey why did you stop…*feels something poking your butt*…tuning?”

“I-it’s not what you think Jagi.” *Stare at you wide-eyed

*“Ooooh sooo Mr. Sungjin here doesn’t have an erection? *Smirks*

”*Quickly covers your mouth with his hands* “Shhh! Don’t say it out loud!”

“So you do admit it?” *Wiggles your butt more, grinding against his bulge* Do you?”

“This is revenge about saying you’ve gained weight isn’t it *Slightly glares at you*”

“Maybe~” *Smiles at him innocently*

“*Whispers* Then keep going if you dare, Jagi, cause when we get back home I promise that I’ll have a much more sweeter revenge all night long.


Originally posted by sora-no-kaji

Master of swag here would definitely tease you when you asked to sit on his lap while the guys were taking a lunch break during practice. He isn’t much of a skinship, touchy feely guy, but when it came to you he made exceptions. But you had to work for it. It wouldn’t be until you pouted and jokingly threatened to sit on Dowoon’s lap instead that he would tug on your arm and pull you on his lap. You would giggle at his actions and simply nuzzle closer to him. All was good and peaceful until he notice a friend down south of him had woken up. He wouldn’t say a word, or acknowledge the boner you caused. Well he would at least try to until he calmed down anyways. He would play it off and act as if nothing had happened as you to munched on chicken wings….that is until you pointed out. You can bet 100% he would pretend keep this act going until you either dropped the subject or his boner went away. Whichever came first.

“Uhhhh Jae? What is poking me?” *Raises an eyebrow*

“It’s nothing, babe. Probably my phone, ya know the smartphones are getting bigger and bigger these days.” *Chuckles and tries to play it off*

“Really now? A phone….on your crotch….” *Smirks*

“Uh….yeah? Don’t judge where I put my phone, girl.” 

“I’m judging that you’re trying to play off your boner as a phone, bae.” *Giggles and teasingly pokes his cheek* 

“I knew me sitting on your lap made you secretly happy. I just didn’t think I made you that happy”

*Whispers* “Keep talking, hun, cause as soon as we get home I’m gonna put my ‘phone’ in your charger slot.” 

*Tries to contains laughter* “Did you just make a dirty line using phones?”

“Yes, and you know you love it.” *Smirks before both of you burst into laughter.

Young K

Originally posted by ijustcantlie

Mr. Why-does-everyone-call-me-Brian would adore you sitting in his lap. It was where you would usually sit any ways, so when you took your rightful place as he was munching on a snack and working on a new song, he paid no mind and hummed as he nuzzled into your neck. You would simply giggle at his actions and run your fingers through his hair as you glanced down at the song he was working on. You loved seeing his work, and his working face. It was always so serious and sexy, but every now and then you would see little flashes of sweet smiles and glee when he worked on a part he really liked. You adored seeing the many faces of Brian Kang, but this time you managed to see a new expression on his face. YoungK’s eyes became as wide as dinner plates when he realized he had gotten a little too excited with you sitting on his lap. It had been a while since the two of you had spent time together with him working on songs for Day6’s monthly comeback. He knew he missed you, but he didn’t think he was that deprived of you. Initially he would be frozen, but then he realized that there was no point of hiding the obvious so he would just go with the flow. 

“Um, so it looks like someone has missed me.” *Giggles as you wrap your arms around his neck*

“I always miss you, Jagi,.” *grins and pecks your cheek* 

“I just rrrreeeeaaaalllllyyyy miss you in my arms,” *Pecks your nose* 

“Hearing your voice” *Pecks your lips* “Hearing you scream my name.”

“Brian!” *Playfully slaps his chest, only causing him to laugh*

“Haha just like that!” *Teasingly pokes your cheek*

“You just won’t let me live will you.” *Sighs*

“I won’t let you walk either once I’m done with you.” *Smirks against your skin as he peppers your neck with kisses*


Originally posted by bryankang

This sweet little ball of fluff would be sooooo overjoyed that you sat on his lap. This cutie obviously loves to cuddle and have skinship so as soon as you sat on his lap during your guys’s lazy day he would wrap you in his arms with a big grin on his face. You were his little ball of sunshine and flowers so he always wanted to have you in his arms. You two would simply look at each other and simply giggle at each other, knowing exactly what was each other’s mind without saying a word. This innocent, precious scene would be broken when Wonpil felt an uninvited guest in his pants. He didn’t think this would happen at all. The two of you were always touchy feely, but the long time away from each other as he worked on Day6’s new songs made him a bit more sensitive than usual. You could tell immediately what had happened by the sight of Wonpil’s bright red cheeks. You would simply giggle at this adorable, slightly odd cutie. He would bury his face into your shoulder, smiling away with embarrassment and blaming his his princess for making him this way.

“Jagi-ah~, it’s your fault. I’m suppose to be a knight in shining armor.”

“Haha is that the concept for today?” *giggles* “My knight in shining armor must miss his princess veeerrryyy much.”

“I miss you all the time.” *looks up at you and grins* “You’re just extra beautiful today so that’s why I got a little..uh…”

“Excited?” *Raises an eyebrow*

“Y-yeah…” *Shy smile*

“Do you want me to help you with that?” *Blushes*

“Yes please….” *Blushes, but still sweetly grins*


Originally posted by wonpilimiri

This adorable, dopey 4D puppy would gladly welcome you with open arms as you snuggled into his lap. He would chuckle as he held you in his arms, the both of you swaying to the beat of Day6’s new songs. The two of you would talk about nothing and everything all at the same time. The other members always wondered how the two of you did that. It was a special skill that only the two of you shared. The conversation would come into a small lull as Dowoon felt his pants suddenly tighten. A flash of confusion would go over his face as to what the heck would cause for his pants to tighten, that is until all the pieces in his brain came together. His mouth would be agape for a moment, causing you to giggle and wonder what was wrong. You realized the problem when you scooted further back into his lap, feeling something to poke your bottom. Your eyes would go wide for a moment as you turned to look at Dowoon whose cheeks were dusted with blush and an awkward lopsided grin was on his face. 

“Um…Dowoonie….is that…” *Raises an eyebrow*

“Uh…yes?” *Tilts his head slightly*

“Are you not sure?” *Giggles*

“I’m sure. I mean I’m pretty sure.” *Grins*

“I’m glad to see that you miss me then.” *chuckles*

“I always 24 hours a day, 400 days a year.” *Snuggles into you*

“Haha Dowoonie, there are only 365 days a year!” *Breaks out into laughter*

“I’m adding 35 more days so that I can miss you more.” *Grins*

“Haha that doesn’t even make sense, but it’s cute,” *pecks his nose* “Well then let me show me how much I miss you.” *Winks*

Thanks for reading! Comments and feedback are much appreciated!

ACOWAR Spoilers here

I know I said I would, but I need to talk about some of all these feels ACOWAR gave me, so my heart will remain in one piece. Soo…


Seriously, don’t read these if you haven’t read the book. I am being kinda vague some places, and dropping bombs that I think are far more impactful if you read it first. Come back, and nod furiously instead.

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marriage law ron bashing with smut

Title: Law of Roses
Author: leftdragonpainter
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 17,483
Summary: Four years after the Battle of Hogwarts the Ministry of Magic is forcing unwed witches and wizards to marry in order to boost the magical population. Hermione Granger has been matched with, much to both their chagrin, Draco Malfoy. They either must fall in with the Ministry’s plans or be forced to spend the rest of their days in Azkaban.

Title: Revenge Is All The Sweeter
Author: Twilight to Midnight
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 24
Word Count: 101,194
Summary: A marriage law has come to pass; an unfaithful boyfriend has been caught and an enemy has been chosen. Draco and Hermione discover the fine line between love and hate. Won 2nd place at the Dramione awards for best Draco and best action/adventure!

Title: The Marriage Law
Author: fanofdenial
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 35,411
Summary: The ministry enacts a marriage law to repopulate after the war. Hermione Granger gets paired with Draco Malfoy. Will this ever be a love, not hate-filled relationship? Dramione!


Playlists for the Signs

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ARIES: “Go!” by Plumtree / “Berlin” by New Politics / “C’mon C’mon” by The Von Bondies / “Shot You Down” by Florrie / “Castro Dies” by Jamie T / “Never Gonna Happen” by Lily Allen / “Sucker” by Charli XCX / “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle” by Cake / “Did You Miss Me?” by The Veronicas / “Strange Love” by Halsey

TAURUS: “Apollo Throwdown” by The Go! Team / “Suicide Saturday” by Hippo Campus / “Do You Want To Die Together?” by Stars / “Earth, Wind, & Fire” by Jamie T / “I Love You Money” by Lowell / “Bruises” by Chairlift / “One Foot” by fun. / “Drive” by Halsey / “Hurricane” by Panic! At The Disco / “Raspberry” by Grouplove

GEMINI: “Be Calm” by fun. / “Cloud 69″ by Lowell / “Johnny Boy” by Twenty One Pilots / “HELP” by The Front Bottoms / “Take Me To A Higher Place” by Kate Nash / “The Weekend” by Modern Baseball / “Oh Marcello” by Regina Spektor / “Two-Headed Boy” by Neutral Milk Hotel / “Cold Stone Lips” by We Are Twin / “Electric Bird” by Sia

CANCER: “Grow Up And Blow Away” by Metric / “Peach” by The Front Bottoms / “Small Town Moon” by Regina Spektor / “The Worst Thing (Whitey Jam) by Stars / “Impossible Year” by Panic! At The Disco / “You Fooled Me” by Divided By Friday / “Immortal” by Marina and the Diamonds / “Tears Over Beers” by Modern Baseball / “Foundations” by Kate Nash / “Hometown” by Twenty One Pilots

LEO: “Ride (feat. Icona Pop)” by Lowell / “Gold Guns Girls” by Metric / “Huddle Formation” by The Go! Team / “Popular” by The Veronicas / “Greek Tragedy” by The Wombats / “Primadonna” by Marina and the Diamonds / “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)” by We Are The In Crowd / “Everywhere I Go” by New Politics / “Unstoppable” by Sia / “London Queen” by Charli XCX

VIRGO: “Sight Of The Sun” by fun. / “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” by Stars / “Solitaire” by Marina and the Diamonds / “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel / “Help I’m Alive” by Metric / “Early Christmas Present” by Kate Nash / “Training Wheels” by Melanie Martinez / “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” by Regina Spektor / “Hurting Me Now” by Sia / “Obsessions” by Marina and the Diamonds

LIBRA: “Miss Missing You” by Fall Out Boy / “Shampain” by Marina and the Diamonds / “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who / “LA Devotee” by Panic! At The Disco / “Run Little Horsey” by Apparatjik & Lowell / “Ain’t No Good” by Cake / “Paris” by Kate Nash / “In Our Bedroom After The War” by Stars / “Tonight You’re Perfect” by New Politics / “The Judge” by Twenty One Pilots

SCORPIO: “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill” by Horrorpops / “Bury Our Friends” by Sleater-Kinney / “Goodbye Copenhagen” by New Politics / “All The Rowboats” by Regina Spektor / “Revenge Is Sweeter” by The Veronicas / “War Pigs” by Cake / “Tag, You’re It” by Melanie Martinez / “You - Ha Ha Ha” by Charli XCX / “Pedestrian At Best” by Courtney Barnett / “Peter” by Jamie T

SAGITTARIUS: “Free Tonight” by Divided By Friday / “Teenage Rhythm” by GRMLN / “Skeleton” by the Front Bottoms / “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” by Panic! At The Disco / “Rat A Tat (feat. Courtney Love)” by Fall Out Boy / “How To Be A Heartbreaker” by Marina and the Diamonds / “Break The Rules” by Charli XCX / “Maps” by The Front Bottoms / “Lifted Up (1985)” by Passion Pit / “My Friends Over You” by New Found Glory

CAPRICORN: “Casino (Bad Things)” by Houndmouth / “Comfort Eagle” by Cake / “Shake Him Off” by Apparatjik & Lowell / “Message Man” by Twenty One Pilots / “Youth Without Youth” by Metric / “Ballad Of A Politician” by Regina Spektor / “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! At The Disco / “Gold Coins” by Charli XCX / “Gasoline” by Halsey / “Oh No!” by Marina and the Diamonds

AQUARIUS: “Exit Only” by Deerhoof / “Crazy = Genius” by Panic! At The Disco / “Quit This City (feat. Lowell)” by Grandtheft / “Mad Hatter” by Melanie Martinez / “Song Against Sex” by Neutral Milk Hotel / “Fuck You” by Lily Allen / “Take Me To The Riot” by Stars / “Long Live The Kids” by We Are The In Crowd / “We Don’t Believe What’s On TV” by Twenty One Pilots / “Overcome” by New Politics

PISCES: “Gimme Sympathy” by Metric / “Birds” by Kate Nash / “Dead Hearts” by Stars / “Cry Baby” by Melanie Martinez / “My Rollercoaster” by Kimya Dawson / “Walking The Dog” by fun. / “I Killed Sara V.” by Lowell / “Holland, 1945″ by Neutral Milk Hotel / “Sad Songs And Waltzes” by Cake / “Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night” by The Fratellis

Until the Moon Part 4

A Marauders Fic

Remus Lupin x reader

Summary: Reader is Severus Snape’s little sister. There’s drama there of course, but history adds a lot to it.

Word Count: 1517

Warnings: character death, abuse, blood, verbal abuse, angst

Read the Prologue here. Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here.

A/N: Sorry it’s taken me so long to update pretty much anything. Hope you like this! Here comes the angst train!


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List of Great Fics

I’ve been searching for great fics and have read numbers of them. So these are just my suggestions in case you haven’t read them yet. (The best ones in my opinion) And if there’s some good fics i didn’t include in this list, please let me know . . .

  1. Cruel and beautiful world
  2. Draconian 
  3. Isolation
  4. Hunted 
  5. Broken
  6. Turncoat
  7. The revenant
  8. The fallout
  9. The risk reward ratio
  10. Thirteenth night
  11. A pound of flesh
  12. Static
  13. The deadline
  14. A wonderful caricature of intimacy
  15. Make me forget his name
  16. Valentine encounter
  17. And we all fall down
  18. Beautiful things can come from the dark side
  19. The cabin 20.Beautiful
  20. Revenge is all the sweeter
  21. Best laid plans
  22. Aboard a fairytale
  23. Heavy lies the crown
  24. The devil wears prada
  25. Utterly despicable
  26. Hermione Malfoy
  27. The bracelet
  28. I hate everything about you
  29. When Malfoys marry Mudbloods
  30. Fall back down . .

This is all i can come up with right now, so if there are good fics preferably rated m that are not in this list, please let me know I’M DYING OUT HERE SEARCHING FOR FICS TO READ😥

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Thanks for these recs, @mami22felton!

For “classic” fics, I recommend you check out this post and this post. Then I encourage you to check out our Favourites tag and the Similar Fics tag.


anonymous asked:

I absolutely adore your writing, could I ask for some more sick Sebastian, perhaps? Maybe Ciel punishes him for something by making him consume human food for a few days, but because he's a demon, he can't digest it. He merely has to keep it down until the punishment is over, then Ciel catches him with his head buried in the toilet. Sorry it's so specific >~<

Kind of fits with these, kind of doesn’t, but I figured I’d answer them all in one rather than make three nearly identical stories! I think sick Sebastian may be my favourite thing in the world. 

Warning: vomit and a sadistic Ciel under the cut.

“This is the last time! I will not tolerate your idiocy putting my life at risk!” Ciel was livid. Another fight between his butler and a reaper had lead to Ciel getting a little beat up as well. Sebastian rationalized Ciel’s bruises and scrapes by repeating that his contract said nothing against letting him get hurt, only letting him die.

Ciel pushed his dinner away. He was too upset to eat, and his stomach ached too much where he had been kicked. Sebastian stood at the side of the room, watching his master rage at him. Ciel gave him a pointed look.

“Eat it,” he said, gesturing to his mostly uneaten meal. Sebastian’s calm demeanour faltered slightly.

“Master, you are well aware I cannot keep human food dow-”

“Eat it,” Ciel repeated. “Eat it and keep it down until I say. Surely you wouldn’t disobey another of my orders.”

Sebastian showed no emotion as he approached the table. Ciel ordered him to sit, and so he did, ignoring how improper it was for him to sit with his master. Sebastian pulled the plate towards him gently, and picked up the same utensils his master had been using. He stared into Ciel’s eyes as he raised a bite of pork to his mouth and began to chew it. For Sebastian, he might as well have been eating tree bark. The meat itself tasted like not much more than sawdust, and he fought the urge to gag. Never before had human food made him this sick, although it wasn’t as if he spent much time eating human food.

He swallowed each bite, forcing himself not to shudder at the horrific taste. His usual food did not taste like this. Reminiscing about his usual meal made his stomach revolt at the human food was eating. Ciel smirked when he saw Sebastian’s throat constrict, his revenge much sweeter than he had expected.

“Now,” Ciel declared, “I want a bath, and I want to sleep.”

Sebastian nodded, and began clearing away the dishes. His stomach ached from the foreign food, and with every movement it would twist painfully. He left the dishes on the counter for another servant to deal with, and moved slowly up the stairs, entering the ensuite and began running a hot bath. Ciel was in his room when Sebastian entered, ready to prepare him for his bath.

With a pained smile, he began painstakingly undoing the buttons on Ciel’s shirt. Not for the first time, he wished Ciel would do this himself, especially tonight when all he wanted was to curl around a toilet and sick up all he had eaten. He had no digestive system that could handle the food, and every part of him was protesting.

“You’re not sick, are you?” Ciel asked, feigning innocence. Sebastian shook his head.
“Surely not.”

His face was burning, but the rest of him felt freezing. He could feel himself becoming sticky with sweat and wished he could remove his gloves, or wipe his face at the least. Without realizing it, Sebastian had fully undressed Ciel and was following him to the bathroom. The bath was full of hot water, and Sebastian felt himself get even more uncomfortably hot and sticky.

Sebastian felt his throat constrict again. The sound of sloshing water was making the contents of his stomach roll uncomfortably. Sebastian bent down to begin washing Ciel, and his stomach finally gave up. Sebastian bolted to the toilet, and knelt down in front of it, knocking over the contents of a shelf in his haste.

Ciel yelled in surprise and whipped around to see Sebastian hanging over the bowl with his mouth open. Sebastian let a string of saliva drip into the toilet, too focused on his stomach to maintain appearances. Soon enough, he let out a harsh retch, and all the food he had eaten was spilling from his lips. It burned worse than he remembered, and he felt utterly out of control. Every muscle in his body seized again, and he was gagging again, forcing more of the vile liquid up his throat. He spat roughly and coughed into the toilet bowl. He looked down and blinked rapidly, trying to clear the tears of exertion from his eyes.

He turned back towards his master, who was gaping at him in surprise. Ciel quickly schooled his face into a smug, albeit slightly disgusted expression. He had won, and Sebastian could pretend all he wanted, but he was sick, and utterly humiliated to be so in front of Ciel.

“Pardon me, Young Master.” Sebastian stood and flushed the toilet. His head was spinning, faint from the effort. Ciel smirked at him, enjoying the sight of his butler in pain. It was the perfect revenge.

Sebastian’s esophagus burned from the acid, and his stomach protested his bending down.

Ciel turned away from him. “I never said your punishment was over. Expect worse tomorrow morning.”