After watching Revenge for Jolly again, I’ve changed my mind: This is a criminally under-rated film.

It’s a bit like John Wick: A guy goes on a killing spree because someone murdered his dog. 

But it’s so much more warped and twisted than that.

It’s essentially Bill and Ted…if Bill and Ted were sick, gun-toting sociopaths. I liked how they set up that Cecil was this crazy, weird, drug-addled cousin and the wacky one, but as the film goes on, it becomes uncomfortably clear he’s still way saner than Harry. At least Cecil realized killing people for incredibly minor reasons was, eh, a little wrong.

Then there were the hints that Harry was uncomfortably close with his puppy: “I hear in India they marry dogs. It wards off curses. Stuff like that. When this whole thing is over maybe we should go to India.”

It’s so wonderfully bizarre and surreal. Hey, Cecil might be in the middle of a killing spree at a wedding, but he’s still going to stop and politely ask for a beer.