i’m actually considering trying to find another secondhand ticket and flying in for one night and trying to finagle getting time off at work so i can see this fucking play, is this what the denial stage of grief looks like??

also, i don’t have it in me to respond individually to all of you but thank you @linatrinch @chelliaphra @tallulalusa @cassiesinsanity @oh-nostalgiaa @apenasumavingadora @girlgamer97 @delisalicious and anyone else i’m forgetting, your comments have been very comforting, i know i’m being ridiculous but i’m so crushingly disappointed, like, i never do anything so this was basically the first thing i genuinely had to be excited about and to look forward to in literally years, so… anyway, thank you all for your kind thoughts, it means a lot to me <3


Revenge for Jolly (2012)

Watched this movie today. It was interesting but oh my it was violent. The main protagonist,( Brian Petsos) a self confessed good guy gone slightly awry. He owes money to an unknown bad guy. After he visits his cousin ( Oscar Isaac) gets drunk and plans to skip town, he returns home to pack but finds his poor dog, Jolly dead. Mortified he calls his cousin and they agree to find Jolly’s killer.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, guns and not too many laughs! I lost count of the people who were gunned down by the pair. The wedding reception was a massacre! Sadly it looked like a cheap Tarantino rip off.
I want to praise Oscar Isaac ( the reason I saw this) he gave some depth to his character without much to go on. You could sense his simplicity yet stupidity ( the drugs and alcohol would make anyone simple I’m sure!).

2.5/5 stars

The first time I saw Revenge for Jolly I thought it was terrible. The second time, I decided it was quite good. After watching it a third time: I think this movie is a satire of gun violence. Maybe?

The thing about this film is: It’s not a cool action movie. It’s not a vengeance thriller. It’s maybe not even a black comedy.

You have to go into this movie understanding both these guys are completely crazy. Harry, in particular, is one of the strangest film characters of all time. 

His relationship with the dog was not cute; it was disturbing. I still can’t work out if the dog was his pet or, eh, his girlfriend.

It’s sad more people haven’t seen this film, because it is genuinely strange. The viewer has to read between the lines a whole lot.  

Oh, and I could be wrong here. But Oscar was legitimately smoking pot in that scene, wasn’t he? It wasn’t even that difficult to spot.