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Your sign & temper explained by the weather


Aries: Wildfires - Like wildfires, Aries are always ready to ignite and do so easily. When ignited, there’s no telling when they will calm down. Their rage can last for quite some time especially if they were betrayed or hurt by a friend or lover. Also, like wildfires, an Aries’ anger can be intensified by the Air Signs because using their wit they can justify and aid in any and all revenge plans, especially Gemini. Likewise, the water signs will attempt to calm you down or eventually, put you out if you take it too far.

Taurus: Tsunami - Tsunamis are the most deadly when it comes to severe weather conditions, but they aren’t really to blame. See, it’s disruptions in the ocean, on the sea floor, etc. that get them riled up. Taurus, you’re the same way. Your anger doesn’t show itself often because it takes time to build. But when it does show itself, it can do some serious damage. You are set off by things you can’t control, people, and STUPIDITY.

Gemini: Lightening - Witnessing you arguing, is like watching lightening flit across the sky. There is not a point you don’t touch on. You have a readily prepared argument for anyone who opposes you. Your first argument works 99% of the time, but if for some reason it doesn’t, you have 10 other arguments and can spit them out at rapid fire. You are VICIOUS! But you don’t hold grudges. Like lightening, you strike once and leave, but your words always leave permanent bruises on the ego. 

Cancer: Hurricane - All Cancers are insane, and we are no different when faced with an argument. Like hurricanes, we have levels. But I have to be honest, if we are really (finally) entering into an argument, we’re at a level 5.  A hurricane is rain, thunder, lightening, winds, etc. and a Cancer has just as many methods ready to inflict damage. When we want to fight, we will come at you verbally, physically, and mentally just like a hurricane. You’ll feel the effects afterwards. And to be clear, we aren’t like lightening; we strike more than once. So if we’ve fought once with you, we could probably go again. 

Leo: Thunder - When you’re in a fight you want everyone to know about it. You are LOUD, you tell all your friends and anyone who will listen why they should be on your side, and your temper flairs out of nowhere. You love to bring up past fights, mistakes, and insecurities. It takes only one incident for you to boil over, and you will refuse to stop fighting until someone has apologized… to you. Someone always has to apologize to you. Then, things can go back to the way they were. Like Cancer, you too have a tendency to fight with the same people more than once. 

Virgo: Floods - I would never say a Virgo is irrational. You just like things to be in a particular way, but you never fly off the handle. It’s not your style. So, if you are fighting, it’s because there are too many things out of order. THE DAM HAS BROKEN. EVACUATE. When a Virgo has finally snapped from all the dysfunction around them, they have really had it. There is no reasoning. They are out of patience. You need to just get away from them or you can drown in their critical, harsh words that will remind you of every mistake you’ve ever made. 

Libra: Hail - Like hail, it’s weird when a Libra is mad. You almost don’t even know if they are actually mad. Sure, they’re acting slightly more colder and are shooting you dirty looks, but to look at them, they seem alright. When you look at hail, like an aggravated Libra, it just looks weird, but not dangerous. However, have hail hit you in the face and you will quickly realized that it CAN and WILL hurt you. Like Virgoes, Libras just needs some time to calm down. DON’T force them into a confrontation. Leave them alone, and it will all pass over.

Scorpio: Tornado - I hope none of you are shocked at my choice of weather. You are crazy, but when you’re angry, you become the definition of insanity. There is no calming you down. You don’t freak out often, but when you do, you need to run your course. Like a tornado, you take down everyone and everything in your path and can devastate an entire population. The damage you inflict stays awhile because you (purposefully) make it difficult for people to cleanup after you. You need your destruction to last. 

Sagittarius: Volcano - Like volcanoes, you don’t erupt very often or easily. You’re easygoing and tend to let things slide (sometimes when you shouldn’t), but when you’re finally at your boiling point, you erupt without warning. Sometimes, you even try to hide your anger, but it is inevitable. The good news is that you don’t erupt for too long and aren’t partial to grudges. 

Capricorn: Earthquake - I like to think of Capricorns as some of the most stable people on the planet, especially as you get older. (Everyone is kind of a mess when they’re young, so ignore that). In order for you to lose your temper and lose control, something must be seriously wrong. Most times, I think your set off by the same things that set Taurus off, people and stupidity, and Virgoes, disorder. Basically, disruption of your master plan or, even worse, anything that gets in the way of your ambitions, will have you shaking and freaking out to the point where you will most likely further disrupt what is going on around you. Eventually, you will calm down and fix everything like a true Capricorn, but sometimes those you have fought with are permanently forgotten. YOU DO HOLD GRUDGES. 

Aquarius: Blizzard - An Aquarius’ anger is chilling, biting, cold. They aren’t going to strike at you in the middle of the night (that’s Scorpio). I think the most you’ll get from them is a calculated, callous remark that is only about the situation. They will normally never attack you for childish things like looks, (Gemini and Cancer will) or for things you’ve done wrong in the past (Leo and Capricorn will). They will only mention the situation and that is enough for them. They don’t need to make a big show out of their anger. In fact, that would be counterproductive because they are most likely going to disappear and never talk to you again anyway.

Pisces: Straight-line Winds - These winds are the natural partners of hurricanes. Actually during a hurricane, most of the damage comes from these winds; we just blame it on the hurricane. Your anger is silent. You will manipulate the situation to make it seem as if you aren’t involved, are completely innocent, and will get someone to fight your battles for you. Your anger is underhanded and sneaky, but you’re not a natural fighter. In my experience, it’s always Cancers and Leos who are willing to fight for you and on your behalf. Be careful, sometimes it is better to look like the bad guy, than to blame your mess on someone else.

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did some mm!kid ishimaru/ishimondo for the hev cause i love–

ishimaru wants to get payback on all the kids who did him wrong, even the ones who didnt but there’s just one he cant do that too– it threatens what he believes is right. mondo is his hope, his despair

the signs when angry

“i’m fine :)” *makes passive little comments for a week*: VIRGO, libra

*gives you the cold shoulder to the point you get frostbite* *may or may not be also planning their revenge*: SCORPIO, capricorn

*uses their intuition to hit you where it hurts you most then cries about it when they’re alone*: CANCER, PISCES

*erupts into a volcano of pure fury* *is fine 0.5 seconds later*: SAGITTARIUS, leo, aries, gemini

*appears fine* *goes off over a tiny thing a week later*: taurus, aquarius

The Matchmakers - Part 10

A drabble series I’m working on with @setthestarsxnfire - we wrote this one together! Another long one so more under the cut!

ZEN: Would you just shut up?

Jumin Han: I don’t see why I should.

ZEN: No one cares about your stupid cat.
ZEN: I’m sick of hearing about you and that thing.

Jumin Han: Elizabeth the third is not a thing.
Jumin Han: She’s my companion.
Jumin Han: At least I’m not complaining to everyone about my non-existent love life, like a brat I know.

V: Jumin…

Jumin Han: I, however, do hope that you can find someone who can tolerate your bullshit.
Jumin Han: So that you can disappear from this chat and bother them instead.
Jumin Han: Let’s be honest, people only care about your looks.

Yoosung★: omg

ZEN: Oh, yeah?

MC: Guys

ZEN: Well, I hope you find someone in your life
ZEN: Who’s not in it for the money

Jaehee Kang: O.O

ZEN: But that’s never going to happen.
ZEN: You only care about money and that stupid cat.

Jumin Han: Fuck off, Zen.

ZEN: With pleasure.
ZEN: I feel sick just being in the same chatroom as you.

707: Holy shit

Jumin Han: The feeling is mutual, I have tolerated a brat for too long.

ZEN: Fuck you, jerk.

- Zen has logged off -
- Jumin Han has logged off -

Saeran: What the fuck.

Yoosung★: TnT Why are they fighting now? Did something happen in the photo shoot yesterday?!

MC: No!
MC: Or at least, not while we were in the room.

Jaehee Kang: Something must has happened when we were gone, MC…

V: And it was probably quite harsh to get them to carry the fight all over here.

707: Cat mom and prince charming…
707: T_T My otp orz

Jaehee Kang: Let’s discuss this in private.


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Privileged (12/?)

Originally posted by bellamygifs

“With *yn* and Bellamy back to square one, tensions at the camp are running dangerously high as the grounder invasion becomes inevitable. Murphy decides to enact his plan of revenge which forces both Bellamy and *yn* to admit things they never thought they would say out loud.” 

Warnings: Angst, torture (kinda), swearing, violence (hanging), some fluff

Notes: Based on 1x12 “We Are Grounders (Part 1)” of The 100. 

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“Raven’s setting up a mine field.” Octavia explained to *yn* as the two both lifted up a small log to attach to the fence that was near completion.

“That’s good.” *yn* nodded. “But it won’t be enough.” 

“I know.” 

The two fell into silence as they continued to systematically work on the fence knowing that it might be what potentially saves them from the grounders. 

“Do you think they’re okay?” Octavia suddenly blurted out making *yn* immediately pause and look up at her. “Monty, Clarke and Finn I mean.”

“Their fighters and more importantly their survivors, especially Clarke. I’m sure-  I know that they’re alive.” 

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Hogwarts Headcanons #1

Bored Ravenclaws going in and out of their common room to get a new riddle every time for entertainment, then recording the answers for future reference.

• Gryffindor + Slytherin friendships that are stronger than any bond you could ever dream of

• Hufflepuffs being sarcastic and witty, surprising everyone outside of their house who never thought it possible

• The biggest gossips are found in Slytherin- but they always try to deny it

• Some Gryffindors that would rather have a chill day than go out partying or adventuring every once in a while

• Alternatively, there are some Ravenclaws that realize that street-smarts are just as important as book-smarts and enjoy an evening or two out.

• A Slytherin that dreads doing their homework or studying because they’re convinced they already know everything there is to know

• Fierce Hufflepuffs who have always got their friends’ backs

• A Ravenclaw + Slytherin relationship is actually the most dangerous if you’re on their bad side because you have someone to think of a plan for revenge and someone to execute it

• Speaking of which, Ravenclaws holding grudges just as fiercely as Slytherins are known to do

• A Gryffindor that needs to be pushed out of their comfort zone, and who won’t ever look back once they’re out there.

• Slytherins who pick their battles because they know that sometimes it just isn’t worth your effort.

• Hufflepuff students are often very outgoing and are able to make friends with anyone within 10 feet of them

• None of the houses’ students being exactly who you might expect, and everyone being incredibly unique in their own individual ways.


Once, as a joke, Percy and Annabeth conspired to sing ’Amazing Grace’ every time Jason was nearby and as Jason was getting desperate went to ask for help to Piper and Leo, who looked at each other and they started planning his ’revenge.’

The thing was that during a contest to sing along in the camp, the three of them sang ’Miss Jackson’, pointing out all the time to Annabeth and Percy, and the rest of the camp could not contain their laughter.

Percy and Annabeth looked at them with a look of ’this is not over, just starting’.

random cross-house things to make you smile

Slytherclaws/Raverins are excellent at planning revenge and will wait until the perfect time to get the most satisfaction out of your embarrassment, they are the ones who just sit back and quietly watch people fail instead of having to lift a finger to aid in your destruction. But they’re the best kind of friends because, unlike Slytherdors or Gryffinpuffs, they won’t die for you; they’ll find a way out of death for both of you, and if you ever have a problem with someone or are having a bad day, they’ll cheer you up by hurting whomever is responsible and giving you a day off by coming up with excuses for all your teachers while you relax.

Slytherpuffs/Hufferins are the sweet ones who will fool you into a sense of comfortability and then have no problem getting/taking what they want from you or wiping the floor with you in a competition; they often win things by playing up the shy/quiet/lame sterotype of Hufflepuff and then surprising people with wicked smart tactics and strategy. They won’t correct your ideas right off the bat, but you can expect them to come running in a week or two later, shouting about how to fix what was wrong with your plans.

Slytherdors/Gryfferins are forces to be reckoned with; they hate injustice and dishonor and have no problem with destroying the wicked, they will rejoice in the demise of people they don’t like. You know if they don’t like you because they will vocally ignore you and random crappy things will happen to you when they’re around. The quiet Slytherdors/Gryfferins are even more dangerous. If they’re your friends, they’ll risk their necks to find crazy loopholes out of or into things for you. They’ll either loudly correct your ideas or just sit back and watch you fail; most of the time they end up loudly calling you stupid without telling you what you did wrong and then they’ll sit back and watch you fail.

Huffleclaws/Ravenpuffs always love helping people with homework and they’ll constantly suggest their favorite books to you (and expect you to read them), you can expect to see them hanging around random rooms and hallways and their common rooms drawing or writing or reading or just people watching, taking in everything they can about their surroundings and friends (and enemies). They know the most random trivia and will quietly correct your strategies or plans from the back of the room.

Gryffinclaws/Ravendors are totally witty and wickedly intelligent smartasses, they hate losing at anything, which makes them view everything as a competition; school, eating meals, running up the stairs, reading books, finishing homework, witty banter (you’ll either lose or you’ll get smacked with a book or broomstick) and even who gets the most bruises from Quidditch. They’re such smartasses that no one listens to them when they correct people; everyone’s been called a “blithering idiot” too many times and don’t even want to know how their plans can be better, no matter how loud the Gryffinclaws scream it.

Gryffinpuffs/Huffledors are the ones you want on your side in a battle, they’ll fight to the death and would rather die than let any harm come to their friends; they can’t fathom letting anyone get hurt if they have anything to do about it. Also, Slytherclaws love their precious Gryffinpuffs and will murder you if you hurt them. Gryffinpuffs will die for those that they love. They will loudly but politely correct you from the front of the room, sometimes their ideas are unconventional, but they’re always kind about how they correct you, so nobody shuts them up anymore.

The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Heyyy. Could u do a rly angsty Jughead x Reader where the reader catches Archie (her bf) making out with Betty or something and she goes to Jughead, her best friend, and asks him to help her make a revenge plan? They start acting all lovey-dovey to make Archie jealous of what he lost and they make sure he finds them in ‘compromising situations’? I think it’d be really cute and funny. Thx!!!!

A/N: I’m going to do that so the reader finds out about Archie and Miss Grundy instead of Jughead as she’s walking past the classroom. Hope you like it! (Sorry I’m not the best with angsty stuff ugh) Requests are welcome!

Warnings: Archie x Reader (in the beginning), Cheating, Underage relationship (stupid Miss Grundy), Small amount of swearing,


The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

You had a bad feeling in your gut. Your boyfriend of a few months had been canceling dates and avoiding both you and your best friend Jug.

He was supposed to go on a roadtrip with Jug on July 4th but instead you and him sat in Pop’s trying to figure out why Archie canceled on the boy.

“It doesn’t make sense, Jug. He told me yesterday that you guys were leaving early?” You sigh and frown at your melting milkshake.

“I don’t know, (y/n)…”

“Do you think he got into some sort of trouble?” You push the basket of fries towards your best friend. The thought of your boyfriend lying to both you and him made your appetite disappear.

You glance out the window of Pop’s.

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Volton Mafia AU

has this been done yet?


Age: 22

·         Has been living with Coran ever since Zarkon killed her dad

·         It’s been five years since The Lions was betrayed by Zarkon

·         She’s been planning her revenge ever since

·         Wants to re-build The Lions and lead them

·         Also, very badass and could totally kill you


Age: ???

·         Admired Alfor very much

·         He used to be very close to him

·         Took Allura as his own

·         Takes care of the supplies and all that

·         Is actually someone you don’t wanna mess with


Age: 24

·         Entered The Lions when he was like 16

·         Used to be the Gunderson’s bodyguard

·         Found a 10 year old Keith and literally adopted him

·         Best friends with Matt and Pidge

·         Was tortured to enter The Galrans

·         Escaped somehow (or rescued?)

·         Woke up in another country and freaked out a little bit


Age: 18

·         Escaped orphanages

·         When Shiro took him in, he became friends with Pidge and Matt

·         Pidge showed him Assasin’s creed (and he fell in love with it)

·         Loves his daggers

·         Asked Hunk to build him a hidden dagger like the ones in assasin’s creed

·         Owns a motorbike because of reasons

·         Has been looking for Shiro and Matt with Pidge


Age: 18

·         Escaped home because his parents were very homophobic

·         Has been living around the streets since he was 14

·         Hated public school until he met Hunk and became best pals

·         Is jumping from job to job

·         Loves shooting and his guns (he names them probably)

·         The sniper of the group

·         Doesn’t fight very well

·         Is actually very protective and sweet but gotta keep his bad boy image


Age: 18

·         Loves building and fixing things

·         Thinks cooking is like fixing or building some food’s tastes

·         Sometimes works with poison

·         Loves his best friend very much

·         Wasn’t very fond of the idea of following Lance into this life style but doesn’t regret it

·         Doesn’t like to go to outside missions and is more of an inside man


Age: 17

·         Looks like 14

·         Doesn’t like to go to outside missions either

·         Insisted Keith to teach them how to use a dagger

·         Loves their computer and drones

·         Always spills coffee or other liquids on their computer so they have to ask Hunk to fix it for them

Other facts:

·         Lance and Hunk’s district was “taken” by The Galrans and they were terrorizing the families

·         Lance learned his loves for guns and sexuality and shooting  in a school trip to a police station (a very handsome cop asked who wanted to try shooting)

·         Pidge and Keith bet on how Shiro got his scar

·         Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Keith met at the public school they went

·         Pidge’s father actually worked with the government

·         Alfor planned to turn The Lions into something good

·         Zarkon didn’t liked that

·         Allura recruited them one day when they all casually met at Coran’s bar

·         Hunk and Lance were there for Lance’s bday

·         Keith and Pidge went to talk to an informant (Allura) to get information on The Lions

·         Allura found Shiro in the streets one day and recognized him

·         Shiro didn’t liked the idea of Keith joining The Lions

·         Allura changed the name The Lions to Voltron probably

·         They don’t actually have money and power as their incentive

·         They’re still illegal though

·         They all just want justice against Zarkon and took justice in their own hands


As far as i understood by watching the pannels Sangwoo got jealous after Bum has fallen on that guy lap, it totally made him change his mood, and he talked to Bum in the toilet.

After that probably he planned revenge and decided to do that girl in front of Bum ,  tbh Sangwoo is very bold since that could be the last straw for Bum, i mean, what if that totally kills the last remote feeling of love that he has for Sangwoo? 

Anyway Sangwoo is totally crazy i wouldn’t be surprised he got aroused by the idea that Bum was watching .

a concept™: Ed, sneaking through the mansion at night, intending to set up his next revenge plan, and instead finding Oswald asleep on the couch - their couch. He’s still waiting up downstairs, hoping that Ed will come home, even after the ghost scare from last week. He’s only half-undressed, still in his formal shirt and pants, and curled into a little ball against the arm of the sofa, obviously uncomfortable and cold. Ed stops and stares down at him for a minute, watching Oswald’s steady breathing, something in his own chest constricting. He moves without thinking, automatically taking the throw blanket off the top of the couch and laying it over Oswald. 

He doesn’t realize what he’s doing until he’s reaching down, about to tenderly brush Oswald’s hair off of his forehead. Then he abruptly freezes - still bent over, hand hovering in the air, fingers inches from Oswald’s face - and his eyes go wide. He scrambles back - too fast, too loud, but not caring - and books it out of the mansion, heart pounding, his nefarious plots forgotten for the moment. 

(Later, he reasons that it was just the wrong night for it, and that the next stage of his revenge could wait another day or two. There was no reason to rush, after all. No reason at all…)  

When Oswald awakens the next morning, he’s stiff, but warm. He’s confused by the presence of the blanket for a moment - he doesn’t remember pulling it over himself before falling asleep - and then suddenly it occurs to him what that means, and he looks around wildly, clutching the blanket tightly in his fists, a familiar name lodged in his throat. But, of course, there’s no one there. 

He eats breakfast with the blanket slung over his shoulders like a cape, and only shrugs it off when he absolutely has to, when it’s finally time to get properly dressed and face the new day. He eventually folds it and lays it back over the end of the sofa, where it remains, untouched. But every time Oswald passes by he looks at it, and remembers, and his heart thumps with just a tiny sliver of hope.

  • Mina: So, what's the plan?
  • Nayoung: I don't know! I haven't finished talking yet...