revenge of the pearl queen


QAR:                          Hey, Pearl

BLACK PEARL:        Hey, Anne

MONARCH:              You pirate ships suck!

BLACK PEARL:        Shut up, Monarch -_-

QAR:                       Yeah, no one invited you

DYING GULL:         -Hey, guys!

MONARCH:             What are YOU doing here?!

DYING GULL:          For the ship-meeting!

 BLACK PEARL:        You call yourself a ship?!

*Black Pearl turns around and Silent Mary is there*

BLACK PEARL:       -OMG!! Don’t DO that!

SILENT MARY:      What are you doing?

Q.A.R:                    Nothing! What’s it to you?!

*Awkward pause* 

MONARCH:       This is NOT your business, Mary!

SILENT MARY:        *Mutters* You’re gonna burn, soon

MONARCH:        What?!

SILENT MARY:     You heard me …

 *Leaves silently*  

BLACK PEARL:       … She creeps me out O_O