revenge of sith


Mace Appreciation Week - Alternate Day 3: Friendship

A few types of Mace friendships. First is he absolutely gossips with Yoda and Oppo Rancisis. Especially Yoda though. The wine is optional but the information they trade about other Jed, Senators, and public figures is a must. 

Second with Plo and Luminara. They’re very quiet when they’re together, more enjoying not in each other’s company that focusing on maintaining chatter. But it’s the sort of comfortable silence that is warm and inviting, not awkward.

Third with Quinlan and Qui-Gon. Mace enjoys and excels at lightsaber combat. So much so that sometimes it’s hard to find people to spar with but Quinlan and Qui-Gon always were up for a fight, even if he had to put up with Qui-Gon’s shit-talking the whole fight. And Quinlon complaining about how he’s a fool the day after a spar when soreness sets in. They both have more of a push and pull, sure we can be assholes to each other but how dare someone else be, sort of friendship with Mace.


My Space Mom™

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: wHY the fuck won't they make an obi wan kenobi spin off movie starring EWAN MCGREGOR who was the fucking star of the prequels, the man who really fucking wants to be in another star wars film, a man who is a GREAT actor and a person and is so passionate about acting and loves star wars and just please give a man a chance and it'd be perfect he's in his prime, his age is perfect for the role of obi wan between ep iii and ep iv and NOBODY could play the role of obi wan better than him and HE DESERVES IT and the fans deserve to have this movie !!